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We walked through the back streets of Idris following the Inquisitor and I realised that fires were burning in the street like last time. "What the..." The Inquisitor said to herself before addressing us, "You two, stay here, okay?"

"Yes ma'am. Wait..." I trailed off as she had already ran out of the alley and into view. "Jess just call me Jace, not dad, okay?"

Jess looked at me in shock for a moment before nodding, "Sure thing, Jace." She smirked and I ruffled her hair as carefully as I could with fire cuffs on.

Then the ugliest demon crept into the alley with us. It was a greater demon because of the reeking smell that made me want to throw up, clearly I didn't, I began to taunt it. "Hey ugly! Have you ever heard of deodorant or perfume? Well you really need some!" It's red eyes glared at me in fury, "Oh and I would suggest that you clean your teeth some time soon."

Jess snickered and it glared a hole in my head then Isabelle and Alec walked into the alley screaming at each other.

"I told you it was the next left!" Shrieked Isabelle.

"And I told you that I could smell a demon!" Alec roared back. Gahh are these people BLIND?

"Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!" Roared Isabelle, "You wanna kill it now?" Alec paled as he seen me.

"Hi Jace." He said in a small voice.

I ignored him and yelled, "Is someone going to kill this stupid demon? Or will I have to with cuffs and my bare hands?"

Alec grabbed his bow, and fired at the cuffs. "Thank me later, just kill it." Then he whipped a seraph blade from his belt and passed it to me.

"Seraphiel." I whispered, sliced Jessica's cuffs in half and then flew at the demon slicing at its limbs.

Jess had her seraph blade, Isabelle and her whip, and Alec and his bow and they were attacking it like me. "Isabelle, Jess go for the limbs, Alec for its head and I'll go for the heart!" I yelled over the demon screaming.

Isabelle leapt off its head, where she had had it in a headlock with her whip and coiled the whip around one of its claws yanking it out in the process making the demon howl in fury, and causing yellow puss to come spewing out onto Isabelle. "Thanks." She said all to calmly, her voice dripped with sarcasm.

Then it caught me off guard with its claw like hand and it pinned me up against a wall howling in fury at me. "Sorry but I don't think you noticed before, I. Do. Not. Speak. Greater. DEMON!" I screamed at it, "CA PSH? Good. Isabelle, deodorant!" I screamed at her gesturing to the demons eye.

"Okay I'll throw it up to you!" She opened a little clutch bag and yanked a little spray deodorant out and threw it to me. I caught it in one hand and sprayed it all into the demons eyes making it recoil and drop me on to the ground.

I'd landed on my left arm and I guessed it was broken as I couldn't move it. This was going to be fun. I channelled all my anger into getting back on my feet and then lunging at the demon

"Change of plan, Alec and Isabelle go to Amatis Garroway's house and bring her here while I teach Jess a move." Then the demon smashed my head into a wall and I was knocked out.


The crowd wasn't moving or speaking. And I needed to get through to see Alec and Isabelle.

I raced across a ledge and noticed that the closer I got into the crowd, the more quiet they became. Something was wrong. I could feel it.

I then seen what the crowd was looking at. Dead bodies. There was two dead wolves lay limp on their side, paws bound with silver chains, Lucian and Maia. Then I allowed my eyes to move to the two redhead lay near the larger wolfs body. Jocelyn and Clary. My heart shattered when I seen Clary just lying there.

I begged myself not to look at the two blackheads. Alec and Isabelle.

Then I noticed it wasn't just a crowd, it was every conclave where Shadowhunters roam. And wolves in their human form.

I turned around and found Simon biting into my neck...


The lights in the room hurt my eyes and my arm felt normal. I scanned the room for life and then seen Sebastian sitting on the window ledge eyes shut. "Well, well, well. I knew you'd bring him, Jaylnn." Said Sebastian to some other person in the room.

"I always follow your orders, My Lord." Said the Inquisitor. Then I realised. Sebastian was getting a little cult/circle like Valentine did.

"How..." I looked at the Inquisitor and seen Violet Brownhedge, Sian Rivers, Rachel Rownwood, Sam Rothburke and Liam Kyle standing behind the Inquisitor.

