Title: Truth behind the name and the lies pt.4

Pairing: DracoxHarry, OliverxPercy, twincest?

Fandom: HP

Notes: An abused boy finds out he's a wizard and a hero; his tormented mind rebels. One person sees through the misconceptions to the real Harry and treats him the way he deserves. How does this change them both and those around them?

Chapter 1- Unwelcome Legislation

Severus was absolutely furious, the Triwizard Tournament was over less then a month and he had a whole bunch of new drama to deal with. Being three months pregnant was something that he still needed to get used to…

"Calm down Severus, we won't let it pass." Lucius said, handing the pregnant man a calming draught.

"What a sanctimonious bitch! Who let that woman on the Wizengamot? A mandatory registration for all witches and wizards with Creature Blood? Even to the sixth generation? Failure to register will result in a one-year sentencing in Azkaban regardless of circumstances? They have to petition to be allowed to have a wand much less attend Hogwarts? I'll kill her! I will not have my children arrested for something that isn't their fault." Severus drank the potion and then threw the flask at the wall where it shattered.

"You think I'll let my grandchildren be trapped by this? Between you, me, Andromeda, Charlie, Bill and Lord Wood we have at least seven votes. I doubt that Minister Bones would pass it anyway. You remember she liked Blaise; she knows he's half Veela and she would be against this." Lucius merely banished the pieces.

"What's next? Anti-werewolf legislation? Remus isn't a danger to anyone. I won't have my husband imprisoned!"

Lucius poured himself a Firewhiskey and handed Severus his juice of choice this week that was on the sideboard where one of the elves left it when they returned, orange juice. "It won't pass if I have to bribe half the Wizengamot. Besides, quite a few old Wizarding Families have Creature Blood. Fifteen generations ago one of my ancestors had an affair with a Veela, the only left over is the blond hair and silver eyes. There are no Veela in Britain, they mated to too many Wizards and the bloodline became entwined with ours. There are Veela in France, Italy and Romania but the numbers are dwindling."

"I didn't know there was Veela in the Malfoy blood." Severus drank his juice slowly; juice was something that didn't make him nauseous.

"It's not something we like to admit freely. This Umbridge woman is like a disease, she's cruel enough to be a Death Eater without actually being one." Lucius sneered, he was tempted to have her killed but it would probably result in the legislation passing.

Going about in public after failing to attend the Dark Lord's rebirth was a challenging thing…

"Have your spies mentioned Karkaroff being killed yet?" Severus was moving from one disagreeable topic to another.

"No. We know Nott is in Britain. I've still got dips on the man." Lucius poured himself another Firewhiskey.

"You really think we're in that much danger for turning our backs on the Dark Lord?" Severus' glass refilled itself.

"Who knows? We'll handle it when the time comes."

"How is the plans for Nymphadora's Bonding coming?"

"Tonks wants it to be simple but Andromeda keeps pushing for me."

"A lot of Bondings the last six months or so."

"Who do you think is next?"

Severus sipped his juice, "I just hope it's not Harry."

"I wouldn't count on it. Draco has been hinting he plans for them to Bond soon."

"Harry needs more time to be a kid." Severus protested.

"They'll end up bonded eventually. Not much we can do about that…."

Severus said quietly, "With the Dark Lord's return do you think I'll stay alive long enough to give birth?"

"He wants us to be afraid of him. He gains power from fear." Lucius sipped his Firewhiskey. "By going about our lives like he's a bug under our 300 Galleon shoes he loses."

"Easier said then done Lucius, you're not pregnant."

"Perhaps not, but I do have two grandchildren and three children to protect. Bonded Blaise maybe but he is still a part of this family."

"A part you didn't recognize until after he was brought home injured during his first year." Severus reminded him.

"I was living in the past. Easy to miss important things that way, now I have my family to live for."

"You've changed since you were Head Boy and the Prince of Slytherin."

"So since Remus has forbidden you to brew for the rest of your pregnancy, who will be taking over your Potions classes?"

"Andromeda. Before she was Lady Tonks-Black she was a Healer. She preferred to brew her own potions, so she did receive her potions mistress certification. She retired when she became pregnant. She focuses more on politics now, I don't understand why she was a Healer."

"I don't really understand why you are one either. Cissy I can, she was the gentle Black sister." Lucius chuckled. Gentle Narcissa maybe but fiery as well…

"I've never had anyone to treat my injuries. I just learned how to take care of myself. I am grateful that Narcissa is my birth healer."

"Cissy is more then happy to take care of you, she sees you as family anyway. It was her idea for you to be Draco's godfather after all."

"Something I am eternally grateful for…"