The sound of gunshots followed by metal breaking rung in everyone's ears. Anderson stood there, guarded by his now broken bayonets as metal shards fell around the dhampir. "Back off, Anderson!" a voice barked out. Green eyes looked towards the doorway past the priest, seeing his 'sister' standing there, gun still smoking out the barrel with a glint of pure murder in her eye. She aimed low, towards the ground when she fired the last shot, bullet zipping through and breaking the bayonet lodged in Dorian's arm.

"Funny. I thought monsters did not help others and rare out only for themselves." Anderson raised an eyebrow at the fledgling vampire, producing two more bayonets out of his jacket and not paying any mind to the dhampir struggling behind him, sliding the bloodied bayonet out of his shoulder with much discomfort. As he finally got it out like a horrid splinter, that was when he noticed the mist.

Mist began to fill the narrow hallway, not going unnoticed by either the priest or Seras. The latter took this as her cue, making a mad dash past the priest-with luck no less- and grabbing Dorian by the hair to get themselves out of dodge of the most likely carnage that was to come. "Don't tell me you didn't see the mist!" Seras panted, having let go of the dhampir's hair after having enough of his protests of pain and letting him carry on his own two feet.

"You think I didn't notice? Hell, kinda hard to see thick mist that was starting to turn red in the middle of a hallway when there is no other mist around!"

Seras could not help but chuckle a little as they both bolted towards the door, but Seras was forced back by something invisible, crashing into Dorian and sending them to the floor. "Wh-what's wrong?"


Green eyes looked up to see a piece of paper with writing on it above the doorway. "Shit. Barrier."

"What are we gonna do? I don't want to get caught in the crossfire! Master goes hog wild when the two of them are near each other!" Seras felt her head hit hardwood flooring as the dhampir rose, watching as he reached for the barrier paper. She saw his hand get fire red hot as he struggled to reach it. She swore she could feel his pain as his hand burned when fingers clasped around the piece of paper, ripping it off the nail above the door.

Whatever force the two felt disappeared from the doorway, Dorian crumpling the barrier paper in his hand and throwing it in the receptacle next to the window. "Dorian…"


"Are you alright?"

"Well, my hand burns like hell. My shoulder is torn in two and I can feel the muscle knotting back together. The bone is coming back together, and it hurts likes a bitch. Yeah, I'm just fine." He said, ending with a smirk. "C'mon. We gotta get a move on before we get caught in the nasty crossfire." Grabbing the fledgling's hands, they bolted out the door and went to go stand a good distance away from the building.

Their timing was well put, for as soon as they stepped out the door, they heard the slicing of metal and numerous gunshots. Seras shuddered at the sound, the memory of her original encounter with Anderson never failing to play in her head like a VHS tape always put on rewind in that spot. Giving a ragged, unneeded breath, Seras sat down on the ground, eyes towards the night sky as she tried to drown out the gunshots and the sound of glass breaking. Dorian joined her, his back pressing against hers as they both admired the navy blue sky, peppered with small, white lights.

Something was wrong, WAY wrong. Anderson, having recovered from another gunshot wound to his side, looked around to see if all the barriers were still set in place.

There was one missing. So the two monster brats managed to escape, eh? He had no time to think further on it as more glass rained on him, his attention turned back to the nosferatu, who stood there, Cassul out before him with his trademark shark grin. The both of them looked worse for wear, but Alucard healed his cuts and gashes without so much as batting an eye. "Something wrong, Judas Priest?"

"Yer two brats managed to get out. I was hoping to get rid of the nasty half-breed." The smirk on Alucard's face turned into a frown, something that Anderson was sure he had never seen before. "Surely ye don't feel something for the little monster?"

"That is MY brat monster, thank you! And I will be damned-oh wait- if I let you kill him. Besides…don't you remember the rule of picking on someone your own size?" The smirk came back again, heavy riding boots making hardwood slats creak with every step.

"God does not discriminate against evil, vampire. Be it large or small." Anderson threw a bayonet at the vampire's way, which Alucard moved his neck to dodge, nicking him in the neck. "Well, I won't let you kill him. I'd rather him be killed while fighting rather than defenseless."

"So ye were watching, and didn't bother to help him? Typical."

"More like he's a big boy. He can take care of himself." Alucard smirked again before rushing at the priest once again.