Chapter 1

Toshiko had always been a smart person, intelligent with brilliance beyond belief when it came to technology. Where Tosh failed in was her personal life. She tended to make ill conceived choices of partners and crushes. At this moment, Toshiko Sato had been in love with Dr Owen Harper for 3 years, 4 months, 29 days and 4 hours. She had managed to keep her feelings for Owen secret the entire time, and he didn't really know she existed. Oh he spoke to her, discussed work problems, and they covered for each other when they needed to at work, but when it came down to it, Owen Harper had no idea that Toshiko was a living, breathing, beautiful woman. All he could see was a computer geek, someone he worked with and tolerated.

Tosh had no idea why she liked Owen so much, but the feelings were there and weren't going away anytime soon.

"Morning Owen," called Tosh, from her desk, as Owen entered the Hub one morning.

"Hmm...yeah," replied Owen distractedly, not even looking up to acknowledge who had called the greeting.

Toshiko sighed inwardly. She knew that the feelings she kept so tightly locked away would always be around, but she knew of no way to change Owen's blatant disinterest in her, or quench the feelings that, sometimes, threatened to burst free.

The day progressed and Owen grew even more distracted. He could have had something important on his mind, but Toshiko didn't believe so. She knew that deep down Owen had an abundance of feelings ready to unleash on that one special person, but had no idea when it would happen, or even if she would ever be that lucky person.

Owen & Jack were called out later that day, on a police call about a couple of Hoix fighting over an animal carcass. The mission should have been routine but one of the Hoix cornered Owen, and Owen being Owen, he didn't throw the food in his hand away fast enough to suit the Hoix, which smashed Owen's head against a brick wall before Jack could capture the creature and contain it.

When Jack checked Owen's prone body, his eyes were closed and there was blood everywhere, most of it surrounding Owen's unconscious head. Jack placed a call to Ianto to come deal with the creatures while Jack transported Owen to the local hospital. After being cleaned up, Owen remained unconscious and was placed in a side ward away from other patients and nosy staff. For days he stayed in the hospital, in a coma-like state. The doctors explained that due to the blood loss caused by a large, yet shallow cut to the back of his head, and some concussion, Owen's brain had shut down so that it could repair itself. They had inserted a tube in his throat to ensure that his brain didn't need to think about remembering to breathe while it was dealing with his other injuries.

It was decided that while he continued to survive in his coma, one member of the Torchwood team would sit at Owen's bedside at all times. Ianto was requested to devise a rota system so that the Hub and the hospital room were always covered. Tosh was worried about Owen's lack of progress. All the members of Torchwood were worried, but the whole event affected Toshiko more so because of her feelings. After several days with no sign of any change in Owen's condition, Toshiko persuaded Ianto to put her on the hospital rota as often as possible without affecting her duties at the Torchwood.

Ten days into the hospital rota system, Jack noticed that Tosh's name appeared on the list more than anyone else's. He had a quiet word with Ianto just to check things were okay.

"Hey. Does Toshiko's name appear on the hospital rota more than anyone else because all the names drawn out of the hat were hers, or did she speak to you about her staying by his side?"

Ianto gave Jack a sardonic look and said, "She asked if she could be with him as often as possible, as long as it didn't interfere with things here. I found a way for her to do both, and get some sleep too!" Ianto sighed at Jack's usual perceptiveness, giving him the facts.

"It's her choice Jack. We all know that she's in love with him. There's only him that doesn't seem to notice it, but it seems that his hospitalisation has massively worried her. She's really concerned that he won't wake up. So am I, for that matter!"

"Ianto it takes as long as it takes. Only Owen can wake up when he's ready. You know what the Doctors said. He's healing and he has good brain wave activity, but he just isn't ready yet."

"Just between the two of us, I don't think Tosh can take much more of this kind of schedule. You said you scheduled her to get some sleep, but she looks like she's only getting time 3 or 4 hours a night. You must have seen the bags under her eyes! I think she's near breaking point, with work, and her near constant vigil. Why didn't you tell me earlier what she'd asked of you?" questioned Jack abruptly.

"I didn't think she wanted to advertise the fact that she wanted to spend some time keeping watch over Owen. She asked me in secret. I thought she was coping."

"Maybe she is, but taking a look at some of the work she's done in the last day or two and those eye-bags, she needs to go home. If she stays any longer, and we get a call out to a rift alert she could put someone in danger. That someone could be herself, Gwen, or even you. She'd never forgive herself if she got one of you injured because she was tired!"

"I'm sorry, Jack. I should have paid more attention, kept more of an eye of her."

"It's okay, but when she gets in, tell her that I said she has to take time off until Owen is back on his feet. And tell her if she makes any fuss, then I'll make it an order."

Jack didn't wait for Ianto to respond, he just turned and made his way back to his office. Behind Jack's back Ianto smiled gently, pleased that for once Jack had been keeping an eye on his staff.