Chapter 31

The End

Without a doubt it was Jace…

The sound of Jace's voice was still vibrating through Clary's ears, but he had yet to emerge from the hallway. There was still a shouting match going on. ¨Call security you dumbass, do I look like I care, if you didn't want a black eye you shouldn't of put your hands on me.¨ Clary watched the door with ever growing anticipation, just as she caught a glimpse of blonde curls, Iris intercepted and pushed him out of view. Clary growled, feeling like she would never get to see Jace for herself. Then, all at once, he was there. His eyes wide, he flew over to her, eager but careful. He didn't say anything at first he just stared into her eyes. He had tears streaming down. Clary held her breath, scared if she moved he would disappear. She didn't want to cry, she wanted to see him clearly, and she did. Beautiful, like always, beat up, but healing,eyes not as bright as she remembered, dark circles,but, still her Jace. He was bright and beautiful and so very alive.

¨I knew you would be okay, I knew it. I felt you in my heart. I remembered what it felt like the day I lost you,when your heart stopped in that bathroom, after he tried drowning you. I felt the loss it created in my heart, and I felt it melt away when you started breathing again. So I just knew you were okay, because I felt you in my heart. I told that fucking doctor you would be okay, he said you might never wake up,I told him to go fuck himself. I felt you in my heart. I spoke to you so you would know I was alive, and once, you even said my name. They didn't believe me, but I know what i heard, I felt you in my heart. Look at you, wide awake and beautiful,and perfect, just like I said you would be,because I felt you in my heart. I love you Clary, I fucking love you.¨ He leaned forward and kissed her, hard and good.

Clary ran her hands through his hair and moaned,he kissed her broke the kiss only to let her breathe. ¨I love you Jace, you brought me out of the darkness. I thought you were dead and I wanted to die too, but then I heard your voice and I followed it out of the darkness. I love you. I love you, I fucking love you.¨ More kisses.

They held each other for a long while before they were interrupted by a knock on the door. When they looked up, Clary was surprised to see Luke standing there. He looked tired too, and a little beat up.

¨Luke, what are you doing here?¨ Clary looked to Jace but he was looking at Luke too. Finally Jace turned to her and spoke. ¨Luke is the reason we are both alive.¨ Clary was stunned and totally confused. ¨Wait, what, what are you talking about?¨ Luke cleared his throat and made his way over to the chair by Clary's bed. ¨I can elaborate if you like, but you just woke up, maybe we should talk about this another time?¨ Clary shook her head ¨No, I want to know everything,please, I don't want to be in the dark anymore.¨

Luke nodded and filled Clary in on all the things she missed.

¨After you left my office that day, I felt disgusted that there wasn't anything I could do for you. So I figured if I couldn't get to Valentine maybe I could take down the people who knew what he was he was doing, his lackeys, if you will. First stop was the hospital, it was also the drop that started the flood. I get there, and what do you know, his body was gone. Sent to be cremated or some shit. Excuse my language¨ Clary smiled and nodded her head for him to continue. ¨I couldn't find his body anywhere, no one had it, no one knew what I was talking about. I knew something was up, I felt it, I didn't tell anyone what I was doing, I wanted as few witnesses as possible. So. I just kept searching, quietly, staying in the dark, trying to get as much info as I could without tipping Valentine off that I was on to him. I knew that asshole faked his death, I just needed to prove it. I finally came across an old narc I used to know, he told me he knew a guy that worked for Valentine. I believe you guys know him too, he's the one that gave Alec the info into where Valentine's cabin was. Anyway, so I'm talking to this guy and he tells me that Valentine had Jace, that he overheard him talking to you Clary, and I knew there was no way either of you were getting out of there alive, so I got him to tell me where he had you, and I promised him protection. I called in a couple of favors, and me and three others loaded up a small arsenal and we tracked the house down. We silently took down the guards outside, and then we saw the three of you through the window, Valentine had a gun to Jace's head, luckily one of the men that owed me a favor was a sniper in the Navy Seals, he took out Valentine, unfortunately he still got a shot off, thankfully it just grazed Jace skull.¨ Luke leaned back in his chair and let out a breath. ¨ I think you heard the shot,saw the blood and Jace pass out, and I imagined it looked like Jace was a gonner. I'm just sorry you went unconscious before I was able to get to you. Your boy was out for a few hours too.¨ Luke smiled he was very handsome when he smiled.

