AN: I own nothing besides the OC Kira who I borrowed from another one of my stories, but this one will be female with a side of implied crossdressing at the start. After all, I truly do hate to think that if male demons get a bad rep, then female demons get treated worse, since Kira is a half-demon, she would have to pretend to be male. This story will also be based off the manga with a few changes and eventually be Kira/Jou.

1. Everybody's Fool


Orange eyes widened in rage and disbelief. "E-exiled? What the hell?"

"Watch it demon-bitch or we may just call for your execution instead!" A civilian councilwoman said snidely, other civilians adding their agreements, the ninja side being strangely silent on the matter.

Kira growled under her breath at the insult. She had tried to make damn sure no one knew she was really a girl, and it had worked...until she started to 'become a woman.' Then the news spread like wildfire that one of the demon brats was in fact a girl. And because she was of the fairer gender, she thought it would get better; she was wrong. It got even worse. People called her a tranny, bitch and far worse things. The again, she really shouldn't have expected them to treat her any better.

And her poor little brother had been caught in the crossfire. The Academy students picked on him saying that he always had to have a girl stand up for him all the time, and if he was in fact a girl. But Naruto had been a brave little trooper by enduring through it all for his sister's sake. And interestingly enough, when the students found out about Kira being a girl, some of them got jealous of him.

Because while she was not very liked and very much hated, Kira was there for Naruto. She would always take him to the Academy everyday, pick him up afterwards, and always made sure to be there for him for special events. The last bit was something not even the students who had two parents did. Needless to say thought that once she had been found out, Naruto would let it 'slip' and call her "Kaa-chan."

But when some drunken idiotic men tried to do some unsavory things to her, she had sent them to the hospital in critical condition in self-defence. And then the council pulls this?

'Damn them! Damn them to hell!' she yelled in her head as she growled in a louder voice. "You all call my brother and I demon spawns, and while that may be true for at least me, then what does that make all of you?"

"Human, you scum!" A pink-haired woman shrieked.

Kira tried not to wince at the volume of the voice and she snorted. "If being human means trying to constantly kill two innocent children, then I'd rather be a flithy half-breed mutt than a disguting human anyday."

Without anyword and only a disappointed glare at the old Hokage, Kira left the councilroom.

(End Flashback)

"Nee-chan, where are we going to go?" Naruto asked, his little face scrunched up in worry.

His sister had told him that the council had kicked her out of the village, and he had insisted that he go with her because they couldn't really stop him since he was still technically a civilian.

And Kira wouldn't have it any other way.

"I...don't know." she answered honestly. "But I do know that we're going to go far away from all this hate and predudice."

Though still a little uncertain, Naruto trusted Kira more than anyone and nodded. "Okay nee-chan."

Kira smiled at him before pulling her orange pack over her shoulders and they both walked out of the village gates, Kira only sparing the village one last look. 'Goodbye Konoha, may your citizens burn in hell for their crimes.' she thought cynically.

"This is it, the last of the ramen." Kira said severly as she sat the instant noodles in front of Naruto. "Make sure you make it...last." she sighed when her brother pratically inhaled the food.

Naruto blushed sheepishly. "Sorry nee-chan." he murmured. "But don't we have the money you cleaned out from the family vault?" he asked curiously.

Kira scratched her cheek with a little grin on her face. "Um, well, I'm kinda stingy, so we won't be using that money until we need to."

Naruto stared at her gaping. "Does this mean no more ramen?" he asked. Kira nodded her head sadly. "Iie!"

Kira shook her head in badly contained amusement at her brother's dramatic cry. "You do realize that we can eat anything I catch, right?"

Naruto instantly went back to being happy. "Oh yeah." his voce then got nervous. "Can we at least go buy some emergency ramen? Please?" he made his eyes wide and pleading, bottom lip pouting out.

Kira groaned as she looked at his face. 'I'm already regretting ever teaching him to do that.' she thought. "Fine. But remember, no more buggin' about it after this, got it?"

