It was over.

I placed Reshiram's pokeball back into my bag before everything went black.

I woke up in my bedroom. Bits and pieces of the former night came and went as I walked downstairs. My mother was there, sitting with a man.

His name was Looker, he said.

Find the Seven Sages, he said.

Why he needs a teenage girl to do his work, I don't know. But I accepted.

Only because there was a small fragment of hope left inside of me that said if I found them all, maybe I would see him again.

And so I set off.

I found one of them on Route 18, near my home. He said something about Ghetsis, but I wasn't listening. Ghetsis was gone, it didn't matter. He handed me a gray disc that I stowed away into my TM case before Looker came and arrested him.

Had… had he even said anything about N? I could hardly remember. Everything was a blur. Surely I would remember if he said something… right? I brought out Unfezant and we flew back home.

I called her back into the red and white capsule and ran back up to my bedroom.

I called Reshiram back, staring into his eyes. I almost asked him if this was the end, before his father stormed in, yelling. He called me a common trainer, and demanded to know why N lost to me. He decided that he would battle me. I vaguely heard N yelling "White!"

By the time our battle was over, Ghetsis had knocked out several of my Pokemon and I'd had to use all four of my Max Revives and both of the Revival Herbs I had.

But I won.

That was it, right? Team Plasma had fallen?

N left me then, maybe forever.

Still, nothing made sense.

It didn't get easier from then on. The trainers were stronger.

Fill the National Dex, they said.

Defeat the Elite Four again, they said.

I couldn't do that knowing that I might never see him again.

So I set out to find the rest of the Sages.

I know it's short, I stayed home from school and I'm pretty blah right now and holy crap I love N waah he's gone forever tears tears tears. So um since this is going by what actually happened/s in the game, the chapters may be a little short. Sorry. Also, I haven't tried to write anything good in a long time and I am very emotional right now so... yeah.