Jade's POV

"Are you trying out for the new play?" Tori asked as we sat together with all our friends at lunch. We had recently become somewhat friends and it turns out that she's not as annoying as I originally thought. And she's a lot more tolerable now that she's dating Andre and she assured me she wasn't after Beck.

"I think so why?" I answered

"I think you'd be really good in it." She responded. Everyone else agreed. After a little while of boring conversations that I wasn't really listening to, Cat squeaked and grabbed my arm.

"OMG! Who is that!"She shrieked. She pointed to a guy walking across the parking lot. Both Tori and I immediately looked up.

"Whoa! He's hot!" I said as I looked at the guy. Tori agreed and all three of us were staring at the new guy. Beck, Andre, and Robbie looked at us and then at him.

"Awe common he's not that cute."Beck said as he placed his arm around me. I looked at him and smirked

"I don't knoooww. I think he is ridiculously gorgeous." I said. Tori and Cat both said "definitely!" which caused all three guys to scowl at the new dude. There was something very familiar about him but I wasn't sure what it was. Soon lunch was over and all of us had Acting class with Sikowitz. We all took our normal seats and Sikowitz said he had an announcement.

"Alright class, I have two very important announcements. But first where's my coconut? Ah here it is..." he picked up his coconut from a chair in the front row "Now where was I... Oh yeah. Okay 1st, the auditions for the new play are today in the black box theater right after school and I hope to see you all there. Next we have a new student today, Kyle Banks." That name sounded extremely familiar. "He will be doing 'The Bird Scene' today so your projects will be due tomorrow instead." everyone was really excited about that because Sikowitz never said when our project was due so I didn't start it yet. Kyle did the bird scene really well and then he just sat down which means he passed. Everyone clapped and then the bell rang. The whole time Kyle was on stage I kept thinking that there was something extremely familiar about him

When we were getting up to leave Kyle came over to me.

"Jade?" he said as he approached Beck and I.

"What!" I snapped at him.

"You never change do you?" He said and then it hit me why he looked so familiar!

"Oh my gosh! I didn't even recognize you!" I said as I gave him a hug. "Wow you look so different!"

"Yeah well three years definitely changes people. To be honest I didn't really recognize you either at first. I didn't know you went to Hollywood Arts!"

"Yeah well I was just starting it when I met you" I felt Beck grab my hand as I said this," What are you doing here?"

"I finally got an audition here and decided to go for it."

"That's great... Anyone mind telling me what's going on here?" Beck asked

"Kyle and I met at acting camp over the summer three years ago." I said.

"Yeah and she went out with my twin." Kyle said.

"Ummm well that's all great but we are going to be late for salsa class if we don't hurry so bye." Beck said as he tugged me out the door.

"See you later!" I called over my shoulder.