6. Amy's Language

The planet didn't have a name, it had never had people to name it. But it had animals- many-coloured birds and flying stingrays- and two people lay on a blanket on the grass.

"This is better than the spaceship cruise," Rory said, raising a hand to the sun. "No crowds- no lost luggage-"

"No crashing to our fiery doom," Amy said.

"Always a plus."

Amy reached for some champagne. She looked up at the sky, at the improbable fish-creatures gliding through the clouds, and said, "I'm probably just saying this cos I'm drunk..."


"This is really perfect. The most perfect thing ever."

Rory smiled, and held her close while the birds flew overhead and cast coloured shadows across the ground, and it really was perfect.

"I think it is too. I love you, Amy."

"Aw, you're so sweet," she said, which was Amy-language for I love you too. "Let's go for a look around. Whole planet just for us."

They took a walk on the cliffs, moving away from the lush grass they'd lain on, and came to a sandy and windswept place. The stingray there were bigger, and the sun was setting.

"Oh my God," Amy said, "Rory! Look."

He looked where she was pointing. The TARDIS was there, but it wasn't quite the one they knew- there were differences. And a man and a woman were standing there, in front of it, looking out. Rory and Amy heard faint voices:

"-stay with me?" the man asked.

"Forever!" said the girl, with an almost religious conviction, and took his hand. The two strange people gazed out at the horizon and the sun, oblivious to all around them and the fact that they were watched. Eventually they turned back to the TARDIS, the man's arms around the girl's shoulders, and the door closed behind them, and Amy turned to Rory, excitement in her eyes.


"Another Doctor," Rory finished, staring at the spot where the TARDIS was dematerialising. "We saw them. On that hologram. The day I first met him."

"He's wearing my Doctor's tie," Amy said, the exitement dying down as she thought about things. "The one he wore when I first found him."

They stared thoughfully down over the cliffs for a while.

"That girl," Rory finally said, "I bet she was from our time."

"She looked like it." Amy said. "Do you think they..."

Rory couldn't help but look uncomfortable. "With her? She doesn't look, I dunno, his type."

"Yeah, actually," Amy said, "I thought his type was more River. Actually," and she gave a scowl, "he's supposed to be married to her."

Rory thought her attitude to fidelity had changed over the past few months, and he was, although loathe to admit it, quite glad. "Maybe this was pre-River." Then he thought about it. "He's married to her?"

"Yeah, thought so."


They continued on.

They ate dinner under the stars, and threw bits to the hungry stingrays.

"S'weird how there's no people round here," said Rory.

"Apart from the Doctor and the hot blonde. Think he takes them all here?" At the look on Rory's face she said, "Relax! He didn't take me here."

"Oh good."

"You gotta learn to chill," she said brightly. "Wanna get the costumes from the suitcase?"

"Can't we have different ones? For some reason, these days I'm associating Roman armour with complete disaster."

"That seems fair. Wear your nurse's scrubs."

"You packed my nurse's scrubs?"

"I packed everything, babes."

They looked up at the stars. It may not have been the time, but-

"Will you stay with me forever?" Rory found himself asking.

Amy smiled as if she'd been expecting it. "Oh, I don't know," she teased, which in Amy's language meant yes.

Rory awoke to a stingray biting at his feet.

"Ow!" He sprung up to see Amy was already awake, looking thoughtfully out at the horizon. "Amy! Help over here!"

"Aww!" Amy said, without the least concern for her husband's toes, and reached out a hand to it. "Look! It's cute. And hungry." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a bar of chocolate. "It's weird how it's not scared of us..."

"Mmm. Yes. Weird." Rory shook it away and joined his wife. "What would you like for breakfast?"

"What have we got?"

"Eggs, toast-" the stingray took off and soared away "-some bacon, some sort of squishy yogurt thing-"

"A Tastysquid from the Spaceline USA?"

"Quite possibly." Rory threw it to her. "Oh, and a note reading, 'Good luck Rory.' Nice of him..."

Amy munched on the Tastysquid. "Want some?"

"Nope. I like my food a bit less intestines-like. I've seen the insides of people, remember?" He was reaching for the toast when he saw that overhead, all the stingrays were flying in the same direction, as if escaping. "Oh. That looks good."

"What does?" Amy asked.

"Those stingrays...they're..."

Suddenly the TARDIS started to appear beside them, materialising fast. Amy nearly choked on her food, and Rory started to shout "He's not due back til tomorrow," but the Doctor flung the TARDIS door open and reached out a hand, and suddenly things were very windy. "In! Hurry!" he shouted. Amy and Rory reacted as fast as they could, darted in, even managed to pick up some of their baggage, but the rest of it was caught up in a sudden whirlwind. The cliff they'd been standing on crumpled just as the TARDIS left it, and the Doctor leaned against the console and said, "I am good!"

"Yes," Rory said catiously, "we know. What was that?"


"Doctor!" snapped Amy.

"The planet, that lovely deserted one where there's no people just pretty coloured animals and fish? Well, turns out, every five days there's a massive apocalyptic event and the whole planet gets wiped out and then the survivors just start again. Good thing I realised when I did!" He clapped his hands. "How was your honeymoon?"

"Calm," said Rory pointedly.

"Well, we can't be having too much of that. Now, I recieved a call from my good friend George today-"

"George Washington?" said Amy excitedly. "Are we going back in time?"

"George Lucas, and no. A monster has invaded the Star Wars movies. Can't work out how it happened. Ate Chewbacca. Shall we go?"

"Oh God," groaned Amy, "science fiction-"

"What are you moaning at, girl who travels in a police box time machine and hangs out with a thousand year old man and married a plastic Roman soldier?" the Doctor said. "Let's go, Ponds."

And they did.