The End Hates Us

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Warnings: BL, Yaoi, Shonen Ai, OOC, AUish, threesomes, language, blah, blah, blah.

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Summary: Adopted from Lifeless Heartless. There is more to Ryoma then meets the eye. The regulars find this out when he comes back. His return starts a chain of reactions that lead them and others to their fate. Many are fated to protect while others will destroy, but one's fate is to die. Can they protect the one who is to die?

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Chapter 1 of 15

"! If you don't wake up, I'll shave Karupin"

That woke Ryoma up. Grabbing the offending had that was trying to wake him, Ryoma got up and glared at his brother. Though being half-asleep made his glare softer but Ryoga knew half-asleep or not Ryoma was a force to be reckoned with. However, before he could curse Ryoga to all seven hells, a soft and gentle hand touched Ryoma's shoulder, effectively saving Ryoga.

"Nii-chan, we're here" Ryoka softly said. She was Ryoma's twin sister. Though technically she was the older twin she insisted on calling Ryoma, 'Nii-chan'. However, with that being said, Ryoka could easily play the role of an overprotective older sister. Moreover, Ryoka and Ryoma were identical only in looks (Though her hair was much longer and she obviously had curves). Personality wise, they had nothing in common. Where Ryoma was a brash, rude, and anti-social brat; Ryoka was a gentle, polite, and friendly princess.

"Hn" Ryoma stood up and grabbed his things with Ryoka and Ryoga quickly doing the same. His old teammates from Seigaku were supposed to meet him at the airport. The teen smirked. It was going to be quite the sight introducing Ryoka to them. So getting off the plane, the tennis prodigy was in search of the most rambunctious group there.

"Nii-chan? Who are we suppose to be searching for? All we know is that they're crazy" Ryoma asked ever so gently.

Ryoma smirked at her and said," Don't worry, you'll know when you see them"

And there they were, holding up a large sign that said 'OCHIBI'. Kaidoh and Momoshiro were fighting, Tezuka looked as though he had forgotten his supply of aspirin, Oishi was in between calming down Momoshiro and Kaidoh and trying to control Eiji and Takashi was attempting to help Oishi and Fuji and Inui? Well, they were just standing there watching the entire thing unfold.

Ryoka just stood there watching them obviously shocked. "Why are they creating such a scene in a public place such as this?"

Ryoma just rolled his eyes. "Because they're insane and sadly they are my sempai-taichi." Ryoka looked at his with wide and slightly fearful eyes.

"Please do not tell me it is so?" Now she was making her way behind him as though she was endangered and he was her shield. Apparently Ryoga had ran off somewhere and could not protect his little sister.

"Yes, unfortunately so. C'mon, lets go before they destroy something" The emerald hair male made his way to the insane group with Ryoka following though hesitantly. Eiji with his amazing eyesight spotted the two easily and jumped to glomp 'Ochibi' but he glomped the wrong teen. Everything froze.

Ryoma almost laughed. Ryoka looked a mouse that just got trapped by the cat though the analogy wasn't too far from the truth. Ryoka did act like a mouse and Eiji did act like a cat.

"Huh? Ochibi you're a girl! But how! WHAT?" Eiji went into full-blown panic mode. Ryoka on the other hand was frozen solid as though her soul had left her body that had been turned into stone. Cue the rest of the team...

"WHAT!" Oishi, Takashi, and Momoshiro were entering the panic mode as well. Kaidoh, Fuji, Inui and Tezuka just stood there as though this was a normal everyday occurrence.

"When are you going to tell them you're right here?" Fuji asked smiling. This was all too amusing for him. "And you never told us you had a sister."

Ryoma shrugged. "They'll find out eventually. You never asked" He sipped on a Ponta that he had grabbed from a nearby vending machine.

"Saa, true but Kuni-bu looks like he's going to explode, like a volcano" Fuji tilted his head in false innocence.

Ryoma raised an eyebrow at the nickname. Did something happen between his buchou and Fuji while he was away? And he had the sinking suspicion that Fuji wouldn't mind seeing Tezuka, "explode, like a volcano". Sadist. "Che"

Now, the four who were panicking noticed him. All four of them were looking back and forth between the twins. Back and forth. Back and forth. Until Eiji yelled out, "There's two of you!"

"No, Eiji-sempai." Ryoma went to stand by his twin. "This is my twin sister, Ryoka"

This had gotten him yet another collective, "WHAT!"

Ryoma gently shook his sister, trying to bring her back to the land of the living. "Nee-chan..." Ryoma sighed and whispered something in her ear in English. "There are two guys over there making out."

That got her attention. She softly exclaimed in English, "What? Where?"

Ryoma smirked. "Mada mada dane, nee-chan"

Ryoka rolled her eyes. "Why do I always fall for that trick?"

The group of tennis players stood there, dumbfounded. Not even Tezuka knew what to say. Momo broke the silence. "You never told us you had a sister; a twin sister"

Ryoma gave him the same answer he gave Fuji. "You never asked" Cue awkward silence.

Ryoka took this time to introduce herself. Bowing she said kindly, "Hello, my name is Echizen Ryoka. It is nice to meet you." Her Japanese was awkward due to her living in England for the past four years. The regulars stared at her. They were trying to figure out how someone so polite and cute was related to Ryoma of all people. Inui was scribbling like the mad scientist that he is in his handy dandy notebook.

Silence...Complete and utter silence...

"So, what have I missed?" Ryoma wondered thus getting everyone's attention. The regulars, except Kaidoh, Fuji, Inui, and Tezuka, went crazy.

