A/N: What happens when you write something for Livejournal fanfic challenge and you have to pick first book you had nearby yourself, find a page and number of sentence they gave you?
Well... something crazy when you're a Librarian :D
Have fun!
Love, Chandni

"Index librorum prohibitorum "

He sat with a grim face, bent over a pile of old books. In his hand he held a pen, and at his fingertips he had notebook, so he could write down important information. In the chair opposite him sat bored Jack - actually he was trying out the strength of his chair, rocking on it.
Daniel gave him a brief, rebuking glance.
Jack very often behaved like a little boy - or maybe it was just self-preservation instinct? Unfortunately he didn't have time to contemplate the behavior of his friend. At the moment, he had more important priorities to perform.

Again he focused his attention on an open book. He was already very tired, and his temples were pulsing with pain. That happens when you're working almost 24/24 and drinking gallons of coffee per day. Oh, it's a good thing that he will have upcoming weekend free.

He reviewed the next few pages and feeling resigned, closed the book with a bang.
And suddenly, as usual when he was so tired out, he had brainwave.
"Index librorum prohibitorum!" he shouted, jumping up from his chair. Jack finally, with force, fell to the floor.
"You could consider warning people, Daniel," he snapped angrily. "And in our language?" he asked, not understanding for a bit (as usual anyway), what Doctor said to him.
"How could I forget about something so trivial?" Jackson carried on with disbelief.
"Daniel?" Jack began to lose his patience when Daniel just jumped with something in a language unknown to Jack and said that it's trivial.

"Ah…" just now Jackson remembered again that O"Neill is also in the room. "Index of prohibited books, Jack."
"And what with him?" he inquired, rising from the floor and sitting back in his chair.
"Remind me, why I explain it to you?"
"Because you like it," Jack replied with disarming honesty.
Daniel sighed, adjusted his glasses and began to explain:
"Index librorum prohibitorum is a list of books created by the Catholic Church. These are items, which are not allowed to be read, hold and distributed to the faithful without the permission of church authorities, under threat of excommunication. On the list were drawn publications incompatible with Catholic doctrine, pornographic and promoting divination and magic, as well as scientific and philosophical works of such authors as Galileo, Kant, Kepler, Copernicus, Montesquieu and Voltaire."

"Kay" Jack pretended that he understand anything of what Daniel just said. "But why on Earth do you need it?"
"Oh, I didn't mention?" Jackson frowned, very sure that he told Jack. "I have a lecture at the military library for... children."
O'Neill looked up with disbelief and amazement, causing a slight smile of satisfaction at his friend face.
"Lunch?" Jackson suddenly suggested.
"Ye... Yeah... I'm hungry" he answered moving after Daniel to the cafeteria, still wondering what for Daniel needs this entire index-something-blah-blah and why the lecture for kids? Maybe it's April Fools prank?
Anyway, first he'll eat, then he'll ask Daniel to explain it again, cause Daniel is Daniel and he has his world and his toys.