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The day they met was made of gold. The summer heat was cooling down to make way for the autumn season, and the trees were starting to shed their greens and were spotted with oranges and yellows and reds. Classes had just ended and students dotted the streets, reveling in the warm sun and surrounded by golden trees.

In one part of the modern city of Mitakihara, where it was considered the 'old' part of town, there were streets with outdated and abandoned buildings. A lesser known space where the advances of technology hadn't flourished like it had with the rest of the city.

One building in particular, a rundown brick apartment building, before the original owners decided to move somewhere more high-tech, was now empty of use and its rooms dusty. Except for one room where one teenager took up temporary residence.

It was in the middle of the day, yet this teenager was fast asleep even with the golden sunlight shining through the window directly onto her, trying to coax her awake with its warmth. She was sprawled over a bare mattress on the floor, with a half-eaten piece of pocky sticking out of her mouth that she must have been chewing on absentmindedly before drifting to sleep. And unlike the rest of the kids her age, she hadn't been attending school.

It was apparent that she wasn't having the most pleasant of dreams. Her eyebrows were furrowed, creating a crease between them on her too-young face. Sweat beaded on her forehead and her body constantly shifted as if in distress.

"Sa…" she breathed out as if she was in pain. "Sayaka…"

Kyoko jerked awake with a startled snort, unwittingly inhaling the half-eaten pocky that had been dangling from her lips while she slept. After a few seconds of hacking and finally spitting the damn pocky stick out, Kyoko took a few breaths to calm her head.

"The hell kind of acid-induced dream was that?" Kyoko grumbled, picking up the pocky she had been choking on a few seconds ago and sticking it back in her mouth. She wasn't one to waste food.

The redhead stretched her arms over her head and arched her back earning a few satisfying pops. The old springs in the thin mattress under her screeched with every movement. She swallowed the last of the candy and swung herself out of the squeaky bed. As if on cue her stomach growled loudly.

Kyoko started rifling through the various paper bags and cardboard boxes littering her tiny room in search of some grub. "Well, damn," Kyoko sighed when everything turned out empty. Looked like a trip to the convenience store was due today. After a moment's hesitation, Kyoko reached under the mattress and pulled out something black and heavy. She tucked the item inside her belt at the small of her back, and covered it with the hem of her sweater.

Kyoko turned to the single window in the room, the bright midday sun greeting her invitingly. Ritualistically, Kyoko slid it open and stepped out onto its ledge and jumped, making her exit from two stories up.

The fire escape screamed in protest when Kyoko's boots touched down on it, making the redhead wince. One of these days that fire escape was going to fall apart under her weight.

"What weight, I'm starving!" Kyoko declared before pushing off the metal grill and free falling the remaining ten feet to the cracked pavement below in a truly weightless manner.

And even as she sauntered away from the rundown brick building where she slept on her way to the convenience store, the strange dream still lingered in her mind. Right behind the thoughts of dancing Pringles, of course.


When Kyoko tried to walk into the convenience store as casually as possible, the clerk's eyes immediately zoned in on her. She noticed with exasperation that she was being watched like a hawk and sighed. She tried to visit as many variations of stores as possible and tried to keep her visits quick and infrequent. But it seemed that someone had picked up on the fact that food seemed to disappear whenever she was around.

After a few moments of idly browsing the food aisles to see if the clerk would lose interest in her, she gave up and left.

"Tch." Kyoko kicked at the pavement in annoyance as she walked out the entrance. The next food store was several blocks away. She was hungry now, damn it! Patience was one virtue she didn't possess.

She idly glanced down at her attire and wondered if it was her appearance that brought suspicion. Her worn light green sweater and jean short shorts didn't exactly scream 'street punk!' in her opinion. 'Dirt poor!' is what it probably said. A change might be necessary, she admitted to herself. Kyoko sniggered at the idea of jumping a school girl and stealing a fancy school uniform. Nobody suspected them when they went shopping. Probably no pocket space, though.

"Speak of the devil," Kyoko said to herself when a girl wearing a fancy school uniform happened to walk out of the store Kyoko had just left, a bulging grocery bag hanging off her arm. Kyoko's mouth almost started salivating as she fantasized about all the possible foods the bag might contain.

