All The Tired Horses

Summary: The Jump Street team is on a mysterious case of exploiting a "director" of homemade snuff films in a high school setting… They hadn't thought it'd be so hard of a case, however, they hadn't expected to become the victims.

Chapter One: A Snuff Film.

"I know this is going to be boring, class…" The teacher's voice was so bland that the students paid her no attention. Though, some stared at her chest or her thighs, no one listened to the words that come from her mouth… Hell, none of them even looked at her lips. She was a new student teacher, here to replace their old teacher, Mrs. Dylan. Easy prey, and easy to piss off… She ignored their stares as well as she could, and she continued to speak loud and clear with her voice faltering not… "But please, I ask you to pay attention, for some of this information will be on the final in a view weeks." At this, she turned around and bent over to place the cassette into the VCR player…

She almost snapped up immediately, since quite a large number of her male students had begun whistling and hollering… As if they were watching a football game. She turned around, placing a finger to her lips, and "shh-ed" the hormonal class. The screen was 'snowy' or 'antsy' for a moment as it took a while to configure itself… She turned around and faced her class, preventing them from glancing and drooling at the sight of her backside and she waited for the film to show…

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" The voice crackled on the speakers of the TV's sound system and the bright lights flickered on and off, hurting both the students' eyes and their ears. The teacher panicked, thinking that it was one of her students that were screaming, she glanced around the room… the only sound that could be heard now were sounds of something… liquid, most likely… "Spurting". Like something you'd hear from a ketchup bottle. She paused when she noticed her students had begun to look away. Some covered their eyes, others continued to stare with green faces. The screaming continued as the "movie" played on the screen.

"Please! Make it stop…" One of the students cried out. The teacher dared herself to glance over at the TV screen and see what it was they were talking about… On the screen, showed what appeared to be what was left of a woman's body. It had been mutilated so badly, however, the teacher had to squint and look closely to be able to tell what it was… Then, there was blood… The blood stained the body and coated it so thickly that it resembled a blanket. She felt lightheaded… but something made her continue watching the bloodbath on the screen… the woman's head was suddenly sliced clean off the body and landed onto the ground… the man holding the camera shook it violently, making all of the viewers grow weary with motion sickness… The teacher was about to turn off the TV screen with she noticed the woman's face…

"… Mrs. Dylan!"

A voice cackled on the TV screen… "This, my dear viewers… is the fate left for all spiteful, bad, nonchalant teachers who don't know how to teach." By now, some of the students had either passed out, or left the room in shock. The student teacher quickly shut off the TV screen and she slid to her knees, feeling like jell-o.

. . .

"No way, Boss… This wacko didn't actually kill her and record it, did he?" Doug was beginning to sound way too naïve to be a cop. Hanson glanced over at his friend and gave a sneer at his friend's ignorance…

"You wanna see this tape, Douglas?" Fuller wasn't joking either when he spoke. Everyone in the room cringed and shook their heads.

"I just can't believe how… how sick that is." Judy commented, at first to herself, but as she continued to talk her voice grew more confident. "I mean… I can't see how anyone, let alone a high school student, kidnaps his teacher and makes a homemade documentary about torturing her. That… it just sounds downright inhuman."

"It's even worse that he made the class watch…" Ioki mumbled softly.

"It's sick."
"What? The fact that he kidnapped, tortured, and murdered his teacher… or the fact that he recorded it and made his class watches?"

"I don't even know anymore… it's all sick." Hanson averted his gaze and stared absently at a random spot on the carpeted floor of Fuller's office. Everyone fell silent for a few short moments, all staring in a random direction with cloudy eyes.

"Hanson. Hoffs. I'm putting you too inside of the school." Both Judy and Tom looked up at Fuller with eyes as wide as plates. Both looked like sheep being told that they were to be slaughtered and eaten for supper that night. "I just want you two to find out who this guy is, and why this guy is making these… 'documentaries'."

"Y-you mean this isn't his only one?" Judy asked.

"Nope." Fuller stood up from where he sat in his chair and he moved over to the large bookcase that sat behind his desk and he pulled out a large box from the bottom shelf. He turned around and set it down gently onto his desk… He began to speak again as he opened the top lid, revealing a least twenty-or-so black, cassette tapes. "Apparently this guy has been making his snuff videos for quite some time now… his first few involved killing multiple animals. His neighbor's animals, his school pets… And then, he killed this teacher and apparently a music coach."

Hanson swallowed a knot in his throat and he turned to look at Judy… She was turning a little pale.

"It gets worse…" Fuller paused. "This guy is selling copies of these things. It's been a while since we've dealt with this kind of crime, guys… You'll have to think in a new way, find evidence in places you wouldn't normally expect."

No one responded to Fuller's words verbally… just nodded like robots and left his office in a single-file line.

. . .

"Class… This is Judy Halbert. She just recently enrolled from… " This teacher speaking was very old… an elderly teacher, rather, and she had a sweet smile that snuck out onto her face from under her deep wrinkles and long, snowy white hair. She was small in stature, honestly… only about four feet and a few inches tall, but she spoke strong, clear and smooth and she always knew what she was talking about. The students did not disrespect her for her age… in fact, she was one of the few teachers that the students admired and enjoyed.

"From the International High School." Judy tried her best to preserve her French accent as she spoke… the students eyed her with judgmental lenses. Some of them had their mouths wide open with awe, other glared at her with jealousy. After all… she was gorgeous in the clothing she had on. They were handmade and imported from France… only helping to further add to her exotic look. When the teacher asked her to please take her seat, Judy strutted to the back in a high fashion cat-walk walk. All of the other girls, even those who were deemed 'popular' were now either turning their faces in jealousy or smirking with huffiness.

She was the new student. The new girl in town, and she was going to be the new heartbreaker of the school.

. . .

"Hello." Tom spoke to one of the other students in class and he smiled at the boy. The other student peered up at Tom through his wide, thick, horned-rimmed glasses and when he smiled; his braces sparkled in the light that shone through the window of the classroom.

"Hey there." The student replied. "I'm David. Welcome to our Computer Graphics and Video class."

Author's Note:

I'm going through all of the chapters to the story and editing and fixing them myself.

I just recently noticed that some of my pieces of story here either were written in hast and don't make sense, or have some really inaccurate pieces that won't work considering the timeline of the story.

To clear things up ahead of time, I'm going to consider this story to be a little AU. This story doesn't recognize the episode "Stand By Your Man" where Judy was raped, but it still has Dennis Booker involved and it's placed after Tom Hanson's release from jail on the account of murdering a cop.

Sorry for it being a little confusing when you think about it too hard, and sorry for all the typos and the weird writing. I'm going through each chapter of the story and pretty much beta'ing it on my own. Thanks!

edit: I also changed Judy's fake surname to something more French to match her assumed identity.