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Misaka was exhausted. It had been tiring enough to go on a blind date with Touma, and now she might have to fight with some stranger – which was honestly the last thing she wanted to do at this time of the night.

"Keep your guard up," Touma cautioned.

Misaka snorted. "Watch out for yourself instead, will you?"

They stayed still for several moments, watching for signs of movement by the person in the shadows. The light drizzle continued, soon becoming full-fledged rainfall. Dang it, and she still had school tomorrow. She only hoped Kuroko hadn't hidden any of her extra uniforms away.

Crrrunch. It was an empty can.

It sounded close.

Touma held his breath…

…and out stepped one of the youngest girls he had ever seen. Her hair was jet black, falling to her waist in waves. She was wearing an odd array of clothes, including a mini skirt and striped stockings.

She flashed a brilliant smile at Touma, and he instantly relaxed.

"Hey," he called out, "what are you doing so late out at night? It can get quite dangerous, you know."

Misaka slapped a palm to her face. He was the one lowering his guard easily. "You idiot," she hissed, "She could be the enemy!"

Touma shrugged. "Or she could be just a lost girl who wants to find her way home."

"Are you a moron? I can sense the dark intentions from her!"

"How sure can you be? It's just sensing, right? True, I can feel that she's a Magician – but," he whispered, "She probably just wants to ask some directions or something."

Misaka groaned. She gave up - he could be just so dense sometimes.

The girl spoke up. "What are you two whispering about?" She did something like a twirl, and Touma saw that underneath that skirt of hers was a long tail. His eyes widened. The girl was definitely not a normal human. Noticing his scrutiny, she giggled and continued, "Oh, this tail? It's for keeping my balance. By the way, just so you know – I'm not wearing anything else but my panties underneath."

Misaka clenched her fists, feeling a wave of annoyance wash over her. What the hell was up with this girl and her flaunting? Not that it mattered, of course, but it just irked her to no end.

Misaka grabbed Touma's hand before he could protest. "Come on, we're going."

But before she could take a step, the girl re-appeared right in front of them.

"Where are you two going?" she asked sweetly. "You all haven't even listened to my story yet!"

I didn't even see her moving, Misaka thought. It seemed like things were going to get more complicated from now onwards. If only they could somehow just ignore her and get away…

"Who are you?" Touma asked. Instead of looking alarmed, he seemed to be curious.

The girl laughed. "I'm so glad you asked! My name is Lessar. You're Kamijou Touma, aren't you? I've heard so much about you from the others."

"Yeah, that's me. Is there anything?"

To Misaka's utter amazement, the girl called Lessar deftly strode forward and planted a kiss on Touma's mouth. On instinct, Touma tried moving away, but she kept him still with an iron grip. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it frustrated Misaka to no end. When they finally parted, Lessar pointed at Misaka and asked, "Who is this girl, Touma?"

"You ask yourself that question! You appear out of nowhere, k-k-kissing him, and now you're asking me who I am?" Misaka protested furiously, too embarrassed to even pronounce the 'k' word properly. "Well, my name is Misaka Mikoto. Touma and I were supposed to be going home, in case you had no idea."

Touma, meanwhile, had backed away with widened eyes – too stunned to even comprehend what had just happened.

Lessar gave Misaka a cool look. "Oh, so you're that Level Five they were talking about. Like I said, my name is Lessar. I'm from an organization called New Light. You probably haven't heard about it yet, though. Anyway," she continued, turning to purr seductively at Touma, "he is a vital key for our success. And he is incidentally quite an interesting person that I would love to have."

So it was Magician business, eh? Misaka scowled, not understanding but feeling irritated all the same. "Interesting? He's a total goofy idiot!"

"Ah," Lessar said, wagging a finger, "so you won't mind if I snatch him away, would you?"

Wait – what?

No way.

No way in hell.

"You can't," Misaka said stonily.

Lessar pouted. "But why not? I've been observing you two the whole day, you know. You two don't get along too well. You insult him all the time. I was even there in the haunted mansion, observing."

