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Let Me In

Chapter Three

(Edward's Monster-Pov)

I had waited patiently for Renny to finish her shower. I had the car packed and ready with anything she or I would need. I walked to the nearest wall of the living room of the cabin and saw there was a picture of Bella and good Edward.

She was smiling brightly as he had her arms around her and he looked happy. I cracked a slow smile, because of Bella he was able to keep me dormant. I cannot say I am or even was happy that she was killed, but at least I still had Renny.

I looked away from the picture as Renny came out wearing another short little dress. It was a deep blue that set off the complexion of her skin and made her face stand out. She wore knee-hi black boots with no heel as well as her hair was slightly damp and curling up as it lay across her shoulder and down her back.

"Are you ready to go?" I asked her as I looked her up and down. She was beautiful, her breasts stood out against the color of the dress. The dress hugged her curves in all the right places setting off her amazing figure. She couldn't possibly had known that as she got dressed.

Any other girl would have wore a slutty outfit with no panties. But not Renny. The thought of her in a slutty outfit thought was a turn on, to make her beg for me to fuck her as I slapped her perky ass and fucked her tits.

"Daddy?" I snapped out of my fantasies as I looked at her. "I'm sorry...what?"

"Are you okay?" She glanced from me to the picture and I walked over to her. I leaned down, being much taller than her, and kissed her very soft lips. I smiled and gently took her by the arm leading her out to the car, I opened the door for her and she got inside.

(-After hours of driving-)

I had stopped us at a hotel on the edge of Washington, we'd catch a flight in a couple hours but Renny was tired and needed her rest. She had her boots off and was laying on the bed asleep.

Her dress had ridden up so I could see the tops of her legs all leading to her covered by white cotton panties, pussy. I shifted in my seat as I watched her sleep. I was becoming hard by watching her.

She'd turn over every so often and I'd get a flash of her bra. It was also white.

I couldn't handle this, I got up and went into the bathroom and shut the door and unzipped my fly dropping my pants. I took my very hard cock out and leaned back against the door with my eyes shut tight.

I had a fantasy I could jerk off to, it would have to do for now. I started pumping my cock slowly but hard as I saw the fantasy in my head.

Renny was on her knees sucking me off like a good little slut as she fingered herself. I had my hands in her hair as I fucked her throat and told her to stop moving her fingers. "But daddy..." She said pulling off my cock.

"No buts! Get on the bed." She moved quickly getting on the bed and I switched her so she was on her hands and knees. I gave a firm slap on her ass and saw her juices dripping out of her pussy down her legs.

"Who's a bad girl Renny?" I slapped her ass again harder causing her to gasp. I could see she loved this, not only see but heard her thoughts. "Me..." Another firm slap and she moaned.

"Who do you belong to?" She was silent until I have her a harder slap. "Mmmm you!" I got on my knees behind her and pushed forward until my cock was touching her entrance. "Who does this pussy belong to?" I poked just the head inside her causing her to moan.

"You!" I slapped her ass I pushed inside her wet entrance. She was slick and hot inside it made me groan. "Fuck Ren you are fucking tight."

"Fuck me!" I grabbed her hair holding onto it for leverage as I started banging her from behind. She was moaning and pushing back against me as fast and hard as she could.

I was pumping my cock harder now and very fast, I'd cum soon if I kept up like this.

Now we had switched positions, she was on top of me riding me as I grabbed her tits and squeezed them. She raised herself up and down as well as dropping down on me. I was hitting her special G-spot causing her to moan loud.

People were banging on the wall for us to be quiet, we ignored them only getting louder. I grabbed her hips and shoved up into her as she slammed down. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" She yelled rocking her hips against mine.

"Yes cum for me Renny." I felt her tighten around my cock as I turned us over and shoved into her as hard as I could. She gasped in pain but it only was a better turn on. I started cumming in her as I growled and bit into her neck causing her to tighten around me once again.

Before I could register it my cum was shooting out of my cock causing me to gasp. I didn't have to breath, so gasping from cumming to a fantasy was pretty fucking good.

I'd make that fantasy a reality very soon.

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