Hey guys, this is based on the episode"The Enemy Of My Enemy".And as a songfic I choosed the song Cry performed by song really fits Gwevin in this drama episode.

He was there…..looking like a monster. I was watching how Kevin was hitting Argit. I felt how my blood was getting colder every second. I tried to move but it looked like I froze on my place. I never felt that much pain in my life. If this was somebody else I would have put him down just like Ben says. But my heart was beating faster and I knew that I would never hurt Kevin because I LOVED HIM.

I'm not the type to get my heart broken
I'm not the type to get upset and cry
'Cause I never leave my heart open
Never hurts me to say goodbye

Relationships don't get deep to me
Never got the whole 'in love' thing
And someone can say they love me truly
But at the time it didn't mean a thing

This was a new feeling for me. I don't remember being in love with someone like this before. Even back then, when I met Michael. I didn't really like him, I was just angry at Kevin for not asking me out. But after they saved me from that creep I promised myself to not forgive Kevin for his rudeness. Well, I couldn't because I LOVED HIM.

My mind is gone, I'm spinnin' 'round
And deep inside my tears I'll drown
I'm losin' grip, what's happenin'?
I strayed from love, this is how I feel

While I was watching I felt sorry for Argit. I have never seen Kevin this angry before. He even hit me, after all we've been thought. For the first I was frightened watching Kevin. I tried to help but I couldn't move. My eyes were tearing just to hear his voice that it wasn't soft anymore. I couldn't stop the tears but I did because I finally got on myself and said to him."Kevin, how could you? He was your friend!" I was ready to let the tears out from my eyes but Kevin looked at me at this moment and with his cold eyes it looked like my tears froze.

This time was different
Felt like, I was just a victim
And it cut me like a knife
When you walked out of my life
Now I'm, in this condition
And I've, got all the symptoms
Of a girl with a broken heart
But no matter what you'll never see me cry

I saw him coming closer and closer until I realized that I couldn't bring Kevin to his senses with talking. I had to fight him but my body wasn't moving. My brain was saying "go, fight him" but my heart was screaming "don't do it Gwen, you love Kevin and you know he does too….you have to find a cure for him". I was totally confused, so I listened to both of them. I said to Kevin "Give yourself up Kevin... Don't make m-!" But after 5 seconds I found myself laying on the ground. My whole body was hearting and I couldn't stand up. He hit me, again and I couldn't take it anymore.

How did I get here with you, I'll never know?
I never meant to let it get so, personal
And after all I tried to do, to stay away from loving you
I'm broken heart and I can't let you know
And I won't let it show
You won't see me cry

Kevin was getting closer to me; I was too exhausted and hurt to think about what is going to happen next because from all those feeling and fights with the guy I truly loved. When we faced each other he prepared to blow a fire ball at me. I knew this was the end, for me, for him and most important for US. I remembered all the good times we had together, all those hugs and kisses we shared. I couldn't believe it was going to be over. But this time I couldn't stop my tears. My eyes were filling and filling, and at the end I let them running down my cheeks! I was I surprised when I felt that I am still alive. I opened my eyes and saw that the fire ball was slowly fading away. Kevin got even closer to me and said"The only reason you're still alive is because of what you used to mean to me!" and he flew away like nothing happened.

But no matter what you'll never see me cry

All my life...

I got up and wiped my tears from my face. Not only were my eyes filled with tears but my heart too. I was nothing more than a heartbroken girl. Then I realized that this wasn't really Kevin, it was the power he absorbed. That second I promised myself for not ever crying, I just had to be brave and find a cure for Kev!

The End

I hope you liked it!

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