Chapter one

Lost and found

The bus came to a slow stop just outside the town of pandemonium. The town's population was 1500 and today they were getting back a founding son. Jace Morgenstern stepped off the bus and stretched his legs. He had no luggage just the army supplied duffel bag that he had refused to let the bus driver stick under the bus.

It was a short walk to town and Jace had decided there was no need to rush. He took his time shuffling his feet and kicking at the rocks that paved the dirt road. What was there to rush for? no one was waiting for him, there would be no banners, no loved ones rushing to embrace him and welcome him home. It was nothing he wasn't use to, it had always been just him, and Jace liked it that way. He had felt the heavy burden that had come with loss. So if he kept people out he would never have to feel that again.

It was a little after sun down when Jace reached the town, the streets were mostly empty, a few scattered people here and there but no one that paid him any mine. Jace's shop was at the end of town. It was the only thing he was looking forward to. He wanted nothing more than to open up his shop and feel the grease and grime from an engine under his finger nails. That was Jace's idea of heaven.

When he reached his shop, a smile, the first of his in a week, crossed his lips. "Home" he said to himself. Then he closed his eyes and said a little thank you to the powers that be that had got him home safely.

From outside the shop looked like just another run down mechanic shop but Jace and the people of this town and even the town a few miles away knew it was more than that. Jace was the best mechanic the town, city, and state had ever seen. There was nothing he couldn't fix and he never ever cheated anyone. When someone came in who needed something fixed but couldn't pay cash, Jace fixed it anyways, always getting some sort of payment in return. Weather it was a watch or a plate of homemade tamales.

Jace's skills in the shop were not a secret long. When he re-opened his grandfather's shop it was only a matter of months before lines of cars and motorcycles were seen lining up outside his shop. Finally Jace had to insist on appointments. Jace hated that part of the job the appointments, the billing, the phone calls. He just wanted to fix things, but one of the downfalls to being alone is having to do everything on your own. So Jace just had to grin and bear it.

When Jace had to tell everyone that he had join the army and wouldn't be around for awhile one man who's expensive muscle cars only Jace was allowed to touch, had actually offered to get Jace out of going in by stating mental disabilities. Apparently the guy was a lawyer. Jace apologized and explain that it was a decision that he had made with his full mental capabilities. The man groaned and asked Jace what he was supposed to do. Jace assured him there were other mechanics, but at this the man just scoffed and said he would just wait, demanding Jace call him first when he opened back up. Jace just nodded and the man raced away in his '67' Mustang.

Jace threw down his duffle bag and began digging in it for his keys. When he found them he stood up and began unlocking the several locks on the shop door. Once in, he took the stairs straight up to his loft above the shop. Jace reached for the light switch and turned it on, taking a moment to look around. His loft was perfect, just the way he had left it completely clean and everything in its place. Or so he thought, it wasn't until he had thrown the duffle bag in front of the book case that he realized several of his books had been moved and some where all together missing.

Jace thought back to the day before he left and tried to remember if he had done something with his books, but he knew he hadn't. Quietly Jace headed for the couch and reaching underneath grabbed the baseball bat he kept there. His loft wasn't very big and there was only one door and that was to his bedroom. So with quiet steps he made his way to the bedroom door and gently twisted the handle.

Jace pushed the door open with one finger leaving his other hand firmly on the bat. The room was small just big enough for his bed and a small dresser so when he entered it didn't take long to spot the lump under the covers that was no doubt a person. Jace slowly made his way to the head of the bed, raising the bat slowly he was just about to strike when he saw the mess of red curls draped over his pillow and stopped dead in his tracks.

Well what do you think? This is my first fan fiction taking the characters out of the original story. I like the idea and I hope you do too. Let me know.