"How did I become the Inquisitor and be a member of the inner circle? I killed the real Inquisitor and read through their file. Then I took their place and came to get you, Jace." Jaylnn smirked at me, "Do not ask me why your idiot mother named you Jonathan because you don't deserve that name."

What the hell? Do you speak Dutch now Jaylnn?

"Well, my mother may have been a idiot, but, your mother was a player. And I doubt you've ever had a date in your life have you Jaylnn" I retorted with a huge grin on my face. "Sian, and Violet your father was a cheater because you share the same daddy and Liam chats up Sam's girlfriend. Or should I say Michael's girlfriend behind his back."

Angel! If only I had a camera on me...

"Oh and Rachel, run." Oh. My. Angel. That made my sides split laughing. Rachel is like her parents. Terrified of the word run. Pathetic much?

"Sebastian, get to the business. Show me where she is, but if someone else follows us I'll slit their throat. All I've wanted for these past sixteen years is her back. So I'll do whatever you want." I said. Wait. I didn't say that at all.

Sebastian took me to a dark room where Lilith was stood over Clary's body.

"And the hag is still alive. Whoop e do!" I was trying my hardest to taunt Sebastian so I could get into a decent fight that I would actually win.

"She will rise at midnight." Said Lilith very I-am-the-business-so-do-not-screw-with-me-Herondale-child like.

So childish.

I have a brilliant flaw, it enables me to screw with someone's mind by acting the freak. And my flaw was preparing itself to attack head on.

"So Lilith how was the fifty foot drop from the Cathedral in France?" Her dwarfish ears pricked up in fury so I knew I was doing good. "I heard you sort of... faked your own death..." I dawdled, "and had a funeral pyre, hosted by leaches!"

Thank you brilliant flaw!

She literally flew at me in fury spitting the remaining pieces of her dinner into my face as she roared, "That was my, BROTHER! Stupid Nephilim child!"

9999999999999999 cheers for Jace Herondale's Flaw!

Actually nah let's not.

"Woah you have siblings?" I asked her. Almost every greater demon, or whatever she was, had siblings.

She gave me a look and continued with telling me what I was to do. "Walk over to Clarrissa, place your hand on her mark and place her hand on yours. Hers is on her neck."

I gently picked up her stone cold left hand, and placed it on my stomach where my mark was and placed my left hand on her neck. A jolt of electricity was sent through us and Lilith grabbed Sebastian's arm and sliced a long scar into it.

"What the..." Sebastian roared before throwing the knife at Lilith, who caught it.

"You agreed!" She accused him and threw the knife at his heart.

"Can you stop with the knife throwing back and forth crap?" I yelled.

"Yes, we can." Her eyes turn red. "Satan's God, Satan's God. Bring the child to life. Through my power, invested in evil, with the untied sacrifice of Nephilim, bring her back. A life for a death. A plant for a seed." She chanted.

Then I felt drained and had the urge to collapse on to the floor.

"Jace!" Clary's voice was the last thing I heard before I drifted...


I was looking down from up above and seen Clary mourning over me. Isabelle and Alec had just ran into the room and found me lying there. I looked at my body and whispered, "Why?"

I was alone up here. Then Max came up to me, "Jace you can't go back yet. Not until Midnight tomorrow."

"Jonathan! How could you!" Lilith roared at Sebastian. Oh yes! Even in death I'm more popular than him!

Then she threw a soul sword at him and I was pulled down to earth... for the second time.


My head was spinning, like last time, "Next time I'm about to die warn me or I'll stay by hells gate and refuse to move." Lilith grabbed Sebastian's body and threw it out of a window.

"Nice." Said Clary before embracing me in a hug.

I looked at her.

"Dying aint nice." I said, forcing the grin I wanted so badly to hide down.

"It was for me, get away from your ugly mug for fifthteen years." She was trying not to smirk.

"I wonder why you smelt so awful when they burnt you, all that Morgenstern crap inside of you." She was smiling freely now.

"I totally agree with Jace." Said Isabelle. "You totally reeked."

"Izzy!" Clary yelled.

"And Alec." Said Magnus, "And maybe Magnus to."

Then there came the hugs. To many hugs for me and Clary.


I am allergic to hugs now.

But I must admit it was pretty cool having a fiancée that rose from the dead.