Something lighthearted that I decided to write after the idea came! :) Hope it turned out all right...hmm. It's my first ToumaxMikoto fic after all.

Academy City was truly blessed – in a twisted way.

Espers, Magicians, Level Zeros, vampires – this particular city seemed to attract all sorts of beings daily, many who seemed to have deep, dark yearnings of wanting Academy City destroyed for good.

Of course, they never succeeded. Time after time, their plans of a supposedly-epic-Academy-City-massacre failed. One would have thought that they would have taken the hint after so many times, but they never did. Thus, work was never done for our courageous protagonists – who took the job of saving the world very, very seriously indeed. It was exhausting, you could say, especially when it became part of a routine. One could really deal with less of these homicidal people popping out of nowhere, wanting to slice your head off just for the heck of it.

Still, there were always two ways of looking at things.

Example : Perhaps you've been in a near-death state many, many times already – but in the process you've met some real interesting people. People who you've grown accustomed to be with, people you can meet and actually acknowledge them by saying, "Che, you're that ass who I fought with the other night." Even better still, you get some fancy companionship and decent conversations that may involve beating the crap out of people in an intense mission, or one that may start off from one of those hot afternoons when the discussion was not about war, but about something normal instead.

It was one of those days. Things had been chaotic a few days ago, but then it had been resolved. It had been quick, clean and simple – and life was back to normal. For now, that is.

Misaka Mikoto was trembling - not from fear, but in extreme anger.

"Kuroko! Where have all my shorts disappeared to?"

"Kuroko! What are these small lacey things supposed to be?"

"Kuroko, give me back my – GET THE HELL OFF ME!"

The blue electricity rolled off Misaka, strong, forceful and angry. Crackle, crackle, smash – and that was another laptop down the drain.

The girl with long, wavy hair clung to Misaka's waist in persistent fashion, moaning in arousal.

"Onee-sama…that electricity is just so - !"

She had not been close to completing her sentence before Misaka gritted her teeth and sent a stronger dose of electric blast out, one that should have been strong enough to knock down a normal person – but Shirai Kuroko was not a normal person, and thus amazingly managed to stay conscious.

" – so sensual! Kuroko cannot take it, Onee-sama's whip of love is sending her to heights of pleasure - !"

"Damn it, Kuroko! You and your perverseness!"

"Ahh, Onee-sama! Onee-sama! More!"

Misaka shoved Kuroko away, not wanting to know what lustful fantasies the blushing girl was envisioning in her head. She hastily retrieved the shorts that Kuroko hid and pulled one on, all the while enduring the explicit confessions of love shot at her way.

"I'm going out to have lunch with Uiharu and Saten. You can enjoy yours alone in the Judgment headquarters," Misaka said with an air of irritation, dashing out of the door as she did.

"You look tired, Misaka-san," Uiharu commented, a look of worry on her innocent face.

"Hmm, it's just Kuroko. She's such a handful."

Saten chewed thoughtfully. "Again?"

Misaka nodded. "Fifth time this week."

Uiharu and Saten looked at each other, then continued eating in silence.

"It's getting out of hand. The amount of electricity I have used up on her must have been enough to power the entire Academy City for an entire night. This, combined with all the magicians, Level Zeroes and the issue of my cloned sisters, just drives me closer to insanity!"

More silence.

"Ano…Misaka-san?" Uiharu asked timidly.


"Maybe you should have a break."

"A break? But I don't have time for a vacation."

Saten smiled kindly. "It doesn't have to be one. You can still have a lot of fun in just a day with others."

Misaka looked at her warily. "Do you mean, movies, amusement parks, arcades with a group of friends? I can't do that. Uiharu, you always have official Judgment duties waiting. Saten, the school makes you attend extra classes. There's no time."

"Well…it doesn't have to be us."

Misaka furrowed her brow.

"What do you mean?"

Uiharu and Saten exchanged another long look and turned to face her – hesitant in what they were about to say next.

"Misaka-san, have you ever thought of…going on a date?"

An image of a spiky-haired boy appeared, and Misaka shoved it away in frustration.

Before she knew it, electricity was crackling around her bangs.


"Oh, sorry," Misaka said, stopping the electricity flow at once, not even realizing it was happening in the first place, "A date, huh? But I don't even know who to drag along, and I'm not good in flirtatious conversations. Heck, I'm not Kuroko."

"How about a blind date?"

"A…what?" Now she felt dumbfounded and clueless.

"A blind date," Saten repeated.

Uiharu proceeded to explain. "It's when a boy and a girl that have never met each other meet up together, you know, and get to know each other. It doesn't even need to be an intimate date – you could just treat it like meeting a new friend. In fact, you don't even have to flirt or do anything funny!"

Misaka blinked.

"That's a blind date? It sounds a bit odd, and I wouldn't want to meet up with some random street thug for a movie."

"You don't have to date a street thug," Saten said exasperatedly.

Uiharu nodded in enthusiasm. "Besides, you can request for your specifications online!"

Misaka blinked again. "Online – wait, what?"

"You wouldn't be meeting a street thug. You would most likely meet a real, proper boy that you could rely on and be friends with. Come on, Misaka-san, give it a try!"


A small voice in her head told her that the only person she needed to rely on was that overly-annoying boy, but she cancelled that thought out.

After all, she doubted that any harm would come out of this "blind date". It would most likely be a one-time thing, and nothing more.

"Fukou da…"

Kamijou Touma scratched his neck, lying face down on the desk. There was no other way to put it – he felt horrible. The previous battle had him injured quite badly, and though he had more or less recovered, the scars would take some time to disappear. It was getting out of hand. He had to deal with psychopathic strangers every single time. Still, he didn't mind it too much. The scars of all his battles were like badges of honor – he had managed to protect all of his friends with the power of his right hand, and that was all that mattered. The pain was just a process. The end result of saving a life was the most important of all.

