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Chapter 1: Shingen Nishiwaki

Osaka, Japan 8:30 A.M.

Shigen awoken from his sleep to fine the hue of the sun shinning on him. He quickly got out of bed and put on his usual attire; black fingerless gloves, black leather pants and a green and white jacekt that matched his green and black short hair. His house was two miles away from his college and so he stayed in a seluded place which gave him enough peace to enjoy peace. Today however he decided to walk to the city of Southtown mainly out of boredom.

He arrived in Southtown around 9 o'clock and stopped by a nearby corner store,where he bouth a pack of cigarettes and soome candy before walking down an pitch black alley. Shigen put his back against the wall and took a quick puff.

"That's feels good," he said to himself. Shigen has located a tunnel midway in the alley, where street fighting was usually held and he could hear the rowdy crowd chanting their approval. Shortly after Shingen headed down to the scene, which turned out to be an underground subway. Two fighters were standing in the middle as the rest of the crowd of people circled the fight was over, the winner fighter said,

"Who's next!"

Shigen didn't respond in words but instead quickly stepped in the middle with the man. The man was bigger, stockier and older than him but Shigen didn't seemed fazed by the task at hand.

"Are you serious kid," the man laughed before mockily patted Shingen's head. "Is this some type of joke? Is this the best you guys got? What's your name?"

"Shingen Nishiwaki," he responded.

"Ok then Shingen, run along before you get hurt!"

"If you're so strong then engage in battle with me," Shingen calmly stated.

"You must have a death wish kid. Fine then it's your funeral!" The crowd were placing wagers on the man. Shingen proceeded to get into his fighting stance but the man simply laughed. The battle began and it was the man who charged at Shingen first. The green haired man simply remained calm and when the man tried to hit him with a punch, he calmy said,


Shingen landed a kick to the man's chest, turned took him down by bringing his other leg behind the man's neck and sent him face first into the concerte. From there, he positioned himself behind the man, grabbed his arms and with a burst of speed, he began to kick him everywhere! In a ten second span, Shingen sent rapid kicks at least fifty kicks to the the man's ribs. To summarize the feeling, it was like being stabbed fifty times in the same position. The man was clearly down and the crowd was completely stunned at Shingen's victory. They were somwhat afraid of his powers and for a moment, there was an akward silence. Some people were seething because of the money that just lost and in fact, everyone lost their money. Shingen quickly left the scene and the crowd soon erupted in cheers and then even chanting his name.

Shingen found himself back outside in the alley when he layed eyes of a women. The women had red short hair, a white shirt with a tie, black pants and black gloves. This was Vanessa.

"What do you want and who are you," he asked. Vanessa simply smirked.

"That was impressive," she answered. "Shingen Nishwaki."

What's your point? Do you want to fight too?"

"Oh no I'm not here to fight you. You see, I've heared a lot about you and your street fighting. And so, I had to come here to see it for myself, to see if the rumors were true about you."

"Listen here women, if you're part of a crime syndicate then i'm not interested. I do no one's bidding."

Vanessa simply laughed at that and Shingen quickly got into his fighting stance.

"What's so funny women? You better start talking. What's your name and just who brought you hear?"

"You think you got me all figured out don't you?" "Don't taunt me. I'll make your superiors regret sending you on this mission!"

Shingen was about to launch an attack but soon Vanessa pulled out of her pocket a paper. The paper was an advertisment flyer promoting the King of Fighters 2000 tournament. He quickly dropped his guard.

"This is an offer I think you won't refuse," Vanessa said approaching closer to him. "The King of Fighters holds a tournament every year and I would like you to join my team." Shingen grabbed the paper, and looked at it for a moment. "What do you say?"

"Thanks but no thanks," he stated. "I'm not a team person."

"Neither is my other team mate?"

"Sorry but I work solo. You just have to find someone else." Shingen proceed to walk away but Vanessa grabbed him by the shoulder.

"You didn't let me finish Shingen. The King of Fighters is a tournament where the strongest warriors collide in battle. Don't you want to test your skills against someone like Terry Bogard? Or Ryo Sakazaki? This is a once in a lifetime chance. What do you say now?"

The green-haired man turned around and grabbed the paper.

"Who is your other teammate," he said.

"Iori Yagami."

Shingen's eyes lit up. He had haerd about the rumors and stories of one Iori Yagami and has always wanted to see if he was indeed that powerful. He knew this was a chance to finally fight him. Please this would give him a chance to skip a couple college classes and fight the best fighters in the world.

"I'll join but on one condition," Shingen said.

"I'm willing to listen to your request," Vanessa responded.

"I will join your team only if you let me fight Yagami when the tournament ends. I want to fight him and see if he is want people say he is. That's the only way I will join."

"Deal," she answered by shaking Shingen's hand."The tournament's in three months so we'll keep in touch."

Vanessa quickly departed the scene and Shingen was about to walk off as well until Vanessa turned back around.

"Oh I forgot my name is Vanessa."

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