Chapter 29


"Stop it. Please stop it!" laughed Toshiko, batting at his hands futilely.

Owen had a hard time keeping his hands to himself when she was near him. Even if it meant just touching her hand or arm absently. Presently he was amusing himself by tickling her tender spots that he'd gotten to know.

It was one of those slow days, a time to catch up on outstanding paperwork, but he was tired of looking at paperwork.

Amusing them both, Owen was happy. He reflected on the last six months, and so many changes had taken place.

Gwen had married Rhys. Jack and Ianto had moved in with each other into an apartment close to the Hub, and were looking at organising a Civil Partnership sometime in the New Year.

As for himself, Owen had proposed that he and Toshiko move in together. Things had been going well, but he wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. Living together solved that.

Both Tosh and Owen had taken things slowly. A few dates, getting to know more about each other. Slowly Toshiko came out of her shell at work, wearing more fitted clothing that caused Owen to lose track of sentences and moments of his day, while she accidently seduced him.

His own behaviour towards others and his general personality changed over time too.

Owen became less abrasive, but maintained his sharp wit. He spoke with more passion and less cynicism about everything, and everyday his heart put itself back together, filling him with terrific feelings.

Owen also stopped provoking Ianto. They'd become more like friends than colleagues, especially as Owen owed Ianto for helping him out.

Life still had its trials and tribulations, and the work they did never got any less life threatening, but they both learned to trust themselves and each other again. Life was almost perfect. As perfect as it could be when you worked for Torchwood.

Thank you to everyone that has read this story and reviewed it. Your comments have given me the much needed motivation to finish this story. It's been 18 months in the making and I am very happy with it, especially as Tosh and Owen love stories are hard to come by. I hope you've all enjoyed it. Lady Jane –x-