I felt left out becuase I hadn't done a playlist story yet, so here's mine. It's a oneshot...for right now.

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"You have the gayest playlist I've ever seen, Sis." Frank flicked his finger over the mp3 player's screen as his eyes skimmed Jane's music selection for the day.

"Hey," she made a grab for her player, pulling it out of his hands, "Give me that! Who told you that you could go digging through my stuff, huh?" She double checked to make sure it was still on the playlist she'd set it on earlier.

"Come on, Jane, if I'm going to have to listen to this… stuff, I should at least get to know what I'm in for." He looked around their parents' backyard, rolling his eyes as he bent over to pick up a rake.

"You lost the bet, Frankie. I win, that means I get to play my playlist when we clean up the yard." She plugged the little player into the speakers sitting on the back porch. "Besides, we both got suckered into this. I could have been doing something else today." She turned the player on and went looking for the other rake.

"Yeah? Like what? Don't tell me you could have had a hot date." Her younger brother smirked at his own joke.

"Oh, you think you're funny, don't you?" She finally pulled the rake from behind the bushes running along the tall wooden fence. "Maura wanted me to go shopping with her today. Something about a dress for some gala or dance or ball or something." She started raking.

"Dress shopping? You'd rather go dress shopping than help clean up the yard?" Frankie's voice played somewhere between humor and sarcasm.

"Yeah, wouldn't you?" Jane shot back.

"Yeah, I would," her little brother admitted as he started raking.

They fell into a quiet concentration, Jane's playlist filtering through the quiet of the fall morning.

Abuse Me - Silverchair
Alejandro - Lady Gaga
All American Girl - Melissa Etheridge
Angels Would Fall - Melissa Etheridge

"That's Melissa Etheridge twice in a row, Jane. Can we just listen to the radio?" Frankie grunted as he dumped a mound of leaves into the bag Jane was holding open.

"No. Stop whining. You lost the dart game. This is my playlist. Deal." Jane dropped the bag and started raking again.


Are You Happy Now? - Michelle Branch
Back 2 Good - Matchbox 20
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Bad Things - Jace Everett
Bent - Matchbox 20
Billy Jean - Chris Cornell
Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden
Born This Way - Lady Gaga

"Oh, come on!" Frankie stood up from where he was pulling leaves from under the bushes. "Really, Jane? Lady Gaga? Seriously? What the hell?"

"What? I like her." She shot her brother a piercing look.

"Lady Gaga?" His voice was full of brotherly judgment.

"Maura got me hooked on her, okay?" She threw a clod of mud at her younger brother. "What's wrong with Lady Gaga anyway?" She stopped working in the flower bed to give her brother a warning look.

"Remember when I said your playlist was gay?" He squatted back down to keep working. "Well, isn't that pretty much the lgbt national anthem right now?"

"You know, it's more than just about being… man, Frankie, what is your deal? It's just a song?" She rolled her eyes, going back to work. "You done under the bush yet?" She smirked at her own dirty little joke.

"Hey, you have to take your time with these things. You rush working under the bush, and…"

"Okay… okay, that's enough of that." Jane cut him off, flinching a little.

Breakdown - Melissa Etheridge
Breathe - Melissa Etheridge
Bring Me Some Water - Melissa Etheridge

"Three Meli…"

"Shut up and finish with the bushes."

Buenos Aires - Madonna, Antonio Banderas
Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
Buttons - Pussycat Dolls
Circus - Britney Spears
Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
Cochise - Audioslave
Come to My Window - Melissa Etheridge
Comedown - Bush
Consider Me Gone - Reba McEntire
Creep - Radiohead
Criminal - Fiona Apple

"Is that Fiona Apple?" Frankie stopped digging the new flowerbed, leaning against the hoe.

"Yeah," Jane looked up from her spot on the ground where she was planting new flowers by the bushes.

"Man, she was hot. Whatever happened to her?" He started digging again.

"She was too thin for me." Jane replied, half paying attention to what she was saying as she concentrated on making sure she had the color pattern correct. The last thing she wanted to do was plant everything incorrectly and have their mother make her dig everything up to do it again.