Kyoko internally debated for a few moments if she was willing to pull off this particularly risky grab and run. In the end her hunger and impatience won out and she started trailing the girl, pulling her hood over her head. She waited until the girl was isolated and started speeding up before breaking out into a full sprint.

With a grin, Kyoko reached for the bag of groceries and yanked it out of the unsuspecting girl's hand before making a mad dash across the street, dodging breaking cars, which then honked, masking the girl's shout of surprise and outrage behind her. Kyoko managed to make it to the other side of the road without getting run over and continued running until she was sure she was out of sight.

She turned a few corners just to make sure she wasn't being followed before she settled down on a park bench for breakfast. Lunch. Dinner, or whatever the hell meal this time of day called for. Kyoko had a bad habit of staying up nights and sleeping in half the day, so her internal clock was screwed up beyond repair.

"Please be delicious, please be delicious~!" she sang excitedly to herself as she opened the bag to see what she had lifted. "Hey, this is all junk food!" Kyoko stated as she rifled through an assortment of chips and cookies and ice cream. She grinned broadly. Apparently she had the same tastes as miss fancy-pants. Or more likely the other girl just had shitty tastes like hers.

"Taiyaki!" Kyoko crowed triumphantly as she pulled out a wrapped fish-shaped cake. She immediately took a bite out of it and groaned in pleasure as she discovered the bean-paste filling. What a nice find.

"HEY!" a voice shouted off to Kyoko's side in her general direction. The redhead almost didn't pay attention if the voice hadn't sounded so angry. Maybe she would witness a good fight, she idly hoped as she turned her head, cheeks stuffed with taiyaki like a chipmunk hording nuts. A fierce glare greeted her. It took her a couple of seconds to register that the glare was aimed at her and the source was the very girl she had just mugged.

The girl was standing there, panting, obviously having been searching for her mugger. It must have been quite the trial to follow Kyoko up to this point.

"Well, shit." Kyoko sprayed a few crumbs onto her lap before she took off running in the opposite direction, bag of food clutched protectively over her chest and the tail end of the fish pastry sticking out of her mouth.

"Wait!" the girl yelled after her, hot in pursuit. Kyoko ducked between two tall buildings and quickly led her pursuer through a maze of alleys that she knew too well.

'Damn, she's persistent. And all for a bag of crappy food!' Kyoko huffed in aggravation as she attempted to outrun this school girl. She was faster, but the other girl seemed to really, really have it out for her and managed to keep up despite being outclassed.

"Ahh, screw this shit!" Kyoko yelled as she rounded a corner, stopped and waited a few seconds. Pounding footsteps approached quickly and just as the other girl appeared Kyoko held out her arm and slammed the girl in the chest, clothes lining her. The hit was enough to knock the other girl down hard onto the pavement.

"Eat that, bitch." Kyoko panted as the school girl laid on the floor stunned and coughing. "If you know what's good for you, you'll stay down and forget this ever happened," Kyoko growled ferociously. Honestly, she'd fuck up anyone who got in-between her and her meal without a problem.

Kyoko started to walk away, expecting the other to heed her warning.

"You think I'll just let scum like you walk away?" The voice made Kyoko pause in step and turn around in surprise. The other girl was getting up and was fearlessly glaring into Kyoko's eyes with serious blue ones.

"You know," Kyoko said with a smirk as she let the grocery bag slip from her hand onto the ground to crack her knuckles. "All that food can't be healthy. I'm basically doing you a favor. What's with this ungrateful attitude, huh?" Kyoko said mockingly.

"It's not about the food," The other girl said with obvious disgust. "It's because you're a thief and I'm going to turn you over to the authorities!" she declared dead seriously.

Kyoko stared at her for a second before she burst out in laughter. "Oh wow, justice type, eh?" She clapped a hand to her bare knee in hilarity. "Don't see your type around too often!" Kyoko laughed at the other girl, who looked to be getting angrier the more Kyoko cackled.

She finally stopped laughing with a deep breath before spitting on the ground in distaste, keeping a taunting eye the short-haired girl.

With an angry yell the other girl launched herself at Kyoko, fist cocked.

It was a half-decent punch, but it lacked experience. Kyoko side-stepped and pounded her own fist into the girl's stomach, making her stagger. "Should someone from such a prestigious school," Kyoko gestured to the girl's fancy school uniform, deciding to leave her boot print on it with a vicious kick. "Really be picking a fight in an alley with someone as suspicious as me?" Kyoko punched the girl again with her other fist.

