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Sometimes You Need More Than Courage

By: xSlythStratasfaction (formerly known as LadyStrata821)

Pairing: Kurt x Blaine (friendship only)

WARNING: There's some language in here that may be offensive! Also, THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER! :D

Kurt had just downright flirted with him.


As in: made a suggestive remark towards him.

He flirted with Blaine.

It was just too much for the lead Warbler to bear. The tenor stood in the bedroom, listening to the soft lull of the shower from inside. Kurt had just stepped into the stall minutes before and had just recently turned the water on; Blaine stood outside the bathroom door, his heart racing wildly as he repeated Kurt's words over and over in his mind.

"You really shouldn't be asking me for workout tips when you are the one who has a body to die for…"

The way the soprano's eyes flashed from a greyish blue to an oriental green made Blaine's heart thud frantically in his chest. The weird bubbly feelings he felt in his gut weren't helping matters either; everything felt so weird, so strange… so awesome.

Totally awesome.

It was something that Blaine hadn't really felt before. Well, that was slightly untrue: he had felt some sort of odd feelings like these when he first started to like Joshua.

But this, this was different.

Kurt was everything Joshua was not. Kurt was intelligent, well-spoken, thoughtful, caring, beautiful, and… gay. His preference towards boys was definitely a plus, but it definitely didn't make him, not one bit. It just helped out that he was gay because Blaine was gay too and that meant that something could happen between them and-

The curly haired boy shook his head as he tried to rattle the challenging thoughts about him and his friend from his brain. He did not like Kurt that way; it was impossible. Sure, sometimes best friends fall in love, but Blaine had told himself that the feelings he felt for Kurt were role model-like, heroic feelings. The same could be said for Kurt's feelings for him. Once the knight in shining armor façade faded away, Kurt would pull the wool away from his eyes and see that Blaine really wasn't all that he made himself to be.

Blaine was just as broken, if not more so, than Kurt was.

He was a runner, a wimp. He ran from his problems and he didn't have the courage to stand up for what was right. Hell, he was even running now; he was trying to flee from the one thing his mind – and heart, for that matter – was fighting him over: Kurt.

Sighing, Blaine made his way across the room and fetched out some day clothes for himself. He pulled out a pair of khaki pants and a white button down long sleeved shirt. It was one of his go-to outfits; something that he always thought he looked decent in. Grabbing up his other clothing essentials, he sat down on the bed and waited for Kurt to exit the bathroom before he went in to shower.

The other boy couldn't take that long to wash up, could he?

Kurt leaned against the cool tiles of the shower walls and let out a deep breath.

The water that was beating against his pale skin was ice cold and harsh; he could feel his body turning blue from the frigid assault, but he wasn't going to change the temperature of the water…

Not just yet.

In fact, he needed a cold shower, especially after that moment he just had in Blaine's bedroom just minutes before. Who in their right mind stares at their half-naked best friend while the guy is sleeping? Who does that?

Oh yeah… Kurt does.

Who makes lovey dovey eyes at their best friend, flirts with them by commenting on their hot bod, and then winks before fleeing to the bathroom? What kind of person does that?

Oh yeah, once again… Kurt does.

The countertenor moaned in angst as he lifted his face towards the icy spray. The water hit him like a McKinley High slushie: painful and blinding. He stepped back, sputtering a moment before he caught his breath.

Everything was cooled down now.

Kurt leaned down and changed the temperature of the water, fixing the once arctic spray to a warmer, more tolerable heat. He then helped himself to a bit of Blaine's body wash and shampoo. Bringing his cupped hands (filled with body wash) to his face, the teen breathed in the distinct scent of mountain freshness and spice. It smelled like Blaine.

But there was still something missing.

Something musky.

Something Blaine.

Smirking, Kurt lathered himself up with the body wash, careful not to use too much in certain areas, and then he began to work on his hair. Blaine had two different types of shampoo in his shower: one type for curly hair and another type for clarifying (probably from the insane amounts of hair gel the boy used). Seeing that the countertenor didn't have curly locks, he went for the clarifying blend and scrubbed his scalp clean.

After a few moments of pampering his body and freshening up, Kurt rinsed off. He stayed under the tepid mist for a few more minutes before he finally reached forward and shut off the water.

Imagine his surprise when he heard a few new voices coming from Blaine's bedroom…

Just seconds after Blaine had sorted out his day outfit, there happened to be a knock at his door.