"Huh," Frankie replied, deciding to let the comment go.

Don't Speak - No Doubt
Don't Trust me - 3OH!3
Dream On - Aerosmith
Drive - Incubus
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Family Affair - Mary J. Blige
Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
Giant - Melissa Etheridge
Give Me One Reason - Tracy Chapman

"Isn't Tracy Chapman a…"

"Are you done with that flowerbed or what?" Jane's voice was on the verge between annoyed and pissed.

"Nope, let me just finish that."

"That's what I thought."

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk

"Do I even need to say it?" Frankie said as he continued to work.

"Only if you don't value your knee caps."

Hate On Me - Jill Scott
heart Shaped Box - Nirvana
Hell Yeah - Montgomery Gentry
Hurt - Johnny Cash
I Don't Want to Be - Gavin DeGraw
I Kissed a Girl - Kate Perry

"You know, I kissed a girl, and I really liked it," Frankie deadpanned as he hefted the bricks in the wheelbarrow across the yard to the newly dug flowerbed.

"Really? I guess that puts everyone's fears to rest," Jane shot back as she rolled her eyes.

"It's not bad," he said as he dumped the bricks and went for another load while ignoring his sister's stab, "Kissing a girl, I mean. You should try it sometime." He threw her a Rizzoli smirk.

"What makes you think I haven't?" She said, mirroring his smirk with one of her own before squatting down to start setting the bricks in place around the bed's border.

"I'm not falling for that setup," Frankie shot back as he started loading the wheelbarrow again.

I Want to Come Over - Melissa Etheridge
I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At the Disco
I'm a Survivor - Reba McEntire
If U Seek Amy - Britney Spears
Infected - Bad Religion
Inner Universy - Vitek
Inside Out - Eve 6
Iron Man - Ozzy Osbourne
It's My Life - Bon Jovi

"You used to blare this all the time when we were kids. Do you remember? It pissed Ma off so bad, I thought she was going to stab you in your sleep," Frankie mused as he spread out a layer of rich soil in the new flowerbed.

Laughing Jane helped, "Oh yeah, why do you think I did it?"

Machinehead - Bush
Mama I'm Strange - Melissa Etheridge
Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffet
Mercy - Melissa Etheridge
Move Along - The All-american Rejects
My Immortal - Evanescence
My Life - Billy Joel
Need You Now - lady Antebellum

The younger Rizzoli looked up to see his sister sitting on the ground, spade in hand, staring out into space. "Anyone I know?"

"What?" She shook her head, going back to work planting the new flowers.

"Who are you thinking about, Jane?" Frankie sighed, pushing dirt absentmindedly around. "Come on, that song's got you thinking about someone. Who is it? You can tell me."

"No one, okay? Let's just finish this crap."

No One Knows - Queens of the Stone Age
Nobody's Fault But Mine - Beth Rowley
Old Enough to Know Better - Wade Hayes
Only Hapyp When It Rains - Garbage
Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones
Physical - Olivia Newton John
Piece of My Heart - Janis Joplin
Please Come to Boston - Dave Loggins
Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard
Push - Matchbox 20
Raise Your Glass - Pink
Real World - Matchbox 20

"I'd love to be a superhero." Frankie mused as he began digging the hole at the back of the yard that would eventually hold the fledgling tree waiting to be planted.

"Speak for yourself," Jane grunted as she moved the tree over.

"What? You can't tell me you wouldn't want to be a superhero."

"What do you mean 'want to be'? I am a superhero. I totally rock. I've been kicking ass and taking names since you were a rookie still pissing your pants at the sight of a punk kid with a knife." She winked at her younger brother.

"I'm going to make detective one of these days, and, when I do, I expect there to be superpowers now." He continued to dig.

"Sure, we'll give you what's left over."

"What's that?"

"The power to not piss yourself at the first sign of a punk kid with a knife." She chuckled, pulling the tree out of the wheelbarrow.