"Shut up!" the girl yelled as she grabbed the fist she was just punched with, surprising Kyoko. The uniformed girl then slammed her forehead into Kyoko's chin, completely stunning her for a second. It appeared the other girl was just as affected by the maneuver but she pressed her advantage by throwing herself onto the thief and jamming her elbow into her abdomen, using their falling momentum to create further damage.

Kyoko's breath left her as she was forced onto the ground with an elbow carrying the other's entire weight in her gut. "You bitch!" she snarled, grabbing the other girl's much shorter hair and shoving her face onto the dirty ground next to her own. However, the girl struggled and managed to kick Kyoko away from her, but the redhead pounced before she was able to get up and they went down again.

They rolled around, punching and kicking and pulling and scratching, a fight where both refused to back down.

Kyoko finally gained the advantage and was on top of her, raining fierce punches down at whatever flesh she was able to reach, which was mostly the girl's arms as she protected her head. Her fists started targeting the ribs and sides, making her lower her guard to allow Kyoko to aim at her face again mercilessly. After pounding her knuckles into the girl's face one last time and surely blackening her eye, she stopped, breathing harshly.

"Yeah, how do ya like me now?" Kyoko chuckled gruffly, wiping at her lip in satisfaction. Despite a swollen eye, the girl under her was still able to keep up her glare and Kyoko had to admit, she was impressed with the girl's guts.

"Still look shabby to me," the girl under her retorted with a pained wheeze. Kyoko wondered where that sauce came from when she just had her ass kicked.

"Hey, who're you calling sh-" Kyoko's angry retort was cut off abruptly when a pair of ankles crossed over her throat and rapidly pulled her head and body back awkwardly to slam the back of her head against the cement.

"ARRRG!" Kyoko roared as she clutched at her wounded head, rolling away from the other girl before any other moves could be pulled. "Sunova-cheesecracker-motherfuckerrr!" Kyoko yelled through gritted teeth, nearly biting her tongue off.

The cursing helped make the pain ebb away from her nearly cracked skull until it was numbed out. A quick inspection with her fingers made sure there was no bleeding, but the massive lump would give her a headache for days.

"Jesus," Kyoko spat on the ground before she staggered to her feet and headed for the girl that was still on the ground recovering from Kyoko's earlier assault. "You're so goddamn annoying!" Kyoko shouted down at her as she delivered a vicious kick to the girl's side, making her body curl around her leg.

Kyoko took a few steps back to lean against the opposite brick wall. The other girl coughed harshly, also gingerly pulling herself into a sitting position and leaned on the wall behind her, wincing as she did so. For a few moments the two girls cooled their heads while they rested.

"Now will you stay the hell down?" Kyoko growled in annoyance as she pushed off the wall to grab her now hard-earned bag of food. "Honestly, your crummy food better be worth the trouble," she grumbled as she started walking away from the girl.

"You're not getting away with this!" The girl behind her certainly still sounded lively if nothing else.

"I know," Kyoko responded grimly before rounding a corner and disappearing from the other girl's sight. She paid for her sins every day.

"Crap, I lost the taiyaki," Kyoko noticed as she rifled through her winnings after walking for a few minutes.

"Hey, we can get you some if you do a little something for us, Kyoko," a taunting voice said ominously from the shadows. It was a voice she recognized and Kyoko flinched at the malicious tone.

"Ryu?" Kyoko snarled the name and immediately broke out into a run to escape. However, she found her path was blocked by two other guys that had appeared at the alley opening. She turned to run the other way, only to find three more guys there as well. "Fuck!" the redhead growled in frustration. How did she let them surround her so easily?

"Like I said, we want something from you." The man known as Ryu spoke up once again, stepping directly up to Kyoko, towering over her and casting his shadow on her face. She stepped back to gain distance from him, not even wanting his shadow to touch her. The two guys behind her grabbed her by either arm and lifted her up on her toes. She tried to kick them but they were experts at holding people against their will.

"What do you want, Ryu?" Kyoko spat, trying to act her toughest even though her fight with the other girl earlier left her slightly worn out.

Ryu had the greasiest look of a punk you can imagine, and the sleazy grin twisting his lips as he leaned in close to her face made Kyoko grimace. "You know what we want," he jeered as his hand found its way to the front zipper of Kyoko's sweater. "What we always take from you."

