Alyssa Brady was Smart, Popular and Rich. She had light brown eyes and hair to match. She was fairly small for her age, standing at about 5" 1", but her confidence and fiery attitude often made people forget this point. Ally lived in Kensington, slightly west of London; one of the reasons why she was so popular. She loved music and reading. Her favorite books were Pride and Prejudice, Emma and of course, Harry Potter.
Let's get get one thing out of the way; Ally was not a bad person. She just wasn't a very nice one either. She could be selfish and vain, and all the things that came with having a spoilt upbringing. But that didn't mean her heart was dark.

But having 'the perfect life' on paper, Ally was far from happy. When she was three years old, Ally's mother went away, or to put it bluntly, left her. Abandoned. She still of course, had her father, but having an alcoholic-rageaholic as your only companion takes its toll. She often wished that she could just leave her life behind, and escape it all…

28th April 2011 I groaned loudly as the stupid alarm clock across the room began to beep. I loath getting up in the mornings; having to leave my comfy warm bed for the cold bitter outside. Not good. I lay there for a few more moments, glaring at the stupid alarm clock that still continued to beep on my dresser. I looked over to the clock on my wall and saw that it was just before ten. I didn't have to meet my friends until half twelve, so I lay back down, pulling my phone out from under my pillow. I saw that I had three new messages: one from the phone company, and one each off my friends Jack and Cher.

I know what you're thinking, who calls their kid Cher? She must be a huge bitch. I thought that too, before I knew her. She was part of my 'extended friends' but on New Years last year, I got very drunk. I was so bad; I got kicked out of the bar we were at. But while everyone else left me sitting outside by myself, Cher came outside and got a cab home with me. It was then I learned of her obsessive love for Harry Potter. We've been best friends ever since.

I had known Jack my entire life and was my other best friend. He was a complete dork, had no luck with the ladies and was incredible dumb and annoying. But I loved him anyway. I opened the messages and saw that Jack was asking me how I was getting to the party later and Cher was asking me what I was wearing.

Polka dot playsuit, black socks and leather jacket, I answered. Wbu? It was only a few minutes before my phone buzzed with a new message of Cher:
I have no clue, I'm panicking! Can u please call jack and tell him where it is, he's annoying me. I laughed at Jack's typical behavior and text her back saying I would later.

It was Lizzie's Seventeenth Birthday Party today, but according to the bar, we were all eighteen. At sixteen, I was the youngest in our crowd and I still had along way to go before my seventeenth came around on September the First. I decided that I had been in bed too long, so I quickly had a shower and when I was done, called Jack. He answered on the second ring.

"Ally?" he asked.
"No, it's Santa Clause," I said sarcastically rolling my eyes before realizing, he couldn't see me. "You know, Caller ID was invented for a reason."

"Where is this thing later?" He asked desperately.

"It's across the street from that Cinema in the west end, where we went to see Black Swan," I explained. I loved that movie, though it was a bit weird. Jack complained the whole time. Well, up until the part where Nina and Lily came back from the club, then he was suddenly interested… Pig.

"I don't know where that is," he admitted sheepishly. I rolled my eyes again and began to pace around my room. Pacing was always the best option when talking on the phone to Jack. I sighed and tried again.

"Do you remember a few weeks ago when we were walking and then that nutjob who thinks he's a wizard came up to us and then started telling me that I was a witch, and that I would fulfill my destiny…" I waited for him to answer, but his end of the line was silent. I knew exactly what he was doing. "I can't see you nodding you know."

"Oh, yeah, I remember." He said relieved.

"Well, it's next door to that. It's at Michaels near The Strand, so get a Taxi if you get lost," I told him, trying to brush my hair with my phone balanced between by ear and shoulder.
"Ok, thanks. See you later." He hung up the phone and I thanked the heavens. I absolutely loved Jack. He was so amazing, but yet, so annoying at times. But that was best friends for you.

I dried my hair, leaving it in its natural curls and began to put my make up on. I didn't really wear too much. Just some foundation, (which was my color, not orange) some eye liner and mascara. I decided to put some blush on as I looked very pale today. It annoyed me how pale I was. In the summer all of my friends would come back from vacation looking sun kissed and brown, but I would look paler than I was before.

I got dressed in good time and when I was all done, I saw that it was half eleven and I wouldn't have to leave until just after twelve. I sat down on my floor and played a few songs on my guitar. I absolutely loved that thing. I couldn't live with out it. I brought it from a junk shop in town a few years ago and taught myself how to play. My dad had brought be a new one for Christmas a last year, but old battered Bobby will always be my favorite.

I mindlessly plucked it for a few more moments before deciding just to set off. I was always the earliest to everything, but I didn't mind. I could just grab a late breakfast at the station before getting the train. I grabbed my small leather bag and check how much money I had inside. £25. Rats. There would be no way I could afford food, drink and maybe a taxi home with just twenty five pounds. I looked in my little money box where I put my loose change and found an extra pound.