Ryoma received one successful glomp from Eiji, one knuckle sandwich from Momoshiro, one "Hi" from Oishi, one "BURNING!" from Takashi who had been given a racket, and one "Fshuuuuuu" from Kaidoh.

"Eiji, he's turning blue!" Oishi exclaimed, going into 'Mother Hen' mode.

Ryoka reacted. Grabbing her brother's arm, she dragged him where it was (hopefully) safer from the psychopaths that her brother somehow knew. She hugged his arm defensively and wished, desperately, for Ryoga to find them. All the while having a mental conversation with her brother.

These people are nuts!




Are you okay? The cat boy didn't do anything to you did he?

I'm fine Ryo-nee.

Oh, good. Where's Onii-sama?

Who knows, probably chasing some poor girl.


"Oi, Chibisuke, Hime!" Ryoga ran up to the small group of people thus dispelling any awkward tension.

Ryoma on the other hand just wanted to get out of there. He was tired, hungry, in want of a bath, and in need of his cat. And so that was his ticket out, Karupin. He told Ryoka that he needed to get Karupin and would met them outside but instead he grabbed Karupin and got out of there as soon as he could. Ryoka would get what luggage he didn't send over prior to his homecoming.

Ryoma breathed in the air outside of the airport. It was as bad as New York but that was most likely because he wasn't in the heart of Tokyo but rather the outskirts where urban met suburban. He started walking in the general direction where he thought he needed to go in. He easily got lost.

Not noticing where he was going, Ryoma bumped into someone who went by the name of Kirihara Akaya. Ryoma didn't automatically recognize the person he bumped into but Kirihara did.

"It's YOU!" Kirihara yelled, pointing an accusing finger at the unsuspecting teen.

Ryoma blinked. "...Ky...Ke..Who are you?"

"Kirihara Akaya! Don't tell me you honestly expect me to believe you've forgotten me. "

Ryoma thought for a moment. That name did sound familar."Oh, Rikkaidai right?"

Kirihara twitched. "You did forget..." Nothing would have made Kirihara any happier if he had been able to pummel the brat.

"Nya" Karupin meowed loudly, clearly stressed. All she wanted to do was go home, get food, cuddle with her master, and tear up the paper her master hated so much. And that is when the third person came upon the scene.

Atobe Keigo. The rich, vain, diva of Hyotei. He sauntered over to the two other tennis player and performed his patented hair flip.

Ryoma rolled his eyes. Could today get any worse? First he had to deal with the flight attendants, then his brother, then his insane teammates, and now he had to deal with these two wackos. "Che, Monkey King"

Atobe's eye twitched. "Brat"

Kirihara glared at the two. It was as though they had forgotten him! "Hey, I'm still here."

"What do you want?" Ryoma asked in an irate tone. All he wanted was to go home and sleep.

"A rematch of course" Atobe responded with Kirihara nodding vigorously.

Ryoma glared at them. He turned around and decided to take another route home. "Later"

That was when it happened. A demon of monstrous proportions came at them. It was some type of snake? worm? or maybe even a caterpillar. It had slimy, dark umber bark-like scales with red, beady eyes. It's yellow fangs glistened in the sun's harsh glare. Pieces of its skin was missing and allowed neon green blood to ooze out of it. It emanated a smell so harsh that it burnt the trio's noses and had them gagging. Its screech was horrid; like claws on a chalkboard. All-in-all it was a horrible sight to behold.

The monster spewed fiery venom towards them. Ryoma acted quickly, putting up a barrier around them so that the hellish acid fire would not reach them. The venom melted the concrete and killed the plants that it touched before setting everything to fire.

The other two were frozen from their shock, their eyes wide. The creature flicked it's tale and sent Ryoma hurtling toward the concrete. Atobe and Kirihara could only watch as their rival was tossed like a rag doll. Ryoma couldn't put up any shields in time to prevent the thick tale from hitting him and sending him flying.

The two teens knew that they had to do something, but what? What could they do? As the demon was about to hit Ryoma again, Kirihara hit it with a rock. It wasn't the smartest of ideas but it diverted its them! Kirihara gulped and ran. The monster went right to Atobe.

But right before it was about to take a chunk out of the diva, it spontaneous combusted. It flailed and thrash trying to get away from the deadly fire but alas it couldn't. The demon; however, still kept on trying to kill them. Its next target? Kirihara. Right before it was about to kill the teen, a lightning strike lit up the sky and ultimately finished off the demon snake.

The body of the demon eventually melted away and everything returned to normal. Birds were chirping, dogs were barking, the sun was shining, but the trio just stood there unable to comprehend just what had happened. Karupin meowed weakly from where her cage was hurtled to. Ryoma immediately ran over to her and cuddled her, making sure she was alright. She had a couple of bruises but there was nothing Ryoma couldn't heal.

"What the hell?" Kirihara exclaimed. His mind was still trying to wrap itself over the fact that a demon had just attacked them. Atobe could only agree.

Ryoma picked his stuff up. "Go home" He was still confused at the appearance of two separate powers. Who had saved them? Diana? Luna? No, it couldn't be them. It wasn't Ryoka either. So who? Atobe and Kirihara? Impossible, right? These thoughts plagued his mind until he got home. What he did know was that he was going to have to have a long chat with Ryoga and Ryoka. Something was obviously going on. Demons just don't attack randomly in this day and age. So just what had happened?

To Be Continued

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