"Junior member Blaine Anderson, this is your Warbler captain speaking! Let me in!"

Someone else chimed in, "Actually there are two Warbler captains out here, so be snappy!"

Blaine practically leapt off of his bed and rushed to the door, throwing open the entrance with gusto. He frowned when he saw both Wes and David standing before him, Cheshire grins spread across their faces.

Both boys were dressed casually, as it was the weekend and Dalton boarders didn't have to wear their uniforms after school hours. Wes was standing there in a pair of dark blue jeans and a Dalton soccer t-shirt; David was wearing a pair of flannel pajamas (in Dalton colors, of course) and a shirt that said I Love My Girlfriend. Both guys let their eyes travel up and down Blaine's body as they took in his unkempt appearance.

Wes laughed, "Whoa there, buddy! Not get any sleep last night?"

Blaine shook his head as he stepped back and let the two guys into the room. The seniors stepped into the room and looked around, taking in the sight of their friend's unmade bed and the deflating air mattress on the floor.

"What time did Kurt leave?" David questioned as he looked into Blaine's tired eyes.

The tenor opened his mouth to speak when he caught Wes' eyes staring at Kurt's cellphone that was still sitting out on his desk; Kurt's Dalton uniform was also laying nearby. It didn't take long for the Asian boy to put two and two together; his face lit up in amusement as soon as he realized the obvious.

"He's still here, isn't he?"

Blaine nodded, sitting down on his bed. He cocked his head to the side, trying to tell the other guys to look towards the closed bathroom door. David followed the hazel gaze towards the bathroom; meanwhile, Wes jerked his head along with Blaine's as he tried to understand what the other boy was getting at.

"He's trying to tell us that Kurt is in the bathroom, you idiot."

Wes shot his dark-skinned friend a nasty look before he turned back towards Blaine, a pointed smirk still speckled on his face. "So, what did you two get up to last night? Are you guys together yet because we're all-"

David shut the other guy up by slapping him on the shoulder.

Blaine rolled his eyes as Wes smacked David back, "Oh my God, Wes! How many times do I have to tell you? Kurt and I are not together; not together as in, we are not a couple. We're just friends… that's all." He leaned back on his bed and sighed, continuing on, "There will never be anything romantic going on between Kurt and I. Sorry, but it's the truth."

"Never?" Wes asked sadly.


Kurt stood in the bathroom, his body locked up and tense.

He was being as quiet as a mouse at that moment. He could hear the three older Warblers discussing him and the relationship he had with Blaine. The senior councilmen seemed bent on finding out whether or not things had changed between the two juniors.

In all honesty, Kurt wanted to know this answer too.

He and Blaine had spent all night gushing to one another about each other's pasts and pains. They cried, they laughed, they held each other, they slept in the same bed together… they cuddled. Cuddled!

Guys don't do that!

Kurt wouldn't deny that his heart was racing at that very moment as he stood in the bathroom, listening through the paper thin walls. He had to know what Blaine's thoughts were on this – relationship? – friendship thing they had going on.

Kurt wanted more… oh God, he wanted this more than he ever wanted anything.

And then he heard it. Blaine's warm voice filled the air with a crushing blow.


He needed to hear no more.

Blaine ushered his two friends out of the room and quietly pulled the door closed behind him as the three stepped out into the hallway.

David regarded him with a confused look, "Is there a reason why you shushed us out of the room?" Wes nodded in agreement to his classmate's statement.

"I just don't feel comfortable talking about Kurt when he's not in the room, okay? I mean, he's just in the bathroom and the walls in there aren't very thick at all. I just didn't want him to hear us," Blaine whispered as he leaned his body back against the wall.

Both seniors shared a look before Wes spoke, "Are you really telling us the truth about Kurt, Blaine? I mean, you're acting awfully suspicious for someone who wants to be just friends with the kid…"

The soloist huffed and ran his fingers through his ungelled curls as he closed his eyes, "I don't know what I'm doing, Wes. I have no idea."

He paused for a moment and then took a deep breath, "Kurt and I spent all last night talking: talking about him, talking about our lives, talking about my past-"

A soft gasp came from Wes. Blaine's past was a sacred, touchy subject – he didn't share it with just anyone.

"The things that happened last night really have me questioning what's going on between us. Like, I really don't know anymore, guys."

David smiled as he nudged Wes with his elbow. The Asian teen grinned back at his friend and the two of them leaned up against the wall like Blaine; both on either side of the shorter boy.

"So you think you like him then?"