The redhead spat a wad of spit in the guy's face, and she was immediately slammed into the ground, the four other guys holding her thrashing body down, pinning her arms and legs with their knees and elbows, bruising them. Ryu stood above her, calmly wiping the saliva from his face. "Bitch," he sneered. "You're going to get what's coming to you."

Kyoko clenched her jaw and bared her teeth at the guy, though her body was trembling in fear and she felt completely helpless. She truly hated this man with every fiber of her being.

"Hey, leave her alone!" a voice suddenly demanded. All heads turned to see who the hell had interrupted their session with the pinned homeless girl. Standing near them with a lead pipe in her hands was the girl Kyoko had just fought.

Her rich uniform was now dirty and disheveled from their earlier throw-down. The thick and bright red ribbon on her throat was half torn off and dangling, revealing her pale throat and collarbone. Her tousled teal hair hung just below her chin and was being held back by two yellow clips on either side of her head. Bangs swept across her forehead over her eyes. Eyes of the same bluish quality as her hair, one considerably swollen, regarded the gang of guys with a nervous determination.

It was quite the sight, Kyoko thought. She half-expected a white cape to be billowing behind her.

"Oh, a volunteer!" Ryu laughed, looking the schoolgirl up and down. "Did you make a friend, Kyoko?" he asked mockingly down at her.

"Get out of here, you fucking idiot!" Kyoko screamed at the girl furiously. Did this girl honestly follow her and thought she could just step in like a fucking naïve wannabe hero of justice and save her? "Do you wanna die or something?"

"That's fine with me!" the girl yelled back in way of response. "I certainly can't sit back and let you fall alone! What the hell kind of person would do that?"

Kyoko was struck speechless and she stared at her with wide crimson eyes. 'This girl,' she thought as the one playing hero brandished the lead pipe in front of her as if she was wielding a sword. 'Is fucked.'

Ryu placed his hands and his pockets and nodded toward the other girl. "Take her too," he said simply, as if he was reluctantly popular with ladies. The two guys who had been holding her legs down moved to follow the order. The ones holding her arms forced her into a sitting position and twisted her arms behind her back.

The girl with the pipe stepped back cautiously as the two guys approached her, setting themselves on either side of her and dividing her attention. The first one lunged and she swung wildly with a cry. He blocked the blow with his arm but she had swung hard enough to make him stagger slightly. The other guy took advantage of her lack of attention towards him and tackled the girl to the ground, knocking the lead pipe out of her hand as he crashed on top of her.

"Shit," Kyoko cursed under her breath as the other girl was taken down swiftly. Honestly, what had she expected? The redhead starting struggling as hard as she could, eventually cracking the back of her head against the chin of one of the guys holding her. Her head screamed with renewed pain, but she couldn't let this chance slip. The guy had loosened his grip on one of her arms briefly, and that was all the opportunity she needed.

She yanked her hand free of his grip and frantically reached for the item hiding against the small of her back. "STOP!" she roared, pulling a hand pistol free from her jacket and waving it at them. She first aimed it at the two guys holding her. "Let me go!" They quickly released her and she hurriedly scrambled onto shaky legs.

All movement in the alley seemed to have frozen in the presence of the black Beretta in her hand. Adrenaline shot through her veins like liquid courage, steadying her legs. "Get down! I said GET DOWN!" she yelled at them, making the group of guys slowly lower themselves to the ground. Ryu looked particularly insulted at these turn of events.

"You think I'm going to let this slide, bitch?" he growled threateningly.

"Hey, you," Kyoko indicated the girl that had come to her rescue, staring dumbly and open-mouthed at her gun. "Get behind me." Kyoko's tone left no room for arguments and the girl hesitantly got off the ground and behind the safety of the one holding a weapon.

"We're coming after you, ya know. We're going to tear you to pieces," Ryu kept talking.

"Shut up!" Kyoko aimed the gun directly between his eyes and he laughed.

"You don't have the balls to shoot me," he drawled confidently. A bead of sweat rolled down the side of Kyoko's face as her finger shook on the trigger.

"Yeah?" Kyoko pulled back her arm and pistol-whipped Ryu as hard as she could across the temple, knocking him to the ground. "Then you can suck my giant dick, Ryu."

