The End Hates Us

Category: Romance/Supernatural

Couple: TezRyoFuji

Warnings: BL, Yaoi, Shonen Ai, OOC, AUish, threesomes, language, blah, blah, blah.

Rating: T for Teen

Summary: Adopted from Lifeless Heartless. There is more to Ryoma then meets the eye. The regulars find this out when he comes back. His return starts a chain of reactions that lead them and others to their fate. Many are fated to protect while others will destroy, but one's fate is to die. Can they protect the one who is to die?

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Twin telepathy


Chapter 2/15

Nothing had been solved; absolutely nothing. They -they being Ryoka, Ryoma, and Ryoga- have been pondering over the situation since Ryoma had gotten home on the peculiar day. They had ended up with nothing! Nata, zero, zilch, nothing! See where I'm going with this? Well it can't be said that nothing had been solved. They did figure that whoever, whatever had saved them was not yet known to them.

How do they know this? Simple. Ryoga was a master of water, not fire and certainly not lightning, and Ryoga would have know of any spirits or youkai that would be up to something, but he didn't. Ryoka was a priestess; her powers laid in purification and exorcism. And Ryoma was just a healer; the only powers he had was healing and putting up barriers. So it couldn't have been any of them.

It also could not have been any of their friends, Luna and Diana as the twin sisters were masters of western magick. Luna was a witch and fiercely devoted to Wicca and Diana was an alchemist and she was completely, wholly, and utterly devoted to her science and experiments. Honestly, she was a female version of Inui. Ryoma shuddered. He made a mental note to never, I repeat, NEVER let those two meet.

Speaking of his sempai, it was time for school and so Ryoka and Ryoma entered the dreaded building, received everything they needed, and went on their not so merry way. Luckily they had both gotten into the same class. Ryoma and Ryoka shared a glance and walked into the classroom labeled 1-A.

Everything turned out as he expected it to. Girls squealed, guys leered (at who exactly was anyone's guess), Ryoka blushed, the guys leered some more, Ryoma glared, girls squealed even louder, guys leered even more, and class started. Even after that everything was normal. Ryoma fell asleep, embarrassed the teacher, and slept some more, like normal. Blah, blah, blah. Everything was normal. Now lets skip over this boring normalcy and go to an event that isn't quite normal and actually has some, okay, major importance.

Ryoma went to the roof -as usual- to nap during lunch. This was when met him. Shinku Taiyo. Gorgeous, smart, athletic Taiyo. Future crush and the bane of Ryoma's and several other's existence.

Ryoma didn't know what was happening. One moment he was sleeping and having a nice dream about Karupin and tennis and Ponta and Ryoka and then this gorgeous stranger walked into his life. Something drew Ryoma to this stranger named Taiyo. Like a moth to a flame as cliché as it sounded. But there was something, a tiny voice in the back of his head, that spoke of danger; it spoke to him that he needed to stay far away from Taiyo, far, far away. But being the dense, ignorant teen he is; Ryoma ignored that voice and effectively sealed his fate.

Ryoka was lost and confused. Where was Ryoma? Why-oh-why did she insist on going by herself? And now because of her momentarily stupidity she was lost. Every time she tried to get directions from someone she only got more lost. Someone said to turn right, she turned right and guess what! She ended up on the opposite side of the building from her classroom.

The young priestess sighed. By the time she found her twin lunch would be over. With those thoughts in her head she never noticing someone running towards her until it was too late. BAM. The sound of someone running into another echoed throughout the corridor. Both females had ended up on their butts. One was Ryoka and the other was a girl with long black hair and violet eyes. The girl immediately stood up and started to apologize profusely.

"I'm so sorry! Gomennasai! Are you okay? Nothing's broken, right?..." the girl started to ramble. Ryoka stood up and silenced the poor girl.

"No, I'm fine. Its okay, it was an accident right?" Ryoka smiled slightly. "My name is Echizen Ryoka, who are you?"

"Oh, I'm Shinku Tsukihime. I am sooooo sorry about running into you like that. You see, I was looking for my twin brother, Taiyo, but it seemed that he has disappeared somewhere." Once again, Tsukihime started to ramble.