Touma finally came back to his senses. "You were there?"

"That magician you all had to defeat was one of my lackeys," she replied nonchalantly.

Misaka glared. "That magician wanted to kill Touma, for your information."

"I only lied to him just so he would give it everything he got, and I knew that there was no way you two would lose," Lessar said calmly. "Now, Misaka Mikoto, answer my question! You know that what I say is true. Give me your reasons why you think that Kamijou Touma should belong to someone like you instead of me."

Misaka had to admit that Lessar was right. She had been doing nothing much but to insult Touma the whole day. She had troubled him by forcing him around, and he had to endure her mercurial changes of mood. They definitely didn't seem like a romantic couple in love, but…

…but this didn't mean that she wanted him to be taken away by some prepubescent girl either!

Misaka wouldn't like it at all if Touma were to be owned by someone else. Oh, scratch that, she would hate it. What did that mean, though?

No, no. Misaka couldn't lie to herself anymore. For a long time, she had known. Ever since he had touched her heart with his kindness and bravery, she had known…

…That she was in love with him.

Misaka knew that she merely never wanted to admit it to herself.

But for now, she had to continue lying just for a little while longer. She seized herself up and said, "I don't need a reason. You just can't. And I would never allow him to be taken by the likes of you."

Lessar shook her head. "How disappointing. I see. In that case, I have no choice."

Touma watched with bewilderment. "Oi, you two!" The two girls were acting as if he didn't exist. "Are you all fighting here? No, stop it!"

They ignored him.

"I hate people like you, Misaka Mikoto, who think they're so great," Lessar said with feigned sweetness. "Prepare yourself. Dromi!" With that, a long wire shot out – extending and curling with flexibility, reaching towards Misaka.

Misaka evaded and yelled, "And I hate girls like you who act like brats!" So this Lessar girl wanted to take things seriously, eh? That was no problem at all. A good match sounded fun anyway – not to mention that this girl was a Magician who could probably kick up quite a challenge. In that case, she herself could not lose.

Blue electricity crackled and flared, shooting out in all directions.

The fight carried on for a few more seconds – Lessar casting elemental spells, Misaka letting off jolts of electricity that were beyond a thousand volts.

"What's wrong?" Lessar taunted, evading all of Misaka's electricity attacks. "Is this all you have?"

Misaka gritted her teeth, fishing out a coin. "In that case, I'll have you see – what power truly is!"

Touma, realizing what was about to happen, bolted between the two of them. "NO! STOP!"

Lessar leapt back, but Misaka had already fired.

"Are you alright? Oi!"

Misaka grabbed Touma's shoulders and shook, calling out repeatedly. What had she done? In her haste for victory, she had used her deadliest technique – only to have Touma caught in the crossfire.

"Touma! Wake up!"

Touma coughed, and Misaka peered at him critically, prodding his arms and feet cautiously to check for broken bones.

Lessar shrugged. Unlike Misaka, she seemed totally unconcerned about Touma's wellbeing. "He'll be alright. I saw him use his right hand to negate the effects of our powers. The force must have knocked him backwards." With that, she glanced at Misaka. "Man, that was a boring match. It ended a little too early, don't you think?"

"What?" Misaka growled. "Touma's injured, and that's all you have to say? That it was a boring match? Would you have preferred if my rail gun actually landed a direct hit on you?"

"I would have been able to stop your rail-gun even if he couldn't," Lessar said flippantly, standing up and brushing dirt off her skirt. "Like I said, Touma's fine. We should fight again some other time at another place where he won't be able to interrupt. It really cuts the mood, you know? To have a match interrupted like that. I'll just leave and come back some other time."

"Wait! You're not thinking about really leaving now, are you?"

"Of course I am. The match was interrupted after all. But take note, I will come back. And the next time I do," a cunning grin crept onto Lessar's face as she spoke, "I will claim Touma as my own."

And with just that simple declaration, Lessar was gone.

Misaka sighed, wondering what all that was about before turning her attention back to Touma. "That was irresponsible of her…hey, how are you feeling?"