"I've always liked him," Blaine mumbled lowly as he dropped his gaze to the ground. "I just don't know what I'm feeling now."

"Is it love, perhaps?"

"I… umm… I don't think so. I'm not really sure what it is," Blaine couldn't finish his sentence. He ended up having to swallow a nervous lump that filled his throat. His emotions were going haywire.

"Well, maybe you need some time to think about your feelings… you know what I mean?" Wes started, "You may have some feelings for Kurt, but now they've probably grown stronger and you're scared. I know you, Blaine. You are a timid guy with a big heart; you're just scared, that's all."

David chimed in, "You've just got to give yourself time to sort this out. Kurt will wait; he's waited this long, hasn't he?"

Blaine nodded.

Then a whole sense of dread filled his belly and he looked up at his friends with wild golden eyes, "But what if I've kept him waiting too long?"

The darker skinned boy stepped forward, placing both of his hands on Blaine's shoulders. "Get a hold of yourself, Anderson! Kurt genuinely cares about you and you him. Even though your place of caring comes from a more mentor-ish area, Kurt adores you. We can all see it and we have for a while. I really don't think Kurt is going to change his tune so quickly."

Wes nodded, "I think that he's just waiting for you to open your eyes and make a move. He's already told you his feelings. I mean, damn! He thought you were going to sing to him on Valentine's – that's a big clue right there, man!" He swallowed before continuing, "So while you may not feel enormous lovey dovey feelings for him, you definitely feel something. We all know it, we can all see it, and we can all feel it. It's there, Blaine. You just have to notice it."

Blaine frowned as he removed David's grip from his shoulders, "I don't want to mess this up, you guys. I care very deeply for Kurt. Sometimes I wonder if it's more than I think it is, if it's more a romantic way. But the more I think about it, I think I may just feel some things for him because he's gay and he understands me, you know what I mean?"

"As stupid as you sound right now, I guess I can understand this madness," Wes sighed as he glanced down the hall towards some oncoming Warblers. He gave them a gentle nod as they passed and then he turned back to his friend. "Take your time. Sort out your feelings. Maybe talk to Kurt once you figure everything out. Things will be fine."

"You sure?" The tenor asked quietly.

Both senior boys nodded and gave their short friend brotherly slaps on the arms before they turned to leave. David shot back one last smile as they walked down the hall, "You won't ruin this. I promise. You've got this, Blaine. You've got this!"

Blaine smiled sheepishly and opened the door to his bedroom.

I've got this!

Kurt was standing in front of his body length mirror when Blaine came back into the room.

Instantly, his stomach flipped as the sense of dread filtered into his stomach. Had Kurt heard their conversation out in the hallway? He glanced up at the boy and was relieved to see a ghost of a smile flash upon Kurt's nymph-like features.

"Those clothes look fantastic on you."

The countertenor blushed as he finished buttoning up the light blue shirt he was wearing. Blaine came up behind him and stared at the boy's reflection.

"The colors really bring out your eyes. You look great."

A frown then flashed upon the taller boy's features and Blaine almost jumped back. He raised an eyebrow confusedly as he watched Kurt shy away from the mirror, running his hands over the shirt to smooth it.

Did I say something wrong?

"Everything alright? I didn't overstep any boundaries, did I?"

Kurt let his eyes roam towards Blaine's face. Of course, you overstepped the boundaries, you oaf! You don't want a relationship with me, but you want to flirt with me? Who do you think you are? Thoughts ran rampant through his mind, but he didn't voice any of them. He just stayed silent for a moment before he finally spoke.

"No, it's alright. I'm just tired."

"Did you want to stay another night?" Blaine asked as he gathered up his clothes from off the bed. "We can just tell your dad that you aren't feeling well and-"

"No, that's okay. I'll just go home tonight. I'm not that tired. I can make the drive home easily." Kurt lied; he really wasn't tired. Okay, well, maybe not physically… but emotionally he was. His heart was tired; oh was it tired! The damn thing was exhausted.

And everything hurt.

Blaine offered him a sympathetic smile as he walked across the room towards the bathroom. "Do you mind if I take a quick shower? I promise I won't be long. I just feel really gross and I could totally use a-"

Kurt waved his hand at the older boy, "I don't mind. Go on."

With a grin, Blaine disappeared into the bathroom, leaving Kurt sitting behind on his bed. The countertenor laid down, his head laying against Blaine's pillow. He breathed in the woodsy, spicy scent and felt tears spring to his eyes.

