Harmony of White Roses

Ash Ketchum moves into his new house with his mother and new family, however Ash soon realises that having 'the gift' isn't so good and is plagued by a number of resident phantoms that dwell there.

Not really spooky more like a mature version of Casper… Yeah. So no need to worry about getting a spare set of undies.

Pairings: Ikarishipping later on, AshxOC, mild OldRival and Contest and slight one-sided Poké. Not really a love story so to speak, not even spiritual.

The title is weird, I know but poetic… sort of. Hehe.

It's set in present day England… Somewhere… Yeah you can tell this story has been really thought about can't you?

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon

Chapter One: The House

The house had been abandoned for over fifty years, yet there was always a hustle and bustle about it. No one lived there anymore, even if it was a beautiful house. It was impressive. There were three floors, high windows and archways and fancy carvings in the stonework. It was a really impressive house when all said and done. It was large and was built like a three sided square with vast grounds around it. Over the years the grounds had become like a wilderness rather than the kept gardens it used to be. Then again, the house was abandoned in the 1940's.

Everything had gone wrong for the house. No one even dared go near it anymore just in case something went awfully wrong.

Yet, in the early morning of a Tuesday, the house was full of noise as the occupants went about their daily routine.

"Andrew," screamed a brunette girl wearing a knee length beige skirt with a brown blouse. She stormed down one of the corridors of the house, looking for the guy in question. She eventually found him floating above the old dinning table.

Yes, the house was occupied but no one lived there.

The brunette glared up at a green haired boy wearing breeches, boots and jacket. He was mindlessly floating a few feet in the air with his hands behind his head, apparently dozing.

"Where did you put it?" the girl screamed.

"Put what?" Andrew asked innocently.

"My photo frame! Where is it?" the girl shrieked.

"Now, now, May," came a new voice. A girl with orange hair appeared through the ceiling. She floated through the plaster head first, obviously hearing the argument between the two others. May, the brunette, folded her arms. She had gone into sulk mode now. The red haired looked at Andrew.

"Drew," she said, "Please tell May where you put her photo frame."

"Sorry, Misty," Andrew replied, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

May let out a frustrated sigh before she zoomed up through the ceiling. Misty turned to Drew, scowling at him. She was wearing a long, stripped dress with a piece of material hanging round her hips. She had a brass necklace round her neck with similar style earrings in her ears. Drew sat up, smirking.

"Don't you believe me, Misty?" he asked, "Well, that hurts."

"Where is it?" Misty snapped.

"It's just a stupid portrait," Drew said with a shrug, "Of a dumb guy. You'd think after fifty years she'd have let go."

"Well, unlike me or you," Misty said, "She's only had fifty years, not two hundred and fifty years to get over it."

There was a pause while Drew thought this over. In the mean time another girl appeared in the room. She was checking round the room for something. She had midnight blue hair and was wearing a black dress with a white apron. She looked at the two others.

"Have you seen Rusty?" she asked.

"Sorry, Dawn," Misty replied, "But no."

"Where is the dumb animal, I wonder," Drew commented. Dawn looked around for a few seconds before fading through the floor. Misty let out a sigh.

"I will find that portrait," Misty warned, "And then I will knock you around a bit."

"A portrait?" Dawn's voice echoed. A few seconds later, Dawn's head appeared out of the floor. "You mean May's photo frame? I saw it in the library, next to the bookshelf."

"Thanks, Dawn," Misty said with gratitude in her tone.

"Yeah, thanks Dawn," Drew snapped, rolling his eyes. Dawn disappeared once more. Misty looked up at Drew before gliding over to him. He gulped as she grabbed hold of his foot.

"Now for my daily dose of fun," Misty remarked as she pulled a screaming Drew through a wall.

Paul idly flicked through a book as he petted a rust coloured dog in his lap. The purple haired teen looked as sad and morose as he usually did. The book was his sister's who had left it in her room a long time ago. He had read it quite often, yet there were no signs of wear or tear anywhere. He didn't even flinch as Drew's yells echoed through the empty house. The dog in his lap looked up suddenly. A few seconds later Dawn slowly and cautiously rose from the floor boards. She glanced the rust coloured spaniel on Paul's lap before disappearing once more through the floor boards. Paul pretended not to notice her. He merely turned the page of the book as if there was nothing there. Rusty glanced up at Paul before barking. Paul raised his arm and the ghost dog went scurrying off after Dawn.

After a few moments, Paul closed the book and got out of his chair. He strolled to the small window that looked out over the grounds of the house. A few seconds later Dawn and Rusty appeared outside. Dawn was throwing a shoe for Rusty to chase after. The dog had a thing for footwear. Paul couldn't fathom it. Paul was wearing a black pair of tailored trousers with a dress shirt. He leant on the wall beside the window, looking out over the grounds and watching Dawn and Rusty.

"Good morning, Paul," May greeted him as she drifted through the floor, "Have you seen-"

"No," Paul snapped.

"But you don't-"

"Your photo frame," Paul replied.

"Oh, OK then. Bye," May disappeared through the floor again. A few seconds later, Drew screamed once more like he was in horrible pain. It was never as bad as it sounded. Paul rubbed his eyes. So much for a quiet afterlife.

