I continued on. I fought the Elite Four. They were no match for my team. I used about four or five revives the entire time.

Then came Alder. I had heard how strong he was, and overestimated his power. He, too, fell to his knees before the strength of my Pokemon. He gifted me my rightful title of Unova Champion.

But all this was still just not enough to fill the gaping hole left in my heart by a boy with tea-green hair. I was cursed with nightmares and heart-leaping fantasies that I knew, subconsiously, would never come true.

I prayed to Arceus; I searched the skies with Reshiram, who longed to battle Zekrom once more; I called Looker on my Xtransciever every once in a while. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

The sliver of hope that had once blessed me was dead and gone, forever.

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