"Yo, Kami-yan."

Touma looked up. "Tsuchimikado, Aogami…"

"Now, now, Kami-yan, what's with that long look?"

"Eh? It's nothing. I'm just tired."

The truth was, Touma had no idea where his life would be heading to. Imagine Breaker was the sole reason of his existence – and the determination to protect his friends was his purpose. But other than that, he was Kamijou Touma, someone as common as any other. Even he was capable of feeling worn out, as others did.

Tsuchimikado and Aogami noted the lack of energy, the way their friend's eyes seem to stare vacantly at nothing in particular – and it was no wonder, after all the battles that he had fought, punches he had thrown, and all the strength he had used. Something had to be done.

"Ya' know, Kami-yan, you never had a girlfriend."

Touma sat up straight, an odd look on his face. "What are you talking about?"

"Yes, yes, it's not right indeed," Aogami said.

Tsuchimikado smirked. "All these times of fighting and female-savin', one would have thought that you would have picked one to be with already."

"There's Index, the one you live with ; Kaori Kanzaki, that sorceress from Necessarius; Orsola, sister Agnese…" Aogami listed out, a perverse look on his face.

Touma interrupted before he could go on any further. "Hey, hold on a minute! I don't know what this is about, but these people are my friends, and I'll do my best to protect them and…"

"See, that's Kami-yan for you…always being modest."

"We were just wonderin', about whether you ever plan to have a girlfriend or not."

Touma stared, an incredulous look on his face. So this was what it was about.

Tsuchimikado wagged a finger at him in admonishment. "You need to learn something about girls sometime."

Touma remained silent. He understood girls well, didn't he?

There were flashes of images in his head. Index chomping off the top of his head as often as she could, screaming at the top of her lungs when his Imagine Breaker destroyed her outfit, she wearing a cheerleader costume during the Daihasei Festival…

…even more disturbingly, there was an image of a certain girl with hazel brown hair and eyes - the one that emitted staccato bursts of electricity and had a tendency to be…well, really weird at times. Sometimes she ran after him, challenging him to pointless duels. At other times she just stood there, face as red as a tomato. It was difficult to comprehend what was going through her mind, that was for sure.

Still, it didn't change the fact that most of the females Touma had met had threatened to kill him at least once – and in the most literal ways possible.

No, he supposed he didn't understand them a single bit.

"Go on a date, Kami-yan."

Raised eyebrows. "A date?"

"You don't know what exactly is a date about? That is impossible, with all the girls that you have been hanging out with, nya!"

Touma regarded the two energetic friends of his with a blank stare. "Uh huh. So…how does a date go like?"

"We'll tell you later. Does that mean you agree to a blind date, Kami-yan?"

"What? I never said – !"

His protests were futile as Tsuchimikado propped a laptop on his lap, typing furiously, with Aogami cheering on and giving suggestions at a side.

Touma sighed. This wasn't going to turn out well.

Misaka Mikoto gulped.

It was official. The day for the blind date had finally arrived.

She stood in front of the mirror, examining her reflection nervously. After hours and hours of combing through her closet for something decent without being too feminine or boyish, she gave up and decided to wear her usual Tokiwadai uniform in the end – it didn't matter, she was still a student after all.

"Remember, Misaka-san! Don't lose your temper!"

"Yes. You can be your normal self, but do remember to smile and be polite."

"And, never should you use your ability on him – unless he attempts to harm you in any way!"

Misaka rolled her eyes at the advices of Saten and Uiharu, but decided to take note of it. After all, the basis of a successful blind date was to give the other party a good impression, wasn't it?

Ah, heck. What was she thinking anyway? This was just a blind date with a random person. It wasn't even with…that particular boy, so why did she have to care? With that, she huffed in indignation and headed out.

No matter what his friends said, Kamijou Touma still thought that this was a bad idea. However, he couldn't back away now, not when the whole thing had been planned out already. He couldn't even look at Index in the face when he left this morning – she would have only have given him another head-chomp.

It would only be for one day. One simple day. Besides, the girl might actually be a change from the previous ones he have met – perhaps she would be a shy, gentle soul, someone that would smile at him instead of hurling threats down his way.

Touma then put on the best look of confidence he had and decided to get this over with.

Of course, none of them expected the unexpected.

She, ready for her blind date, and him, ready for his.

And of course they just had to acknowledge each other in their unique ways when they arrived at the same, precise destination.

"YOU!" Misaka exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger.

"Eh? Biri-biri?" Touma said in obvious surprise.

She turned away, not wanting him to see her in a flustered state. "Hmph. What a coincidence. Well, it's a shame. I'm actually having unpleasant business today, and that means I'm sparing your life until we have a proper chance to fight and complete our duel."

He shrugged. "Right. It's not like I wanted to be here today either."

The feigned arrogance from her turned to genuine curiosity.

"Eh? So…what are you doing here anyway?"

Touma sighed, certain that this feisty Level Five would have the laugh of her life.

"I'm supposed to meet my blind date here, but she hasn't shown up yet."

However, all he received was a look of confusion from her.

"Blind date? No, wait, it can't be…"

Touma stared. "What, are you here on a blind date too, Biri-biri?"

She nodded.

And in an instant, they were both hit by realization. Blind dates. They were supposed to be each other's dates.

The blue electricity began crackling around Misaka's bangs as it always did. Her jaw twitched, and fingers automatically clenched into tight fists.

Touma remembered his previous thoughts on the blind date before coming over. Meeting a shy and gentle girl, huh?

Fat chance. He should have known that misfortune followed him where ever he went.

The tiny sparks that erupted from Misaka were now strong blades of currents, reaching out towards him –

"No way! Fukou da!"

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