The End of the World

Chapter Six

Severus returned to Hogwarts with a heavy heart. He knew he had to debrief Dumbledore as soon as possible. He decided he would send his owl to the Headmaster saying he needed to speak with him. He was relieved that he didn't encounter anyone on his return. He had every right to be walkng the school and grounds, but didn't wish to gather any interest in his wanderings. A suspicious colleague was the last thing he wanted. It was bad enough having to maintain a façade in Death Eater company. It was a half hour before Dumbledore returned his owl with a missive stating he would speak with him straight after breakfast. It was nearly time for breakfast at that stage; however he did not have class for another two hours. His mind was reeling with events of the morning and the implications that this would have on the wider wizarding community as well as his own position as spy. After about an hour of ruminating pointlessly on the matter, he decided a walk before breakfast would be in order. Perhaps it would help ease his restlessness. He went for a stroll about the grounds.

Dumbledore sat in his office, touching his chin thoughtfully. Severus had a lot of interesting news to give him and it certainly was worrying that Tom was planning on getting the werewolves on his side. Something must be done about this immediately. He needed an ambassador to the werewolves or even better a spy. There had only been one werewolf in all his years at Hogwarts; Remus John Lupin. He wondered would the boy agree to the job. This sort of question was best put in person and certainly not wise to put in a letter in case it was intercepted. He took out his quill and began to pen a letter requesting that Lupin come to Hogwarts and meet him. He also suggested that it would be an opportunity to meet with the Potters.

After his classes ended for the day, Severus threw himself onto his chair. The chair behind his desk was rarely used during class time, as brewing potions could be a dangerous. He was exhausted and the last thing he expected was to see Lily in the doorway.

"Hi." She looked sheepishly at him. "Can I come in?"

He nodded his consent. "Is there anything in particular I can help you with?"

"No, not really."

He raised his brow enquiringly. "Really?" he asked.

She looked sheepishly at him. "I was wondering if you fancied doing some brewing together gain. I really enjoyed last time."

He had too until afterwards when he remembered that he had no right enjoying her companionship when he was the reason her child was dead.

"Why do you want to be friends with me again all of a sudden? You made no effort since the end of fifth year no matter how much I begged you to forgive me."

Her face fell at that snide remark.

"That's not fair, Severus." Her eyes were in angry slits. "I was right to be angry. You called me a Mudblood."

"I remember. I never said you weren't right to be angry but I'm wondering what the hell has changed to make you suddenly think I'm good enough after all to be the friend of the superior Lily Evans."

She grasped his arm angrily. "What is your problem you jerk?"

He flinched at her touch. "Don't!"

She drew back surprised at the tone of his voice. "What? Don't want to have the filthy mudblood touch you?"

"If that's what you want to think, then yes." He stood up abruptly and left the room without another word. He knew he had been unfair to her. Yet, he was so angry all the time. The guilt he felt at delivering the prophecy pressed upon him. Her presence was driving him to distraction and he needed to have his wits about him if he was going to survive this war. Why couldn't she leave and go anywhere else but here? At the same time, the idea of her not being there was painful to contemplate. It seemed there was no solution. Whatever happened would be painful. He needed to stop thinking about her, but that was like asking himself to stop breathing. He didn't stop walking until he reached his dungeon classroom. He threw open the doors and began to rummage through his cupboards. Perhaps brewing a potion would help him to take his mind off his troubles – Lily and the Dark lord.

The room was high ceilinged and Lord Voldemort sat in the high backed chair in front of a roaring fire, while Lucius Malfoy entered the room. He was awaiting on a report from Malfoy on a meeting he had with a number of the Death Eaters' children during the first Hogsmeade visit of the year. He gave Malfoy a calculating look. "So, tell me Lucius, how did the little brats take to your suggestions?"

Malfoy gave a little nod to his master. He was clearly delighted with the responsibility being given to him and a little terrified also by the prospect. When Malfoy spoke it was carefully. "The Hogsmeade visit seemed to go well, my Lord. A number seemed interested in the idea. However, we must proceed cautiously."

"Don't patronize me, Lucius. I'm well aware of that. I want a report on what developments there are. Or do you have nothing at all to tell me?"

His eyes narrowed dangerously, daring Malfoy to displease him.

Malfoy shuddered. "No, my Lord. There are three or four prospective Death Eaters and four more that I'm unsure of."

"Good work, Lucius." Voldemort looked at his protégé approving. "Now was that so hard? You can leave. Shut the door behind you. I wish to be alone."

Malfoy bowed and did as requested. Voldemort tapped his long finger lightly on the table, as he pondered this latest information. Things were going well if young Lucius was to be believed. The young witches and wizards in Hogwarts are the future Death Eaters, and the sooner he could bring them over to his cause, then the harder it would be for Dumbledore to indoctrinate them to his weak minded philosophies and politics. Wizards would be great again and Muggles would take their rightful place in society at last.

To be continued…

Thank you to all those who have been reading and the lovely reviewers. Sorry it was a little on the short side.