"I'm fine – OUCH!"

Misaka had punched him. Hard.

Touma fell back, and was now clutching his face. "What was that for?"

"You – big – blundering – moronic – idiot!" She yelled.

There was no doubt about it. Misaka was angry, and Touma was about to face the storm. He didn't know whether to stay put or not – this girl was about as dangerous as the other Magicians that he had ever faced.

But then again, a part of him distinctively knew what she was trying to say. And, true to his word, Touma saw something other than anger in those hazel eyes. Those eyes were filled with anger and exasperation, true – but Touma saw worry and fear in them as well.

She was worried for him, wasn't she?

Touma smiled faintly to himself. He knew she was just never open in expressing herself. "I'm sorry, Misaka."

He was expecting her to blush and continue on with some torturous physical hits, but she didn't. Misaka sat in front of him with a sigh, caressing his face. "That will bruise."

"You did that to me," he stated bluntly.

She flinched and gave him a half-hearted glare. "Like I said, you were being an idiot. Who on earth would jump right in the middle of a heated battle? You know, without your Imagine Breaker, you would have died many times – not only by my hand, but others as well." Without really thinking, she grabbed his right palm and inspected it. It looked unblemished, unscratched – good as new. "Amazing…after all these times, it still doesn't look affected."

Touma allowed her to do the inspecting, enjoying the feeling of his palm in hers. When he had intervened in Misaka and Lessar's battle earlier on, he had stretched out his right palm into the crossfire, which negated the powers of both Esper and Magician – which allowed him to escape, unharmed.

"…why?" Her whisper was so soft that Touma wondered whether that question was directed at him or not. "Why, Touma? You could have been killed," she said, even louder this time.

Touma grinned. "It was a reflex action."

Her eyebrow twitched. "You could have died."

"I didn't. Right hand here, see?"

"That is so not the point, moron."

"Then what is?"

"Like I said, you could have died!"

"And the thing is," Touma said calmly, "I didn't."

Misaka slapped a palm to her face in frustration. "And like I said, that's not the point!"

Touma raised an eyebrow. "And like I asked, what is?"

"Honestly, I never knew you could be that dense," Misaka said with a sigh. "Have you ever considered what could have happened if it hadn't been your right hand that entered the fray first? Our powers were raging, you know. Have you ever thought what would have happened if you really died? How do you think I'd be able to face your friends? When you die, you just…die. You don't come back. How would I be able to live with it?"

"Ah," Touma said, nodding understandingly. "So you really were worried."

Misaka wanted to scream at him and say that she wasn't, but that would be an obvious lie. Instead, she tried asking again. "Why did you do something so reckless?"

He looked at her. Seeing that she was serious, Touma decided to answer seriously as well. "If you two continued, one of you would have been hurt. I just didn't want anyone to suffer from injuries. And, besides," his expression shifted to an easy-going grin, "someone had to protect you. That girl was prepared to take your rail-gun full on. She probably had some hidden powers waiting to spring."

"I don't need to be babied," Misaka said darkly. "I can take care of myself perfectly fine without anyone's help."

"You're welcome," Touma replied, smiling. He was used to her independent streak already. "But as I recall, someone here was a little scared of heights, wasn't it?"

Misaka froze, recalling their uneventful bungee jumping event earlier on.

"And," he continued, "I did help you win a plush toy. It was your favourite Gekota too. No Esper powers were allowed then, remember?"

Misaka hung her head.

"And, during the three-legged race," he began, only to have Misaka clap a hand over his mouth with a growl.

"Alright, alright! I get it! You were a great help today, so – thanks a lot, okay? Geez – mph!" While flailing her arms in an exaggerated way, Misaka, who had been kneeling, was now face-flat on the ground. "Kuroko's going to kill me," she mumbled, looking at her uniform. Not only was it drenched in the rain, but dirt had stained it too.

Touma looked down. His clothes were wet, and there were rips all over it. He had to get new ones soon.

In short, the both of them looked like hell.