Refugee - Melissa Etheridge
Rehab - Amy Winehouse
Respect - Aretha Franklin
Rockstar - Nickelback
Rose de Lay - The Killdares
Runaway Train - Soul Asylum
S&M – Rihanna

"I think I'm too young to listen to this…" the blush creeping up Frankie's neck was, thankfully for him, not noticeable. Between the heat and the sun they'd been out in all day, he was red enough that any additional red didn't make much difference.

"Oh please, Frankie, I found the fuzzy cuffs you kept in your room for Josephine Tartulli."

"I'm not even going to ask what you were doing in my room, how you found those, or why you never told Ma. Instead, I'm just going to put this tree in this hole. You going to help or what?"

"You're telling me you need me to help you get something in a hole?" Jane gave her brother a devilish grin.

"Shut up."

Save Tonight - Eagle-Eye Cherry
Say It Right - Nelly Furtado
Say My Name - Destiny's Child
Scar - Missy Higgins
Secret Agent - Melissa Etheridge
Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground
SexyBack - Justin Timberlake
Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely - Backstreet Boys

Frankie stopped painting the shed, to look at his big sister. "The Backstreet…"

"No." She didn't even bother to return his look. She just continued to paint.

Third Rock From the Sun - Joe Diffie
Tik Tok - Ke$ha
Turn On the Radio - Reba McEntire

"Hey, what's up with the country? When did you visit Texas?" Frankie leaned back in the grass, enjoying the break in working in the yard.

"Reba kind of grew on me. Korsak listens to her." She handed her brother a cold beer.

"You're kidding? Korsak?" He popped the cap off, throwing it in the wheelbarrow that had morphed into their makeshift trashcan.

"Yeah, but I think it's because he has a thing for redheads." She shrugged, sitting down across from him and sighing. "God, it's hot as hell out here. How long before you think we'll be done with that thing?" She motioned to the storage building.

"Don't know. That first coat should be dry here in a few. We need to put on at least two, you know?"

"Yeah," she took a long drag of her beer.

"Redheads, huh? They're okay, but I don't really dig their tempers." After making sure his beer wouldn't fall over, Frankie lay down on his back in the grass. "I prefer brunettes."

"Meh, I go with blondes, honey blondes… light hair. I definitely prefer light hair."

"Honey blonde…light hair?" Frankie sat up to look at his sister. "Like Dr. Isles?" He waggled his eyebrow suggestively at his sister.

"Really, Frankie?" She threw her bottle cap at him.

"What? I'm just asking for, you know, reference." He picked the cap up and threw it to land with his.

"Whatever. I get enough of that shit at work. Come on," she stood, finishing her beer and throwing it away. "I'm going to go pee and grab a sandwich while that dries. Bring the food out here in sec. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure, thanks."

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
So What - Pink
Somebody Told Me - The Killers
SOS - Rhianna
Standing Outside the Fire - Garth Brooks
Stellar - Incubus
Sunny Came Home - Shawn Colvin
Technologic - Daft Punk
Telephone - Lady Gaga, Beyonce

"I wonder what Maura's doing right now?" Jane muttered to herself as she concentrated on the trim on the building.

"Maybe she's out on a date?" Frankie offered as he worked on the lower trim on the building.

"Damn it," Jane spat out. "You made me mess up the trim. Fuck. Now I have to redo this spot."

"What? All I said was maybe she was on a date!" He held his hands up in a show of innocence.

"Just… hand me the other paint brush, okay?"

Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Unwell - Matchbox 20
Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi
Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses
When I'm Gone - 3 Doors Down

"Jane, you're doing it again." Frankie gave his sister a little shove.

"Doing what?" She shot him an angry look.

"Staring off into space. Seriously, who are you thinking about?"

"Joe Friday."

"Sure. Look, when you decide to talk about it…"

"Yeah, yeah," she turned back to finish the trim.