The four remaining guys eyed Kyoko wearily as she started inching back slowly towards the alley opening, keeping the berretta trained in their general direction as she kept the other girl close behind her with her other hand.

"If you come after me, I'll really shoot you." she warned them, keeping her eyes on them until the last possible second. She paused before grabbing the other girl's hand and shooting off in the opposite direction.

"Hurry, run!" she urged frantically as she practically dragged the other girl behind her as she sprinted through and between as many buildings as possible. "We don't have much time before they come after us!" She tried to zigzag as much as possible to confuse their pursuers.

She suddenly realized that the girl behind her was barely keeping up probably due to injuries. She probably wouldn't be able to support this running herself for much longer. Stopping, Kyoko looked around frantically for a place to hide.

The dumpster she spotted looked like a God-given gift. "Quick, get in the dumpster!" Kyoko said, pushing the girl over and flipping open the lid. The smell that assaulted them made both of their faces screw up in disgust.

"Funny, I never thought that sentence would ever be said to me!" the girl next to her suddenly laughed in disbelief that she was actually moving to get into the dumpster.

Kyoko was caught off guard with the random laugh coming from the girl who had been so serious with her so far. Had she finally cracked under pressure? "I think I might have punched you in the head too much," Kyoko muttered as she climbed into the pile of trash after her. They were standing waist-deep in stinking garbage and Kyoko reached over her head to pull the cover down as softly as she could.

"Hey, isn't a dumpster a little obvious as a hiding place?" the girl asked as they were plunged in darkness and putrid smelling substances.

"They'll check the dumpster," Kyoko confirmed. "But they're not going to dig through the trash," she said before the other girl could open her mouth to protest.

"You've got to be kidding me," she said with a disgusted groan when she heard Kyoko start burrowing into the rotting heap surrounding them.

"Pretend it's fucking rainbows and strawberries, just hurry the hell up!" Kyoko hissed at her. She was glad the darkness was hiding her green face. She held her hand to her nose and plunged the rest of the way, hiding beneath as much trash as possible until she was certain they wouldn't spot her from above. A moment later she felt the girl next to her do the same.

They sat under that pile of trash with their hands over their mouths and noses to prevent any stray gagging noises from escaping when they heard the footsteps fast approaching. They flinched together when someone kicked the side of the dumpster loudly.

Soon after, the lid of the dumpster was being opened. Kyoko could imagine whoever had opened it to have an extreme look of disgust as the smell of rotting garbage assaulted their senses. She was counting on this repulsive smell to be their defense and that the person would give up looking inside this particular dumpster very quickly. A few tense seconds ticked by and they didn't dare move or even breath in fear of being discovered.

Finally, the lid was dropped with a relieving clunk and a voice shouted "I don't think they've gone this way!" before the footsteps started running away. Kyoko tried to wait for as long as possible until she was sure they were gone, but she didn't think she could hold her breath any longer.

"Puha!" Kyoko breathed loudly as she surfaced from the garbage like a swimmer coming up for air, if that swimmer had been swimming in infested waters. The homeless girl threw the lid off and hurriedly clawed her way out of the dumpster.

School girl followed suit, falling on her hands and knees the second she was out. "I think I'm going to puke," she remarked, looking and sounding nauseous.

"Please don't puke," Kyoko demanded. "If you puke, I'm gonna puke, and that's just wasting food," she said, trying to brush a particularly sticky mystery substance off of her jacket front.

"Stop smearing crap all over yourself. What are you, crazy?" the other girl commented in distaste.

Kyoko opened her mouth to tell her off, but then looked down at herself. If it looked like shit and it smelled like shit… Well, shit.

"If someone here is crazy, then it's you!" she growled in a rush of irritation. Clean clothes were hard to come by in her profession. "Why the hell do you feel the need to get yourself killed, huh? Earlier, I could've pulled the fucking gun on you when you came after me. I could've killed you, or stolen every ounce of clothing you had on you! Ever think of that, genius?"

Kyoko knew that yelling with danger close by wasn't one of her smarter choices, but damn it if she wasn't going to beat some sense into this stupid girl even if she had to pull the rotten fish out of her hair and slap her with it!

"Then why the hell didn't you!" the other girl snapped, standing up and shoving Kyoko angrily. "Take that disgusting gun and freaking shoot me and do us both a favor!" she yelled, flushing with true fury for reasons Kyoko wasn't aware of.