"Are we going to sit here in the rain all night or something?" he asked, watching as the rain continued to fall from the sky steadily.

She yawned. "Well, let's stay here a little longer. It's not like I can go back to my dorms without being massacred by my dorm teachers – not while looking like this, anyway."

"We'll catch a cold, you know," he admonished.

"Then let it happen," she replied lazily. "Why are you being the one so uptight now?"

"Just don't want to be the one chased around town by a certain Level Five."

"Like I'd even have the energy to do that tomorrow."

Touma watched in curiosity as she stretched while lying on the cold, wet pavement. Her brown hair fanned out, unruly and tangled. This was the first time he was seeing Misaka Mikoto in such a state - even when she was wet and covered with dirt, Touma still found her looking strangely adorable. Misaka promptly rubbed her face, attempting to wash away any dirt that was there with the rainwater.

Without warning, Misaka grabbed his arm and pulled him down onto the wet ground next to her. Touma recognized the invitation and made himself comfortable, ignoring the cold wetness that was seeping into his back.

"Hey," she called out, "Did you like it?"

"Like what?" he responded wearily, wondering what was this about now.

"The kiss that she gave you."

He rolled his eyes. "And you are asking this because?"

"Just because."

"That reason worked when we were kids, Biri-biri."

"Just answer me," she said exasperatedly. "Did you like it?"

Touma blinked, choosing his words carefully. "It was unexpected. I didn't even know who she was, so – no, I didn't. She wasn't shy about it at all, and I had no idea what to do. How do I put it – it was like being caught in the headlights. Yeah, something like that."

Misaka nodded, already expecting that from him. "But you didn't answer my question. Did you like it?"

"Damn it. That's cheating, Biri-biri."

"So," she said with a huff, "You liked it."

Touma turned to face her. "I didn't say that either. Are you going to interrogate me about my kissing preferences all night?"

"Was just being curious," she said testily. "Now, close your eyes."

He raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Close your eyes!"

"No way," he protested. "You're planning on doing something to me, aren't you? Like, say – draw a mustache on my face with this marker you have in a pocket, or charcoal my hair into frizzy crisps…"

Misaka groaned. This was really going to be difficult. "I promise that I won't give you a mustache, and I promise not to give you a makeover with my electricity. Now, would you just close your eyes? Please?"

Touma closed his eyes, but only because she had said 'please'. Now he fidgeted anxiously, wondering what was it she was about to do that had made her so polite all of a sudden.

Misaka, meanwhile, was about to try out something new. She glared at the face in front of her, clenching her fists until she was certain that there would be marks left behind. She couldn't believe this idea had even crossed her mind.

Yes, Misaka was certain she had lost her sanity.

She leaned forward, closing in the distance between the both of them.

Only, a little, more.

Misaka wanted to drop in a hole.

Just a few more inches! A few more…

Misaka wanted to drop in a hole and stay there forever.

It was all going well until Misaka Mikoto miscalculated her descent. She ended up kissing Touma's upper lip, with her bottom lip caught in Touma's mouth. Touma, surprised, snapped his eyes open to see a furiously-blushing Misaka attempting to wrench away from him - only to have her pause in surprise when he wrapped his arms around her.

"You could have just asked," he murmured against her lips, watching in amusement as she gave a surprised squeak before closing her own eyes.

The kisses were feathery-light, innocent, and chaste. Both of them were hesitant in the beginning, both new to the experience and sensation. Misaka found out that it did feel pretty nice – Touma's mouth was warm, and so far she didn't feel like throwing up yet. In fact, she was quite enjoying the sensation – until he ran a tongue over the sensitive skin, and she gave a gasp.

And from that point onwards it was all about instinct – warm lips, kisses, tongues here and there, nibbling – everything was too much, and Misaka didn't think she even knew what she was doing any longer.

She realized she no longer had any control over her emotions, or her actions.

For years she had fought against her opponents, and for years she was in control. No matter what the problem was, she could shoot out the power that she had to stop it.

But this time, she was no longer the one in control. This time, she was clueless on what to do.