"Its okay, no one is hurt...You say you're looking for your twin brother? What a coincidence! I'm also looking for my twin brother."

A look of shock came upon Tsukihime's face. "No way! A coincidence indeed! Why don't we look for them together?"

This was how Ryoka met her new best friend. As they looked for their missing brothers, they chatted. They found that they had several things in common not just twin brothers that had a habit of disappearing. Later they would find that they had much more in common they initially thought.

Ten minutes and an almost finished lunch break later, the two girls found their missing twins. Ryoka had to resort to twin telepathy just to get the whereabouts of her brother and a lot of asking around to figure out just how exactly one gets to the roof. It proved to be a great shock when they found their missing twins together.

"It must be Hitsuzen!" Tsukihime exclaimed clapping her hands together.

Ryoka couldn't help but to agree. This was far too coincidental to be an actual coincidence. Ryoka couldn't help but to shiver. Something was about to happen or is happening; something major. She was going to need to have a chat with her brothers. First it was the youkai that attacked Ryoma and two of his friends (They're not my friends.) and now this. What were the odds of two sets of twins meeting like this? Not very high, that's what.

The two set of twins introduced themselves and chatted. Well, it was actually Ryoka and Tsukihime chatting, Taiyo was flirting with Ryoma, and Ryoma ignored them all. This all ended when the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch and the beginning of classes. And as usual nothing exciting happened in class.

It was then time for after school activities. Ryoma, of course, went to tennis club. It was a given that he would become a regular in record timing. Ryoka, on the other hand, decided not to join tennis but rather she went for archery. Because of her training as a priestess, she was an expert archer. No one has yet defeated her in a competition. Like Ryoma and Ryoga had tennis, she had archery. This probably made her the normal one of the three siblings.

Ryoma made his way to the courts. He was glad to realise that despite them being in high school the only things that had changed was the fact that Taka-sempai was no longer on the team and Ryuzaki-oba-chan was no longer their coach. However, it proved that it was Ryoga who was to be their coach. Ryoma smirked at that. If they thought Oba-chan was bad than they'll think Ryoga as the devil's right-hand man. The title of devil incarnate already went to a certain sadist *cough*Fuji*cough*. All the other regulars were still regulars, Tezuka was still buchou, Arai was still a bastard, and Horio was still going about his however many years of tennis. Ryoma pulled his hat down, and stepped onto the courts. The Tennis no Oji-sama was back.

Tennis practice itself hadn't changed at all. Inui still threatened people with his drinks which should only be described as biohazards. They could be used in war. The regulars, including himself (Inui had saw it fit to give his position to Ryoma and become their manager once again), still managed to avoid Inui and his ever so lovely energy drinks and Ryoma managed to get Eiji and Momo to buy their usual after-school trip to McDonald's. The only change? Ryoka was coming along with them.

The group of teens sat down with their orders. Everyone was there, including Tezuka. Eiji was currently crying about how much his poor, abused wallet shrunk due to Momo's and Ryoma's black holes for stomachs.

"So, Echizen-chan, are you going to join the girl's tennis team?" Momo asked, curiously. Everyone was wondering whether or not Ryoka was like her brother and was obsessed with tennis.

"Ano... No, I joined the archery club instead." This earned her several blank stares. Was it truly inane that an Echizen was NOT obsessed with tennis?

"Are you telling us that there is an Echizen that doesn't play tennis?" Momo exclaimed. Ryoma scoffed.

"You don't play tennis, nya!" Eiji yelled. Well, apparently so.

"Ano..." Ryoka didn't know how to respond. What should she say? Luckily her brother came to save the day.

"Ryo-nee does play tennis but she prefers archery." Ah, thank you Ryoma. Ryoma got up and grabbed his and his sister's things. "C'mon Ryoka, kaa-san is going to have a fit if we're not home soon." Translation: I want to go home to see Karupin and these people are starting to annoy me.

"Hai!" Ryoka remembered that she needed to have a chat with Ryoma about Taiyo and Tsukihime. And so the twins made their way home. Only to have to figure out the mystery that is unfolding in front of their very eyes.

To be continued...

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