I listened carefully and could here my dad moving downstairs. I would just have to do it. I took by jacket off and crept downstairs. I found my dad in the kitchen watching football on the small TV. "Hey Dad," I smiled brightly, going to the fridge and grabbing a small bottle of orange juice. He grunted a 'hello' in return. "Could I borrow five pound please?" I asked cringing slightly. "Do you remember I said I was going to a party today and I…"

"Wait!" he said, cutting me off. "This is the first I've heard of this party." His voice was getting louder.

"I told you last week, and on Thursday," I said meekly. It was the truth. I had told him as soon as it was all planned and then again on Thursday when he came home from work. If he doesn't listen, then it is not my problem.

"Don't lie!" He shouted. "I don't want you gallivanting off like your mother!"

Ahh. So it had come to that. He hated how a like we were, in looks and in mannerisms. But instead of getting over it, he took it out on me and punished me for it whenever he could.

"You can't baby me forever," I said definantly. "I've made plans; I'm going." I quickly walked towards the door, not even caring that I had no jacket, but he got there first and locked the door.

He looked down to me, his eyes wild and menacing. "Now get upstairs now," he said quietly and threateningly, his face right up against mine. Our noses were touching and I could smell his alcohol polluted breath.

I quickly ran to my room, stumbling on the stairs. I ran in and locked my door, panting and panicking. I could climb out of my window easily, I had done it a thousand times before, but I needed to calm down first. I lay down on my bed, putting my jacket back on and began to shake. I hated him. He had never hit me, but he had came close quite a few times, twice this week alone. I lived in fear and no one knew.

I began to sob quietly, but no tears came. They all dried out years ago. I sat up and walked towards my closet. When I was little, I would always sit in there when I was scared. I kept pillows and blankets in bottom so I could fall asleep in my little sanctuary. I opened the door and moved some of the shoes out of the way before sitting down with my knees tucked under my chin. I closed the door and sat in the darkness but it suddenly went cold.

I felt around for the blanket but it wasn't there. Nothing was. Not my shoes or the pillows. I stood up with ease and found all of my clothes to be gone too. I quickly turned around to face the back of the closet, but that to had gone. The walls, the door had gone, and I was now standing in a dark cobbled street.

It was more of a wide ally way than a road, and from what I could see I was the only one here. It was night time and the sky was very cloudy, creating a mysterious fog and chill around me. I seemed to be behind an old abandoned warehouse or factory of some kind as the walls were high and the windows were shattered.

I shook my head and rubbed my eyes trying to wake myself up, but nothing happened. I began to panic and shake again, looking around frantically for someone, something… anything. I went in my pockets to get my phone to find my location, but I had left it on my bed. A cold chill ran down my spine, so I began to walk quickly and quietly down the dark passage.

I must have looked very dodgy. I was a young girl in shorts and knee high socks hanging around an ally way. I laughed without humor. But there was no one there to see. I did not know if that was a good or bad thing. I saw a shadow behind me so I turned around quickly, clenching my fist. I was surprised to see that no one was there but I still broke out into a run. I was only running for a few seconds before my feet were brushed from beneath me and I fell to the ground, my bare knees scraping against the cobbles. I began to hyperventilate as I scrambled to get up, my legs shaking beneath me. I tried to run again, but I was thrown up against one of the buildings.

A hansom, dark haired young man had me pinned up against the wall; he seemed to have appeared from no where. My stomach churned as I tried to feebly wriggle free, but I was too frozen to do any real damage. He sniffed the side of my face, his nose running along the length from my jaw to my forehead. His eyes rolled to the back of his head in delight. He opened them again and they were black. He slowly moved his hands down to my waist and kissed my forcefully on my lips. I tried to squirm free and squeal for help, but he silenced me.

"Sorry for this," he whispered seductively, grinning at me brilliantly. He kissed me again, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth before stopping and smiling again. He leant his head back, as though about to laugh, but his mouth suddenly grew large and long fangs appeared. Strangely, I wasn't afraid anymore. I was going to die. It wouldn't be an awful thing, it something that everyone does. We are all born, we all die. Simple as.

The vampire plunged his teeth into my neck and I let out a cry of pain. That thing I said about death being a good thing? Yeah, it was stupid. I could feel the blood being drained from my veins and my neck growing cold. It was as though the life was being drawn out of me with every drop of blood. My vision began to fade and the demon in front of me grew fainter and fainter.

Suddenly, an even greater pain was inflicted on to me, I felt as though a chunk of my neck had been ripped out. I looked at the vampire and saw him backing away as an older man was approaching him with some sort of stick. The vampire stared at me regretfully before disappearing into a blur.

A young woman with pink hair came over and knelt beside me and began to whisper and mutter various things. That was the last thing I saw before I passed out.