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Warning: There will be character death. Please don't hate me. It is necessary for the plot.

The End of the World


The black haired little boy was laughing as a red haired woman tickled his tummy. James Potter smiled, as he watched his beautiful wife and their much loved son together. Things would be perfect if only the most feared wizard in the country, Lord Voldemort, was not after them. Albus Dumbledore had been warning them for months that there was somebody in their inner circle that was feeding information to the Death Eaters, Voldemort's feared supporters. The Headmaster of Hogwarts had to be wrong. James could not believe that any of his friends could betray him. What did Dumbledore's spy know anyway? If he managed to get into the Death Eaters into the Death Eaters' in the first place, then he could not be trustworthy. James shook off his dark musings and turned to his family. He took Harry into his arms and promptly threw him into the air, catching him on his descent. The little boy giggled but Lily gave James a look of disapproval. "James, you know I don't like you doing that. You could drop him."

James rolled his eyes. "He's fine, Lily. You worry too much. There's no need to mollycoddle the boy."

However, he sat Harry back on the floor. He put his arm around her shoulder and she rested her head on his. He cherished the quiet moments like this. He had spent a number of years pursuing the lovely Lily Evans before she had given him a chance. Now they were happily married and had little Harry, who was the spitting image of him but had Lily's green eyes. Lily looked at her watch. "It's nearly time to put him down for the night."

James kissed her on the cheek. "Let him have a little fun for a bit. I will look after him and you can go take a break."

Lily smiled gratefully to him and left the two in the sitting room. James took out his wand and started conjuring red smoke from the tip. Harry watched in glee and clapped his tiny hands. The man chuckled at his son's antics and continued to entertain the boy with various colours. Harry giggled even more and kept trying to grab it in his tiny fists. The sound of a sudden pop caused James to jump.

A familiar voice came from the fireplace. "Prongs!"

There in the hearth was the head of his best friend, Sirius Black. "Padfoot, you very nearly gave me a heart attack." Harry gurgled happily at the sight of his Godfather.

"So what brings you into my fireplace this time of the evening?"

"I thought you might like an adventure. I have a mission for Dumbledore and I could do with some help. It will take an hour tops."

James had been feeling bored. He was all cooped up. Surely it could not hurt. Lily and Harry were safe.

Meanwhile, the previously mentioned most feared wizard in the country was ambling down a cobbled street of a small country town. On a normal day he would look conspicuous but seeing as today was the Muggle holiday Halloween, he could be mistaken for a party goer on the streets of Godrics Hollow. Voldemort was feeling exultant. Tonight was the night when he would destroy little Harry Potter. No little brat was going to get in the way of Lord Voldemort. Voldemort's heart thudded excitedly. He put his hand on the gate and carefully watched the window. The gate creaked ominously, but there was no reaction from inside. Voldemort smirked and reached for his wand and blew the door open. There was a cry from upstairs. He could hear the woman shoving all the furniture in a feeble attempt to barricade herself in. It seemed the silly woman was rash in attempting to save her son. He flicked his wand and all the obstacles moved from the doorway and he walked into the child's bedroom, where she had fled.

Lily dropped her son into the crib and stood as if to shield the child. "Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!"

"Stand aside, stand aside, girl-"

He shoved the woman out of the way. She stumbled and fell hitting her head off the door. She slumped to the floor unconscious. Voldemort approached the child, who had remained strangely quiet until now. He smirked malevolently at the boy and raised his wand.

"Avada Kedavra!"

What hope did Dumbledore and his Order have now? Voldemort took in his handiwork and laughed. How could anyone believe that Harry Potter would be a match for him?

To Be Continued...

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