Naruto nodded. "Hai, nee-chan!"

They both headed into the nearest town, Naruto hanging off Kira's back, her pack on his shoulders.

"Look nee-chan, there's breakfast style ramen!" Naruto cheered as he pointed to the instant noodles on the store shelf.

Kira secretly rolled her eyes and took several of the breakfast ramen cups along with some chicken ramen and pork ramen. Though not wanting her brother's diet to be solely based on empty calories, she also stocked up on pre-packaged apples, rice, oranges, and decided that their meat would be whatever she caught later on.

As she was about to pay for the food, Naruto shook her shoulder. "Nee-chan, can I buy something? With my own money?"

Kira frowned slightly as she paid the amount of yen needed. "Well, be quick, alright?"

Naruto nodded his head rapidly as he got off her back and she went outside the store to wait. Five minutes later, Naruto came out carrying a little retangular packaged packet. "Got what I wanted." he announced as he jumped back onto his sister's back.

"And what would that be?" Kira asked shifting the grocery bags to her other hand. She could put them into one of her sealing scrolls later on when they ate.

Naruto smiled brighty. "It's a surprise."

The fire cooked the rabbit meat kabobs Kira had made after catching and skinning a brown rabbit(away from Naruto of course) and had also cooked some of the chicken ramen.

And while they were waiting for their dinner to cook, Naruto handed Kira the retangular packet. "What is this anyway?" she as as she looked over the silvery wrapping in was in.

Naruto once again had a bright smile on his face. "Cards." he answered. "Happy Birthday nee-chan." he said sincerely.

Kira's eyes widened a fraction. "My birthday's not for another 2 months though."

Naruto didn't stop smiling though. "I know, but you've always tried to make my birthday berable, and I wanted to show you how much I appreciate all you've done for me."

Kira gave him a watery smile. She hadn't gotten a birthday gift(early or otherwise) since their parents were alive, and she really couldn't remember all that well if her birth mother had given her any presents. "Thank you otouto."

"Open it!" Naruto ordered excitedly, really wanting to see what was cards were inside it.

Kira grinned as she tore the wrapping away and stared at the picture of a girl with short spiky red hair, red eyes, wearing a long-sleeved cloak, shorts, and she was holding a staff with a red fox kit with a fire lit tail trailing flames around her. The girl also had a perpetually bored yet annoyed look on her face. "'Hiita the Fire Charmer.'" she read aloud.

Naruto craned his neck to looked at the card she was holding. "She looks just like you nee-chan!"

"What?" Kira asked looking at her brother strangely. "No she doesn't."

"Yes she does!" Naruto reaffirmed this by pulling a bit of Kira's short brown hair into her view. "You have the same hair-style, and the same cute-yet somewhat-boyish face." he even pointed at her in accusation. "And the look you're giving me right now is also the same!"

Kira tried to wipe the growing look of annoyance off her face, but turned her attention back to the other cards. Sending 'Hiita' to the back, she saw the next one was also a charmer named 'Eria' and after that was yet another one named 'Aussa'. Both were female and had small animals with them while weilding staffs.

A bored look came over Kira's face. 'Well, it was a thoughtful gift.'

"You look exactly like her now, again!"

"Damn it Naruto-kun, I do not!"

A/N: 'Nother AN, but these will now be at the bottom unless I have something important to say at the top.

Otouto means 'little brother.'

Iie means 'no.'

Nee-chan is what you'd call an elder sister.

'Kun' is applied to a male name.

'Eria' and 'Aussa' are Eria the Water Charmer, and Aussa the Earth Charmer. There are six charmers with only one of them being male.

'Hiita the Fire Charmer' and Uzumaki Kira looking alike will be a gag of sorts when their appearances are compared by others, like Naruto (and Kira will continually deny this). There is a reaon for this though, but giving it away so early on would be moot.