You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi
You Spin Me Round - Dead or Alive
Your Rain - Akira Yamaoka
3 A.M. - Matchbox 20

"Thank God that's over with," Jane shut and locked the storage building. "I can't wait to go home and take a shower." She pulled her tank top to the side, looking at her tan line. "Man, I've got to be five shades darker than when we started this crap today."

"We were out here all day, but the yard looks good. When Ma and Pop come back, they're going to love it." He leaned over, brushing plant particles from his legs. "Hey, Janie, about your playlist?"

"Yeah, what about it?" She gave him a warning look as she unplugged the speakers and started putting things away.

"It's… well, are you sure you don't want to tell me anything?"

"Like what?" She dropped the speakers and player into a little carrying bag.

"You know, if you're… I mean, it's okay if you… Jane," he sighed, not believing he was about to say this to his sister and risk being shot in the nice, clean backyard. "If you're into girls, none of us would care."

"Man, Frankie, how many times do I have say that I," she turned to see her brother nervous and fidgeting with his cell phone, "I… yeah, okay," she stopped her rant before she could get started. "I know." Her voice was quiet as she picked up her back and dug for her keys.

"Why don't you just ask her out? She'd say yes." He was feeling braver. He wasn't dead, and that was a good sign.

"Who are you talking about?" She fiddled with her ponytail, tightening it as a way of stalling.

"You know who," he said, watching his sister with a curious eye. This was as close as anyone had ever gotten to getting her to actually talk about this. "Maura."

"She's my friend, Frankie."

"Well, true, but the best relationships start out as friends. I mean, look at Ma and Pop. They're best friends, too, not just… well, you know, Ma and Pop." He ran a hand across the back of his neck, trying to ease his sudden discomfort.

"Yeah, but, if I were friends with someone I had a thing for," she countered, now fidgeting with her keys, "I'd be afraid of messing it up. I wouldn't want to mess something up that I already had that I really liked because I tried to go for something that I only have a 50/50 shot on, you know?"

"But, I mean, have…I mean, would," he was trying to shift gears into the hypothetical, following his sister's lead, "you even ask? What could it hurt to ask?"

"Could hurt everything if I asked. I don't… I wouldn't want to give it the chance."

"To get fucked up, you mean?" He sighed, frustrated for his sister.


"How can you know if you don't ask, Jane?" A familiar voice floated in from the back gate as Maura deftly walked across the freshly cut grass in her 4 inch heels.

"Ask what?" Jane shifted, trying to sound puzzled as she tried to suppress the grin spreading across her face.

"What the other… friend …thinks about entering into something more than simple friendship." The doctor handed her friend a bottle of cold water before passing one to Frankie. "Hello, Frankie."

"Hi, Doc." He gave her a welcoming smile. "What are you doing here?" He took the water. "Thanks."

"It was getting late in the day, and I hadn't heard from Jane. I knew you two were going to be here today working in the backyard, so I thought I'd come by to see how things were going." She glanced across the yard. "It looks wonderful! Angela and Frank will love it."

"You just decided to swing by?" Jane's voice held as much skepticism as her face showed.

"Well, I may have been a little lonely for company. We normally watch a movie on Saturday nights." The doctor shot the detective a small, shy smile. "I must admit, I'm accustomed to the routine."

"Oh, well, we're done. I was going to go inside, grab a shower, and go eat. You hungry?" She glanced over at Frankie, realizing he was still there.

"I have plans," he quickly offered. "You two have fun. I'm just going to head home and shower there." He pulled his keys out of his pocket. "See you later, Janie. Bye, Doc." He gave a wave as he made a hasty retreat.

"I don't mind waiting." Maura's smile broadened.

"Oh, okay, come in," she opened the back door, letting Maura enter first.

"Jane," the doctor began as she walked into the Rizzoli kitchen, "Which friend were you and Frankie talking about?"

"Um… you know, I'm just going to go take a shower, and we can talk about that at dinner, okay?" The detective shut the back door, locked it, and made a beeline for the stairs.

"Okay, Jane, but we will be talking about it," Maura called after her.

"Yeah… yeah…" Jane called out as she ran up the stairs.

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