Clary let all the information sink in. She only asked two questions. ¨Is he really dead this time?¨ and ¨what happens now?¨

Luke nodded his head ¨Bullet straight through his head,but just to make sure we chopped of his head and burned his body, along with the rest of the house. Sorry, I guess that was a little graphic, but you know the bad guys always comes back to life at the end, we didn't want that happening again, so we made sure it wouldn't.¨ A smirk from Luke and Clary nodded her head in agreement and smiled.

¨As far as where we go from here, well, that's up to you two. Everybody already thanks Valentine is dead, we burned all the evidence and trust me when I say the men who helped me know how to keep a secret. You guys are finally free, so go, live big lives, get married, have lot's of kids, make this world a better place.¨ He stood to leave but Clary grabbed his arm.

¨I don't know how to thank you, you saved my life, you saved Jace, you brought my nightmare to an end. How do I thank you for all that you have done for me?¨ Clary let the tears fall. Luke smiled down at her, he wiped away her tears and leaned down to kiss her head. ¨Just promise me, one thing, don't let Valentine take up anymore time and space in your heart, let him go, don't let him plague your nightmares. He doesn't deserve to take up anymore of your life. So, let him go, never think of him again.¨ Clary reached out and hugged his waist. ¨Why did you do this for me, for us, we are practically strangers?¨ Clary unwrapped her arms from him and watched as he walked to the door. She thought he wouldn't answer her, but he did. Just before he stepped out the door he turned to her ¨Because you remind me of a woman I loved once, she was beautiful and smart just like you, but she got caught up with a terrible man, and I never heard from her again. I couldn't save her, I was damned if I would let the same thing happen to you. You know, you look just like her.¨ And then he was gone

Clary smiled at door. She wished she could think of some way to repay him, but how do you repay a person that saved your life and the life of the man that you loved? By doing exactly what he asked of you, by living a good life,a happy life, full of goodness and empty of Valentine. With that realization Clary's smiled wider.

Jace cleared his throat, and when Clary looked up at him, she was shocked to see him holding a small black box open, revealing a beautiful, vintage, diamond ring.

¨No more drama Clary, it's over. It's time for us to start our lives together. The right way, as husband and wife. You are the fire inside of me, my soul burns for you. I dont ever want that fire to die. Be with me Clary, be with me forever and if there is something after forever, be with me then too. Marry me Red, let the fire rage on.¨

Clary was an absolute blubbering mess. She wiped away her tears, but more just followed. Finally through the tears and sobbing she managed to get out a ¨yes¨. A triumphant smiled spread across Jace's face and he took Clary in his arms.

A few days later Clary was finally released from the hospital. She said a tearful goodbye to Iris, who she had grown a fondness for. The nurses had all stopped by one last time to get a look at the gorgeous ring and the gorgeous Jace, Clary just rolled her eyes.

They were on the road in no time at all. They held hands enjoying the comfortable silence. Clary kept her eyes on Jace and after awhile she came to a decision on an idea she had been bouncing around in her head. ¨Jace, I'd like to use some of the money to build you a bigger garage and maybe a house for us. What do you think? Would you let me do that for you, for us?¨

Jace didn't take his eyes of the road but he did squeeze her hand tighter, and then bring it to his mouth for a kiss. He took a moment to think over her offerer and then he smiled.

¨I think that would be...perfect. But, I think a new town is in order. A place where the heartbroken go, when their broken hearts are finally healed.¨

¨That would be perfect¨ Clary replied

¨Perfect¨ Jace whispered

The End

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