The kiss ended when they needed air. They just looked at each other, panting, unsure of what to do next.

"Well," he said casually.

"Did you," she gasped, "like that?"

Touma quirked an eyebrow, watching in amusement as she blushed. "You were really nervous about this, weren't you? I'm glad you trusted me enough to initiate that," he said, grinning.

Misaka groaned. He knew. He knew that she was always worried about it when things weren't under her control. "I wouldn't trust you that much if I didn't…if I didn't…"

Touma waited, somehow knowing what she was about to say.

"If I didn't…urgh! Never mind," she said, turning away. "Forget it."

He smiled gently. "I love you too, Misaka."

"That's grea – wait, what? How did you know I was about to say that?" Misaka growled. That kind, understanding expression on Touma's face made her want to beat him to a pulp, no matter how much her heart said otherwise. It irritated her that Touma always could see through her tough façade, even at this point.

As if reading her mind, Touma looked up wistfully. "You always pretended, Misaka. Like nothing was wrong. Like you could handle anything, even if it were to crush you." He smirked, continuing, "And yes, you were strong. You were stronger than anyone else I knew, even if it was Accelerator. But I knew that deep inside, you had a heart that would shatter if anyone were to hurt, or betray you. You're strong, but not cruel. You're proud, but not condescending."

To say that Misaka was shocked would be an understatement. She was stunned.

"I never realized what my feelings were towards you," he confessed. "All these while, we were all too busy trying to stay alive. The Magicians were always on my prowl, Index was frightened, and too many people were hurt. There was no time, and in some ways I refused to believe it – until today happened."

Today. "The blind date?" she asked, whispering softly.

"After today, I realized how important you were to me all along," Touma murmured. "I realized that you never failed to interest me – you were always special. Your heart," he said, pointing at her, "is special."

Misaka placed a palm over her chest, feeling the bittersweet ache that seemed to spread. "My…heart?"

"It is that heart of yours that I would love," Touma said, looking at her steadily, "and protect. Let me do it, Misaka."

Misaka gaped. It was a confession from him. But first…

"Ouch!" Touma protested. "You punched me again!"

"You idiot," she muttered, then decided to let it all out with a whoosh, "it was I who fell in love with you in the first place! No one else ever cared so deeply for me, alright? No one was ever willing to help so much! You were the first to attempt to chase the thugs who were bothering me, and you were the one who helped me out with my Sister issues, and…and you were willing to risk your life for me!"

She glared at him fiercely. "I could never understand you. You were so brave, so selfless. You took such stupid risks, and you were a huge moron. To top it off, you saved the world countless of times, no matter what the cost was. I…I…I…"

He grinned, understanding that those words took a lot of courage. "Really? Why didn't you say so then?"

"Like I could ever say something as embarrassing as that!" Shaking her fists furiously, Misaka knocked his head again, growling when he did nothing but laugh.

And laugh he did until he shook uncontrollably. He ruffled her hair, watching in amusement as blue sparks flew. "I don't see what's so embarrassing about that. Love is something pure, you understand? Why hide it when you could show it?"

Funnily enough, Misaka understood what he meant. She knew it wasn't that she hid it, it was that she always denied it earlier on - stamped her feelings out, keeping the weakness away. But now that she could no longer deny her feelings for him, there was only something she could say.

"I love you, Touma," Misaka whispered.

He merely smiled softly and said, "I know."

"So…I guess that concludes our blind date."

Touma stood up. "It does. That was a crazy date, you know. I don't think I've ever suffered that much."

"Well, thank you for saying that I made it so torturous for you," she retorted.

"You know I didn't mean it that way."

The two continued walking on, ignoring the fact that people were staring at their disheveled appearances. Let them think whatever they wanted, Misaka thought. She no longer had the strength to care.

"And oh, Biri-biri," Touma said, taking her hand casually, smiling when she tightened her grip around his.


He took a deep breath and asked, "Would you like to go for another date next week?"

Misaka grinned. "Only if you remember to bring your wallet this time. I don't like being kept hungry for so long, ya' know?"

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