Five Bad Things That Didn't Happen To Amy And Rory, And One Good Thing That Did

1. Not Saying Goodbye

He wasn't late, he cut it close but he wasn't late. Amy and Rory were trapped and anxious, but they had faith- they'd lived two lives each, three in Rory's case, they'd lost parents and found parents and died and returned- and he'd always saved them before.

But there was a last time for everything.

"How's it going?" Amy shouted down the phone. "With Kazran?"

The Doctor didn't say anything for a second. "I saw him hit a child."

"Is that bad?"

"That's very bad," the Doctor said. "Gotta go. Look after Rory."

He hung up. Amy sighed.

"What'd he say?" Rory asked worriedly.

Amy seemed to think about it. "Everything's going to be fine."

And Rory only just believed her.

There were differences in Amy, since the wedding.

She'd said I love you to Rory many times, but since the wedding she hadn't, not often at least. Rory knew that her two lifetimes had combined, and she was almost now two Amys- the subtle differences were ones only he, not even the Doctor, could understand. One Amy had been orphaned, one had grown up loved, and now, Rory knew, whenever she remembered spending her seventh birthday party surrounded by friends and showered with presents, she also remembered spending it sitting at home with Aunt Sharon. Two girls, both Amy, both his wife, both the one he loved. But he wished sometimes that she would still tell him she loved him.

As the ship shook and cracked Rory turned to Amy.

"Um," he said. "Amy, I-"

"No!" she snapped. And this, Rory knew, was the Amy he had first known- Rory had been about to say three words, important ones, but they weren't what she wanted, they meant too much.


"No." And she turned away. "The Doctor will save us! The Doctor always saves us!" Rory didn't remind her of what had happened in the caves by the crack all that time ago, there was too much pain there, but he did try to hug her. She shook her head, turned away and reached for the phone. Which hurt Rory tremendously: he loved the Doctor but this was all his fault.

"It's okay, it's gonna be okay," the Doctor said. "Kazran Sardick isn't a lost cause, I know he's not, I'm gonna save him, and he'll save you."

"He'd better," Amy said, before she hung up. Rory watched. And thought about both of them being somewhere else- a home, warm and safe, children- Amy staring out of the window, every day, waiting for the Doctor, because he was so very much a part of both her lives and all life to come- bad things crept into his mind.

"Worst honeymoon ever," he said, in an attempt to lighten the mood. Amy just nodded.

"I hope the Doctor's alright," she said.

"He'll be fine," Rory said, surprised that the words didn't come out as a snap. "What about us?"

"We'll..." She seemed to notice the fear on his face for the first time, and her voice softened. "We've seen the end of the world, babes- we've lived for two thousand years. This can't hurt us!"

"Just in case," Rory said, "I love you."

Amy's expression changed. "Don't!" she snapped, and turned away. Rory had expected that, but it still hurt.

"Amy, I believe you, I know we're gonna be fine, but..."

"It sounds like a goodbye," she said. "We just got married. I'm not saying goodbye!"

And they didn't until the very last moment. The Doctor was nowhere to be seen, they were falling-

"The Doctor's dead, isn't he?" Amy said quietly, tears on her face.

"It's okay, Amy."

"He's dead, he wouldn't just leave us, you know that!"

"He's probably just...Amy, he's not dead. He was captured, or...hurt or something."

There was a loud crack, and the ship lurched.

"Say he's not dead," Amy said. "Do you think he'll remember us?" The lack of hope on her face- he'd seen that before only twice, both times when he was dying. And Rory didn't know what to do or say- these were their last moments in the world. And he doubted he'd be reserrected not once but three times.

"I think he'll miss us," he said. "Amy, this isn't...I've been dead before...I don't think it's the end."

"I love you," she said.

"Oh, Amy." He almost wished she hadn't. "I-"

When they crashed the explosion was seen for miles, it lit up the night sky beautifully, but they, inside, felt it. In the split second before the light took them she reached towards him, but then they were gone.

The Doctor didn't kill Kazran Sardick- he didn't do that- but he did ensure he lost his millions and finished his life in poverty. He put right everything Kazran had put wrong, apart from the one thing that mattered the most to him, and left the place forever. He went back to Leadworth, had short conversations with Amy's and Rory's families, and left that place forever too.

Then he went after River, tracked her down on a broken world, and travelled with her until years blurred into centuries, because she was the only one who couldn't leave him before her time. And she didn't, until one day she went to the Library, and he was alone once again.