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This story takes place near the end of All Together Dead, after Sookie and Barry come back from the archery range (investigating the vampire hit man). In my version of the story, Eric and Sookie are not interrupted by Bill; instead, they are joined by Pam. Hot threesome lemons ensue. I have never written an Eric/Sookie/Pam story before, since I am so selfish with my Eric and Sookie. Please read my other stories, several of my readers have been begging me for this one shot for quite some time now, so I hope you all enjoy!

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The Pam Factor

"You're second guessing yourself," Eric said.

"Yes," I answered plainly.

"You shouldn't do that."

"No? What do you think I should do?" I asked, still flustered by being so close to him, alone in his room. I stood up, attempting to distance myself from him. He lunged off the bed he was sitting on, and had me pinned down on the other one. "This," he said just before his mouth crashed over mine, kissing me with a kind of desperate passion. "Don't fight me!" He demanded as I tried to wiggle free, which was as effective as trying to get out from under a fallen tree. "Or do…." He added lasciviously as his body responded to my movement under him, he groaned into my mouth and rubbed his growing bulge against my leg. His groan was my undoing, and I gave into him, reciprocating the kiss. I opened my mouth and sucked on his tongue, cold and earthy. I licked his partially exposed fang and reveled in the noise my action elicited from him as it scraped my tongue. Primal. Feral. His need poured over me, flooding me with the power that surged through him as he gave into his lust. He released my arms when he realized I wasn't going to fight him, and I took the opportunity to push my fingers through his hair. I opened my eyes and looked at his face. He was easily the most handsome man I had ever seen, and as I kissed him, all thoughts of Quinn went right out of my mind.

"I love the feel of your body under me," he breathed into my mouth.

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