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This is set AFTER Breaking Dawn, Bella's dead now Edward is alone with a teenage Renesmee who knows nothing but to love her Daddy, at all costs.

Let Me In

Chapter One

(Edward Pov)

I sat at the piano staring at the keys. The house was quiet except for the faint heart beat of my daughter Renesmee.

I could hear her low sniffles every now and then which made my un-beating heart break even more.

I forced myself to stand and walked to Renesmee's room, past my room. It used to be Bella's room too.

I pushed the door open looking in at my daughter, she was hugging a pillow and hiding her face. Renesmee looked 16, closer to 17 every day.

She was younger than her appearance led to believe. I walked in and sat next to her on the bed and gently touched her shoulder. "Nessie.."

"N-no don't c-call me t-that." She sniffled out and I pulled her up hugging her close. She looked like Bella, had the same colored eyes except for a few green flakes mixed in at the edges. Her hair was long, brown and lay in waves. Just like Bella...

Everything, every thought now led me thinking of Bella, how I hadn't been more careful. Renesmee lifted her hand placing it on my cheek showing me our last memory with Bella.

It wasn't that last bad memory, it was a good one.

The one I'd cherish forever.

It was us around the family, laughing and having a good time. Bella beating Emmett at the video game, wrestling matches.

I pulled her hand away to stop seeing it, as much as it was good to see Bella moving...it hurt too much. For it was only two days and two nights since Bella was killed by the wolves.

We were out hunting, something made her run from the buck she killed, it made her go after humans.

I tried stopping her, but I couldn't get too close without wanting to drain some of the humans myself. She killed five humans then another three. The wolves tried to get her to stop without using force...until she almost killed one of them.

She bit Seth, Leah tackled her and started biting her limbs. Carlisle had gone when I heard Leah's thoughts, he had went and got the venom out of Seth.

Seth would be fine.

Bella had kicked Leah away from her breaking one of Leah's ribs. Carlisle tried getting Bella to calm down, but the blood lust she felt had her too wild. Jasper tried to use his power to calm her down, but her feelings and need to kill more humans was getting to him.

It made him hungry.

Jacob had tackled Bella trying to hold her down without doing any damage. But she clawed at his chest and legs. Sam had shown up, bit into Bella's leg and dragged her back. She kicked his face and had tried to get another human...

But they didn't let her get that far. As Jacob tended to Leah trying to get her up, the rest of the pack, not Seth, tackled Bella and ripped her apart.

I had tried blocking those images from my head. My Bella ripped to shreds, my Bella burned to ashes. Telling Renesmee was the hardest thing I had ever had to do.

I had to tell her that Bella wasn't returning home. That Bella was gone. She broke down crying which in result had her yelling why and who made this happen. I was honest and said the wolves, this made her angry.

Through her angry tears, Jacob showed up trying to comfort her but she wouldn't have it. She told him to leave her alone and go back to his murdering brothers. I could see the pain it caused him as he tried to reason with her but she slapped him across the face and wouldn't listen.

I stayed silent through all of it. I had never wanted him around her anyway, that was Bella who wanted him to have visits with our daughter.

But now Bella was gone, I was the one being in control.

When I saw Bella get killed through everyone's minds...I wanted to die. I wanted to go to the volturi and beg to be killed. But Renesmee made that thought leave my mind.

I could not let her lose both of her parents, she needed me most now. I still felt like I didn't exist now but the feeling wasn't as strong when I had Renesmee in my arms.

She helped me feel...stronger...better. I noticed her eyes were puffy and her eyes were blood shot. This made me frown. "Renesmee try to get some sleep."

She took deep breaths and held onto me tighter when I started to stand. "Stay...please..." I nodded and laid down with her. She laid her head on my chest keeping her arm firmly around me.

I hummed lowly to her hoping it would help her fall asleep. She had refused to sleep since she heard about Bella, she was so stubborn.

After fifteen minutes she fell asleep and I laid there staring at the ceiling. Even though I could not sleep I closed my eyes.

I thought of many moments I had with Bella, getting married to her, everything after that. I felt Renesmee's arms tighten around me and I, for a moment, let myself believe it was Bella's arms.