Blaine didn't want him. Nothing had changed. Nothing would ever change.

He didn't know what to do.

Blaine finished up in the shower in record time.

He hopped out, dried off, and dressed himself quickly before he stumbled out of the steamy bathroom and into his cool bedroom. His eyes softened immediately when they landed on a form curled up on his bed.

Kurt had fallen asleep again.

The chestnut haired teen was curled up in Blaine's blankets; his hands fisted up into Blaine's pillow. It was cute to see him nestled up all comfy like that and as much as it pained Blaine to wake the boy, it had to be done.

"Kurt? …Kurt?"

The teen groaned and opened his blue eyes, blinking the sleep out of them as slowly as possible. He rolled onto his back and stared up at the ceiling before he locked his blurred vision onto Blaine.

"I didn't sleep for long, did I?"

"Nope, you just dozed off for about twenty or so minutes. I haven't been gone for long," Blaine explained as he helped Kurt off of the bed. He pushed himself not to question the reason why Kurt pulled away from him after he helped him onto the floor. It seemed off, but he didn't want to say anything. Instead, he reached a hand up and brushed a few stray strands of Kurt's hair out of his eyes.

"There. Much better," he whispered as he locked eyes with the younger teen.

Kurt's breath hitched and he stepped back, turning on his heel. "I have to get my stuff ready. I should be leaving soon. I have a lot to do this weekend."

"Yeah, me too."

"Are you trying out for a solo for regionals?" Kurt questioned as he packed away his uniform and phone in to his messenger bag. He also stuffed in his emergency moisturizer, hairspray, and toothbrush/toothpaste combo into the bag before sealing it.

"Of course I'm trying out for a solo! Are you kidding?" Blaine chuckled as he leaned up against the desk. He glanced down at Kurt and noticed how fidgety the countertenor had gotten. "Hey, are you sure you're alright?"

"Just peachy," Kurt hissed as he stood up and looked around the room for anything else he could've missed. Blaine stiffened from beside him.

"Did I do something wrong?"

Kurt said nothing. He shuffled on his feet for a moment before he looked back up at Blaine; his glasz eyes had this weird look to them, as if they were pure glass.

Obviously the boy had thrown a mask up. Something was wrong.

"Can you walk me to my car?" Kurt whispered and Blaine nodded, taking another sweep of the room with his eyes until he was completely sure that his friend had gathered all of his things.

"Sure. Are you ready to leave now?"

There was silence for a moment as Kurt's focus was on something sitting on the desk: it was a photo of Kurt and Blaine at Christmastime. Both boys were sitting on a couch in the Warblers' rehearsal hall; their faces lit up with Christmas spirit and there were gifts in their hands. It must've been taken during the annual Warbler Christmas party; Kurt remembered how he and Blaine had sang Baby It's Cold Outside to the other Warblers before the party ended (Blaine wanted the other guys to hear how much better Kurt sounded than the girl he was supposed to sing with at Kings Island). Overall, it was an awesome night… and Blaine had a picture to document it all.

Why must I be in love with him? Kurt's mind moaned as he tore his gaze away from the picture.

Blaine was standing beside him, eyes also on the tiny photograph that sat on his desk. He smiled when he saw Kurt looking at it, "I still stand by the fact that you sang that song a million times better than that Sarah girl did. She was pitchy… and you… you were perfect."

Just the way the words flowed out of his mouth made Kurt's heart clench up in pain. He bit his lip quickly and painfully willed the tears that burned behind his eyes to not show up. He wasn't going to cry, not now, not like this. He took a couple of quiet breaths and slowed his breathing before the throbbing in his chest and head faded away.

Why does he keep on doing this to me?

The countertenor turned around and looked at the door, "I believe I should be going soon. It's after five in the evening and I need to get home before it gets too dark outside."

Blaine glanced out of the window and frowned at the darkening sky; it was still raining, though the thunderstorm had let up hours ago. With a sprint, the boy dashed across the room and opened up his armoire, grabbing out an umbrella.

"Alright, if you're ready to go, then I am!" He grabbed up his room keys from the desk and followed behind Kurt as the younger boy exited his dorm room.

"It's really pouring down the rain!"

Blaine yelled this as he opened his umbrella and stepped out underneath the awning of the Dalton Academy dormitories. He waited until Kurt was completely underneath the large umbrella before they started walking towards Kurt's SUV. Neither boy spoke until they arrived at the door.

