Title: Truth behind the name and the lies pt.4

Pairing: DracoxHarry, OliverxPercy, twincest?

Fandom : HP

Notes: An abused boy finds out he's a wizard and a hero; his tormented mind rebels. One person sees through the misconceptions to the real Harry and treats him the way he deserves. How does this change them both and those around them?

Chapter 1-

Lucius' announcement and invitation

Lucius came into Wisteria Lanes whistling.

Severus was going over summer homework with Remus- each for their own classes of course. Though that didn't keep them from making out, things had gotten more comfortable between them since Christmas. Severus was starting to believe he really was worthy of being loved.

There was a knock on the study door…

Dobby's squeaky voice protested, 'But Master Lucius, Master Severus and Remus asked not to be disturbed."

"It's the study, they're merely working. Severus let me in. I know you're in there."

Severus sighed, "Come in Lucius."

"Thought you would like to know the Governors and the Ministry are finalizing arrangements for the Triwizard's Tournament to happen this year. Percy is making an excellent liaison from the Governors to the Ministry Departments of International Magical Cooperation and Magical Games and Sports. Oliver got signed, did you hear? Percy showed up to work in June with the news. By the way, if Ireland makes it to the World Cup you want to come with us to the game? Narcissa has taken out our old tent and is insisting on having it scrubbed. Might have to buy another tent though. Harry and Draco will share a room, you two will." he winked, "Narcissa and I, Blaise will have his own and Hermione too. I pulled strings so Arthur Weasley could bring his family, we'll all be in the top box."

Severus sighed, "Is this supposed to make up for Fred and George's grandfather resigning as the Transfiguration teacher?"

The worst thing to happen for the next year was that; Septimus Weasley resigned and Sirius Black applied for the position, he was the only one. There proved to be a way around the rumored Jinx on the Defense Against the Dark Art's position- apparently, their relationship. Remus was the first person in a long time to serve for two years since Galatea Merrythought who taught when Minerva was a student.

Severus hadn't told Harry yet but Remus knew and they were both concerned.

"Perhaps, a little. I just thought since it was the first time in years that we've gotten to host the World Cup it would be a fun family outing. Besides, I arranged for our campsite to be between the Weasleys and the Woods. I thought Oliver and Percy might like that. Though I do hope that horrible Ron isn't allowed to come. I've heard decent things about the older two. Well if you ignore Skeeter, she is useful on occasion."

Severus nodded, "Bill Weasley was Head Boy and a decent Keeper, Oliver might be better. They are both better then Frank Longbottom."

"I remember Frank, played against him when I was on the Team as a Chaser. I did it to impress Narcissa once."

Remus nodded, "James and Sirius used to say he was one of the best captains they ever had." well besides, James…

"So you're going to come?"

Severus glanced at Remus, who smiled, "I guess we will. I think Harry would be excited."

"Very well, back to work then. By the way, Remus' name mysteriously disappeared from the Registry. He might want to find a way to Glamour his designation tattoo, for both your sakes. Not many would accept a former Death Eater with a Werewolf. I'm one of the few governors who can speak French. McGonagall prefers me to translate then Crouch. I wonder why exactly his son went crazy…" Lucius disappeared almost as quickly as he'd come.

Severus wondered if he was truly ready to make their relationship public.

Remus stared at the door, "My name is off the registry? How did that happen?"

Severus said quietly, "Who cares? As long as we're careful and you take your potion, you won't be a danger right?"

Remus smiled, "You might have a point." He kissed him softly, "As long as I have you, everything will be fine."