The redhead was thrown off by the rage and she backed up a couple of steps to stare at the other girl. She looked close to tears, beaten up, covered with trash, and frustrated beyond belief. But it was obvious that the anger wasn't directed at Kyoko, but rather at the way her day was going. The homeless girl realized she probably looked the exact same way.

"This stupid thing isn't even loaded," Kyoko let her know with a deep irritation-cleansing sigh. She pulled the Beretta out of her jacket and tossed it into the dumpster they just crawled out of in disgust. "I found that thing in a gutter. I planned on using it as a last resort." She reached up and slammed the lid back down, ridding the object from her life. "But I think I just made my life more trouble than it's worth." Kyoko scuffed her boots on the pavement and glanced up. The other girl looked stunned at the fact Kyoko had thrown the gun away. Her hands fell limply to her side and her stance slumped, as if her vehemence was finally draining away.

"Those guys," the short-haired girl's voice sounded weary, instead of furious like it had a second ago. "What were they going to do to you?" she asked quietly.

Kyoko gulped when those blue eyes looked at her in expectation, asking her a question she didn't want to be asked.

"I can handle whatever those guys can throw at me," Kyoko said a little defensively.

"You only pulled out the gun because I was there, didn't you?" It wasn't a question; she was merely stating a fact.

"So?" Kyoko asked in vexation. "You expected me to do nothing when I see a naïve dumbass with a death wish dropping in like everything is her business?"

"So you expected me to do nothing," the girl across from her countered. "When I see a criminal dumbass with a death wish getting treated as if she thought her life was worthless?"

Kyoko grabbed at her ponytail in annoyance. "Damn self righteous pain in the ass brat!" Kyoko grumbled as she pulled pieces of plastic from her hair. She couldn't look the other girl in the eye. She really couldn't.

"My first impression of you was wrong. I'm sorry I called you scum."

"Huh?" Kyoko looked up in surprise. That was the last thing she expected to hear.

"But, you did steal from me," the blue-eyed girl said firmly. "So we're even."

"The hell we are!" Kyoko gestured around her wildly. "In case you haven't noticed, I didn't get any food out of this deal! And I have a pack of mouth breathers on my ass ready to hunt me down! And you're telling me we're even?" she shouted in exasperation.

"Then, take me home." The other girl sighed tiredly, gingerly placing a hand on her side. "Because I don't think I can walk very far." With that, she started swaying slightly on her feet and Kyoko automatically reached out to steady her.

"Hey, are you alright?" Kyoko asked anxiously.

"I'm fine," the girl pulled the ribbon from her throat and tossed it aside. "You're just good at what you do."

"Well, thanks for the compliment," Kyoko said awkwardly as she pulled one of the girl's arms over her shoulders to support her better. They were roughly the same height, Kyoko having maybe a couple of inches on the other girl. "Where do you live?"

"Not far," the girl commented as she leaned on Kyoko slightly. "A little far. Ok, far."

"The hell?" Kyoko grunted in irritation as they started walking. "Are you okay with me knowing where you live?" Kyoko asked tentatively after a few minutes. "I could steal the rest of your food, or," her face grew sly. "Steal something even purer, if you know what I'm saying."

A foot stomped on her toes, hard. "Jeez!" Kyoko flinched at the pain. "If it offended you so much, then I take back the purity comment!"

They both huffed and looked away pointedly. It was a little awkward to do, since they were leaning against each other as they walked.

"Sayaka Miki."

"God bless you," Kyoko said automatically.

"It's my name!" the girl said in irritation.

"Oh?" Kyoko cocked her head to get a better look at the girl's embarrassed face. "You didn't have to tell me, you know."

"I know," Sayaka said, looking down at the pavement. "I wanted to."

Kyoko blew her bangs out of her eyes with an amused gust of breath. "You're such a weird chick."

Sayaka frowned at the comment.

"My name is Kyoko Sakura," the redhead said with a proud smile. "Nice to meet you."

Sayaka glanced up, catching the grin on Kyoko's face. That's when a gust of wind blew a golden leaf their way to settle on top of Kyoko's head without her noticing. Sayaka reached up to pull the leaf away on reflex, taking Kyoko by surprise when her hand reached for her face. The redhead blushed slightly when she realized Sayaka was just getting a leaf and they continued walking as if nothing happened. The day had acknowledged their fateful meeting.

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