"So umm, Kurt? Uh, thanks for staying with me last night… and for… umm, everything."

Kurt flashed a small smile back to the shorter boy as he climbed into his car and closed the door. He rolled down the window and looked back up at his friend, who was currently leaning against the car with his umbrella high up in the air. "It was no problem, Blaine. I'm glad you and I had the chance to talk."

No other words were said after that. Kurt sat in his car, randomly typing out a text to his father to let him know he was leaving. Blaine still leaned up against the car, feeling the wetness of the vehicle seep through his clothing a little bit, but he didn't care; he was enjoying this time with Kurt more than anything, even if the other boy was being unusually quiet.

Finally, after several minutes of silence, Blaine felt himself grow a little weary of why Kurt hadn't said anything. The boy hadn't even offered a goodbye; he just sat in his car staring at the steering wheel, his blue eyes locked on the emblem blazed into the dashboard.

The tenor cleared his throat, "Did I do something wrong, Kurt? Are you mad at me?"

The countertenor blinked a few times, but did not turn his head to meet Blaine's eyes. Instead, he started to fidget with the radio, blatantly ignoring his crush's question.

"Kurt, please? Can we just talk about this?"

More silence came through. The taller teen was not about to answer any questions that Blaine had and it was slowly driving the lead Warbler insane. Finally, after Kurt had found a particularly interesting radio station and had turned the radio up to tune out the noise, Blaine grew annoyed and reached into the car, shutting the radio off instantly.

"What did I do? It's obvious that I've made you angry, Kurt. What happened?"

The newer Warbler closed his eyes, leaning his head back against the headrest. Blaine could easily see the worry lines etching into his face as the boy's emotional façade started to crumble. He wanted to reach into the car and pull the smaller boy into him… but he didn't.

"Is this about last night?" The hazel eyed boy asked before saying, "I knew I shouldn't have told you about all that stuff. I never wanted it to affect you like this, Kurt! I just-"

Kurt interrupted quickly, "It's not that, Blaine. It's us."


"Where do we stand, Blaine? What are we? Are we friends? Are we more than that? What? I don't understand us," the blue eyed boy's voice was slightly cold. Blaine frowned at the statement.

"We're friends, Kurt! Of course!"

Of course, we're just friends. Duh! And that's all you'll ever be. Kurt's mind was bitter; his heart fared the same.

The blue eyed teen didn't want to press the issue any longer. He looked back up into Blaine's honey eyes and felt his heart drop at the look his friend was giving him; it was a look he had seen many times before. He looked so chipper and so happy… so friendly.

There was nothing else behind those hazel eyes. Not love, not lust, not want, not desire… nothing that pertained to them changing from anything but friends… and it broke Kurt's heart.

Immediately, he let his walls come up; the same walls that he used around others when they hurt him. As of late, he didn't bother to use those walls around Blaine… but now, they needed to come out. He looked down at his stereo and nodded to his friend, hearing the other boy chuckle.

"Why? Are you scared of us not being friends anymore?" The tenor grinned and placed his free hand on one of Kurt's steering wheel clutching fists. "We'll always be the best of friends, you know that!"

Kurt nodded, part of him feeling foolish, especially with Blaine's hand touching his own. However, the other feelings that Blaine's touch brought along weren't ones that people should feel for their friends. They were feelings one would share towards a lover… someone they really cared about.

God, how he wanted to cry!

"Yeah, we're the best of friends," Kurt sullenly repeated as he watched the numbers of the car's clock tick away. He stayed lost in his thoughts until Blaine brought him back to speed, asking him about his audition for a regionals solo.

"I'm not sure of what to sing, but I'm definitely trying out. Someone else other than you deserves a chance in the spotlight," he breathed, trying not to sound angry or jealous.

From beside him, Blaine laughed and leaned closer into the open window. "I'm sure you'll do amazing, Kurt. You have a fantastic voice and I'm sure you'll get a solo! In fact, I'd bet on it!"

Kurt rolled his eyes and shuddered, "Yeah right, Anderson! They'll pick you and you'll rock it, as usual. My voice is better for ukuleles and background in this group."

"Shut up," Blaine whispered as he playfully shoved his friend's shoulder, "You have an amazing voice that people would kill for, myself included. You'll get a solo and you'll be the one rocking that stage and wowing the crowds. I promise you that."

The taller boy blanched, "I'm just… scared. I can't get solos for anything in any group I'm in. Everyone talks about how amazing my voice is, how different I am… and yet no one wants me. I just don't get it. I mean, why even bother?"