That helped me not feel as...dead...for that one moment. My, as I called it, inner monster was full of rage. It wanted to be let out but I couldn't let it.

I heard a knock at the door and pulled Renesmee's arms from me and kissed her forehead. She looked like Bella when she slept.

I ran to the front door and opened it seeing Sam. A low snarl came from me as I stepped outside. "What the fuck are you doing here dog?" I never swore, but right now I could care less.

"I...we're sorry about Bella, Edward. We really are but...she couldn't be stopped we had to."

"You had too...you...had..." I growled and jumped at Sam punching him in the face. "You didn't have to do anything! We would have handled it! All we wanted from you was to keep her in a small space! But you fuck ups couldn't even do that!"

He shoved me away from him and I saw his skin healing where I hit him. I growled and made tighter fists.

"Edward...he doesn't care that he killed our Bella." My inner monster was speaking to me through my thoughts...was that even normal?

"Edward I am sorry. But we had no choice. Now...I know its not the best time but you need to speak with Renesmee about Jacob, it will almost kill him if he never sees his imprint." Sam spoke standing straight while looking at me.

"So that is why he is here, Edward, let me out. He's only here because of the other dog who wants to take Renny from you. Let me in control..." I grabbed my head holding it tightly and breathed deep.

"I can't, I can't let you out you'll hurt everyone or worse...Renesmee." I yelled in my mind back at my inner monster and he snarled at me. "I would never hurt Renny! I would protect her better from those mutts now let me out. Or I WILL force my way out...and if I force my way out I'll kill this mutt. On the count of three Edward."

My eyes widened as I let go of my head. I knew I was in a vulnerable state of mind, so my inner monster would come out if I wasn't careful.

"One..." I heard the dark voice echo in my mind and I started to panic. "Sam leave now."

"Two..." I swallowed the venom that was pooling in my mouth and glared at him. "LEAVE SAM!" I yelled loud only to get a weird look from him.

"Two and a half..." I heard the dark chuckle in my head and I stopped my breathing. "Sam go."


"Daddy!" I heard Renesmee's voice and I turned seeing her walk out. She was barefoot and frowning. She ran to me and hugged me. My arms went around her hugging her back.

Wait...I hadn't moved my arms.

I felt panic rise in me as I realized what had happened. I was focused on making it past the number three, focused on keeping him in but when I heard Renesmee's voice my focus faltered.

"Its okay Renny..." I heard my voice, it was raspy and darker. I screamed inside my head. "NO! No stop it! Let me back in control! LET ME IN!" All I heard was a chuckle inside my head and I could do nothing but watch through my monster's eyes as he glared at Sam.

"If you do not leave. I'll make you." Sam looked at me then looked at Renesmee.

"My dad said GO." She hissed lowly and he shook his head and left.

(-Edward's Monster-Pov-)

I was finally out. After so long finally. I looked down at Renny, I liked calling her that.

She looked like Isabella had, I actually smiled. She hugged me tightly and I returned the hug gently. The old Edward, the good side begged me for control but I just laughed at him. He was never getting control again.

I picked Renesmee up and walked inside the cottage back to her room and laid down in bed with her.

She laid her head on my chest and sighed. "Will they leave us alone?"

"If they don't I will make them." I said low to her.

"You sound different..." She put her hand on my chest next to her face and I grinned to myself was rubbing her back. "He just got me really mad sweetheart..."

"Oh..." I glanced at her watching her close her eyes and I looked up at the ceiling. I had been kept locked away for far too long, now I wanted to be out and have some fun.

It did hurt me that our, meaning mine and good Edward's mate was gone, but I started thinking.

Good Eddie from the inside saw what I was thinking and started screaming again saying, "NO! No she's our daughter you sick fuck!"

I smiled. I blocked his part from my head then, like he had done to me many times before. She was his daughter, the good Ed's daughter, not mine.

It would do nothing to me.

I glanced at Renesmee and slowly smirked. His daughter looked like Bella, smelled better than Bella.

I'd have fun with this.

I put my arms around Renny tightly and kissed her head. Mmm so fun..

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