Author's Note: Hello, hello. This is just a short little one shot based upon the wonderful characters of SyFy's Alice (Hatter = awesome ^_^).
Disclaimer: I do not own them, no way, no how; contrariwise, if I did, I would. That's logic. :)


Purple. It was one of his many favorite colors with blue being a close second. Luckily, she was already wearing a blue dress, albeit a very wet one (much to his satisfaction). He gave her one of his coats; a delightfully deep purple one that suited her quite amiably or so he thought. As Alice slipped it on to cover her chilled body, he thought she was indeed the look of pure loveliness.

She wanted his help, and as she spoke about saving her boyfriend, he couldn't help but admire the fire in her cobalt blue eyes. Feeling a twinge of jealousy for this guy (Jack or was it Jake?), he shook his head and agreed to help her. Those wonderful eyes lit up with determination and just maybe a small amount of gratitude towards him. Blue was now his new favorite color.


Alice had never realized how much she liked the color brown. As Charlie and she sat around the dying embers of the fire, she couldn't pull her eyes away from Hatter. The shadow of flames danced across his features as he was lost in thought. His dark, expressional eyes gazed into nothing, and Alice was lost in their mocha depths.

Realizing her attention, Hatter returned her gaze and shot her a dimpled grin. Flushing, she turned back to Charlie and posed a meaningless question that she didn't really care about. Sneaking a glance back at Hatter, she saw he had drifted back into thought. Brown, she thought, was definitely her new favorite color.


So there you have it, a short little drabble of one of my all-time favorite pairings. Please leave a review, and let me know what you think. :)