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10. October The Attack of Kyuubi

To say Today was bad day for Minato were the understatement of the year at first Kushina died during childbirth which was followed by the release of Kyuubi which is now trieing to destroy Konaha and the only persona which could help died becuase of a unobservant moment of him but this moment was enough for Kyuubi to Kill his child.

But he weren't Minato if he doesn't tried it nonetheless he hoped Shinigami-Sama would take Kyuubi straight to hell. but even the Shinikami couldn't Kyuubi just send to hell.

Konoha was screwed... He prayed in silent ,as if it would help... He was realistic how high were the chance that Kami answer his Prayers. Right they were very low.

He gave Shinigami sama the signal that he could take his soul, he has summoned him and he knows the price its just sad that it haven't helped. He closed his eyes as a pillar of light crashed right between him and Kyuubi.

He opened his Eyes and could see a Silouette in the pillar.

The person in there radiated a very powerful aura, his eyes widened as the shinigami which took a human like form before the pillar and bowed.

As the light died down he saw a woman with long blond hair and a very curvy Body, She was simply Breath taking.

A few Minutes before - Kami-samas office

As he looked at the scene before him it made him sad.

He respected this Mortal for his Will.

It was just sad that his child died.

But even he couldn't just resurrect the child soul of the child this was against the rules.

After a few Second he smiled he had a plan how he could help, he stand up and began to walk toward Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil - Urd POV

Just because i took the life of this perv i must kill this dammed bugs...

He would have died a day later during a road accident, so what was so bad that she killed him one day before...

She was interrupted from her musing by someone who enters the rooms.

Her eyes widen as she her father walk in.

He saw her and said in a firm voice "What you are seeing now doesn't leave this room "

I just nodded, i was supicous what wanted he in this room, here wasn't more then yggdrasil but he have a remote access in his office so why is he here.

Kamis Pov

as she nodded i began to talk "yggdrasil-sama i need your help could please come out."

for my amusing i saw Urds confused look, she must taught something like why is he talking to a pc.

But a sweet voice answered "How many times i must say you that you should drop the -sama."

I rubbed my head " Sorry yggdrasil-chan but you know even gods are forgetful"

"I hope you remember this the next time, but i think i know why you are here.

you want that i go down to earth and took this child as a vessel,don't you?"

"Yeah that brings it to the point"

"Hmm...I think i will to it, i need some fun after nearly 1000 year of work but i will leave a fragment of me here"

Yggdrasil was glowing but this died soon down before urd could say something i was gone"


Minato was perplexed why was Shinigami-sama bowing to her...

"What for a honor that you came down to see me yggdrasil-chan"

I sweat dropped as the now named women stares at him and slap it across his face

"To you its yggdrasil-sama you jerk,and im not her because of you rather because of him" she pointed toward the Kyuubi which eyes widen after a few seconds

Kyuubis Pov

yggdrasil...hmm...somewhere i know this name...

the it hit him,yggdrasil like the godess of yggdrasil, phew i taught it were someone wors...OH fuck it is something bad.

Kyuubis Pov End

Shingami-sama stand up "and what will you to about him you cant just kill him"

She smiled " who said i kill him, you will seal him inside my new body"

"Your new body?" he said the he realised whom she meant and looked towards the confused human

"Today is your lucky day you will plan will work,but you will have a daughter i hope you don't mind this"

Minato doesn't understand it complete but that he have understand is that this women will take over the body of his child and because she is female ,the body will become female and the shinigami sama will seal it inside her.

His face brightened "I don't mind" with this the sealing was going how he had planed it with a smile on his face his soul leaves his body.