Blaine raised an eyebrow, obviously somewhat confused by the comment his friend had just made - as if there were some strange underlying message behind it all - but he said nothing of it. Instead he just muttered, "You've gotta have courage, Kurt. Courage." He squeezed the hand he held in his grip and heard a soft, shaky breath be released from the light eyed boy's mouth.


The glasz eyes turned on him then, the orbs mixing wildly with colors. Blaine could hardly believe his own eyes as he watched his friend's eye color change so vividly. There were hundreds of emotions flashing through the boy's eyes at that moment; the mask that he had so carefully tried to keep up had broken and he was currently letting Blaine see everything. His soul was pouring itself out to him.

And Blaine was struggling not to take it.

"Sometimes you need more than courage, Blaine."

When he spoke those words, the tenor felt his heart drop. The watery gaze he was receiving from his best friend was breaking his heart; he wanted to reach in and pull Kurt close, but his mind felt conflicted. Previous arguments of whether or not he saw Kurt differently filled his mind and he closed his eyes, praying that his conscience would finally settle on something – kiss him, be a mentor, kiss him, be a mentor, kiss him - and ease his soul.

It settled on mentorship.


Kurt looked away then, biting his lip so hard that the lower part turned cherry red. He let a few sniffles escape from his breaking composure before he released his worried lip from his teeth; he then turned to offer Blaine a sad smile.

"Good luck on your audition, Blaine. I'll see you on Monday."

He shrugged the grasp of Blaine's hand from his own and waited for the shorter boy to step back away from his car. Once the tenor had moved safely out of the way, Kurt put the car into drive and started off towards Lima, leaving Blaine standing there in the rain.

The lead soloist stood underneath his umbrella, the item blowing wildly in the wind and barely covering him from getting drenched with rain.

What did I just do? Did I turn him down? What…?

He watched as Kurt's large SUV made that final turn out of Dalton's school grounds before it disappeared from his sight. Once the car was gone, Blaine panicked. His heart raced at a thousand beats per minute and it jumped up into his throat, causing him to feel horribly sick.

What had he just done?

Blaine could still see Kurt's watery eyes staring back at him and he could feel the other boy's small hand grow tense underneath his own. Kurt had been gone from Dalton for minutes now and still Blaine could feel his presence all around him… and he missed him. Oh God, he missed him.

Biting his lip, Blaine turned on his heel and sulked back towards his dormitory. He had failed Kurt; he had fucked up the most opportune moment in history to be with the most perfect boy he had known and he had ruined it.

He was falling for Kurt… it may not have been something that he was expecting, but it was there. It may not have been as strong as Kurt's feelings towards him were, but it was there. He cared very deeply for the boy. He cared so much that it hurt.

He hurt.

He hurt himself.

He hurt Kurt.

And now there was nothing more he could do except pray that Kurt would wait for him, wait for him to grow up, grow some balls, grow something. Wait for him to realize his true feelings, to get some strength, to get some bravery, to get some courage…

Just to wait.

But the boy had no idea how long Kurt would wait, if he could even bother to do so anymore. Blaine had spent his sweet old time figuring out his feelings for weeks now and there was only so much a person could take before they broke.

Blaine feared today was the day that Kurt had finally broken.

As he walked back into the halls and towards his dorm room, the dark haired teen could feel his stomach lock up into knots. What if he had royally fucked up this time? What would happen between him and Kurt? Would they still be friends? What was going to happen?

The teen stood in front of his room, his eyes filling with tears as he unlocked the door and stumbled inside. He had just let Kurt go, let him go off believing that the night before meant absolutely nothing to him… and it wasn't that: it meant everything.

If there was anything Blaine needed more in this world, it was courage… and perhaps, something even more so. Sobbing, the tenor climbed into his bed and wrapped himself up in his comforter. It still smelled of Kurt: a mix of his cologne and his face cream. Tears streamed down Blaine's cheeks as he breathed in the scent.

Kurt's words repeated over and over in his head.

Sometimes you need more than courage.

Sometimes you need more than courage, Blaine.

More than courage.

"I need all that I can get," he whispered as he cried himself to sleep. Hopefully things would get better soon; Kurt and Blaine could go back to being best friends. Maybe they could end all the weirdness around them and maybe even one day, Blaine could finish telling Kurt the rest of his complicated past.

Maybe one day… maybe.

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