"I'm so fucking sorry." He whispered, drawing me closer. Our arms were wrapped around each other, his strong thighs surrounding mine and my head on his chest. I could feel the warm droplets of his tears on my shoulder and hear the heavy, slow cadence of his heartbeat under my ear.

This couldn't be the last time I'd hear the harmony of his breathing or feel the warmth of his fingertips on the small of my back. My own tears overflowed, dropping heavily to the ground between our naked, trembling bodies.

He pulled me closer, his fingers digging into my hips almost painfully. Desperately.

"What's changed? I'll do anything," I begged, my heaving breaths burning in my chest. Piercing. Agonizing. I felt like I couldn't get enough air into my lungs.

Trailing my hand from his back, I tugged on his chin, urging his lips to mine. A sob fell from his mouth into mine as my lips closed over his. I could taste our tears but sucked his full bottom lip into my mouth regardless. I would take any part of him he'd offer. I would do anything for him.

Our tongues met, licking and tasting. They'd danced this way a thousand times before but this time it was different. This was goodbye. I broke away with a whimper, unable to hold it back. I was overcome; quivering and sobbing, clinging to him with everything I had.

The need to feel him one last time was all consuming. My heart thundered and my fingers twitched, wrapped in the strands of his wild hair. My whole body was burning for his touch. His love.

We pushed and pulled against each other, eager hands and aching cocks sliding and pulsing until he was moving inside me. My back arched with every slow thrust, my body shuddered every time I felt him fill me. I would never feel this way with another man. My chest ached and I clenched my eyes against the fresh torrent of tears.

I could feel his lips on my throat, moving rapidly, whispering soundlessly against my skin. Our fingers entangled as he moved slowly above me.

Fresh tears soaked my cheeks as he pulled my trembling lip into his mouth. Licking and nipping softly. His hard chest moved against mine deliciously and I moaned softly despite myself.

"I'm sorry, baby. I'm so sorry." His thrusts were stronger now, faster, and even through my breaking heart I could feel my body reacting. We came together with quiet moans and gentle kisses. "I'll always love you. Always."

I held him as tightly as I could until I was forced to loosen my grip on his shoulders. Leaning down to kiss my wet eyelids tenderly, I could feel the final goodbye in his actions. As he moved off of me gently, turning to walk away, I caught one last glimpse of the man I loved; face crumpled, heartache and despair undeniable in his emerald green eyes.

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