Something caught his attention. It was sudden and strange, but he knew at once that something wasn't quite right in the house of theirs. Rather, his. He was the one who had the most claim on the house, not the other three. The dog came a close second. Paul walked to the other side of the room to where there was another small, circular window. He looked out of it to see what had got attention. A car was coming up the drive way.

Paul looked at the machine in a confused sort of way. It looked strange compared to the cars he had seen in the past. Then again, the last time he had seen a car it was 1944. Time sure did pass for the living. Paul watched as the car stopped outside the house and a family of five filtered out onto the gravel. Three of them had purple hair.

Joy, it was a family reunion.

The other four, well three, would come to him in a few minutes asking what was going on. Dawn would go to investigate the moment the dog ran off. Paul let out a sigh and walked back to his seat.

So people were coming back to the house were they? Now that couldn't be good. Paul picked up his sister's diary and turned to a page labelled the 15th August 1908. Paul read the opening few lines: It's Paul, my brother. He's dead. A chill would have gone up anyone's spin but not Paul's. Paul looked up, thinking to himself. He needed those people out of the house not because he wanted the house to himself. He didn't mind it when people lived there. People didn't bother them usually until one of them died. That would happen again. When ever people came into this house, their life expectancy was somewhat reduced.

"Paul," Misty's voice snapped as she rose out of the floor boards with Drew's foot in her hand. "There's people here."

"I noticed," Paul replied, feigning disinterest. Drew, who was hanging up side down with his arms crossed, looked annoyed that they had visitors.

"Dropping by without sending a warning or anyone to get the house ready? What bad manners for the family," Drew muttered, "No respect for the great families."

May drifted through the floor, holding her photo frame close to her chest. She looked worriedly at the other three.

"If people have come here once more, it means everything's going to start again. That's not good at all," May said. Misty and Drew nodded in agreement.

"We'll keep an eye on them," Paul said, "Until the time comes."

"OK," the three chorused. Paul closed the book in his hand and put it on the small table beside his chair. The other three eyed it carefully. None of them had ever seen what was written in that book. It was a great mystery to them. Paul glared at them as they crept closer to the table. They instantly shrunk away.

"May, keep an eye on Dawn," Misty said suddenly, "No doubt she'll stumble on them and get us into some mess."

"OK," May said with a nod before fading from view. Misty let go of Drew. He floated the right way up and waited for some instruction.

"We should have a look at them," Misty said, "To make sure they are OK. The last thing we want is an exorcist."

"Yeah," Drew agreed. The two looked at Paul to see what he was going to do. He flicked his hand and they decided it was best for them to leave. Paul got to his feet again and walked to the front window.

Ash Ketchum, aged fourteen, had no idea that the house in front of him was as old as it was. He looked at it in excitement. This was going to be awesome. The new house was going to be the best place in the world, not to mention he had a brand new life to begin in a new place.

"Hey, Ash," he younger step-sister said as she walked towards him, hands behind her back, "You like the house?"

"It's amazing!" Ash yelled making her laugh. Ash smiled at his new step-sister. She was only a few months younger than him. She had long purple hair to the middle of her back with coal black eyes and pale skin. She was wearing a pair of jean shorts with a purple tank top and some purple converse. Her hair was up in a pony tail. Being quite the tom boy, she rarely wore anything different from her usual sports gear.

"I told you so," she teased, "But nooooo, you said it would stink worse than Reggie's cooking."

"Hey," their older brother complained as he climbed out of the car. Reggie was seventeen years old. He had shoulder length purple hair which was tied up in a ponytail. Vi and Ash laughed as Reggie walked over to them, hands on his hips. He was smiling so they weren't in too much trouble. "So do you two like it here?"

"It looks awesome," Ash stated. Vi nodded in agreement.

"You know, no one's lived here in over fifty years," Reggie said, "It could be a little run down once we get inside."

"No sweat," Ash said proudly, "I bet I can survive any way."

"Where did we get the house anyway?" Vi asked, ignoring Ash completely.

"It used to be grandfather's house," Reggie explained, "But after the war, he moved out. Something about it being haunted or something."

"Haunted?" Vi asked worriedly. She was terrified of ghosts. She clung onto Ash's arm for protection.

"Wow," Ash commented, ignoring the fact that his step-sister was shaking while she hung onto his arm, "That's amazing."

"It is," Reggie agreed, "Maybe once the house is OK we could call in Most Haunted or something."

"Yeah!" Ash yelled.

"Calm down, Ash," his mother snapped as she walked around the car to get a few things out of the boot. She smiled at his perkiness.

"Sorry, mom," Ash said. Delia Ketchum had married Harold Shinji about three months ago, although the family had been together for about two years. Harold had been divorced for around ten years likewise Delia had been the same for four years. The three teens got on very well with each other. Vi and Ash went to the same school and were in the same classes while Reggie was a few years above them. He was currently in college.

Harold walked to stand by his new wife, smiling at the three teens.

"So you like it here, huh?" Harold asked.

"Yeah," the three teens shouted. Delia winced at the noise. She shook her head. Harold was just as bad as they were.

"Have you any idea what state the house is in?" Delia asked her husband. Harold shook his head. He had no clue. Delia let out a sigh.

"Why did people suddenly leave here, dad?" Vi asked, finally letting go of Ash's arm. She looked hopefully at her father as he thought over the answer.

"Dad always said he left because it was no place to raise a child," Harold said, "There were a fair few deaths here. In the war, an evacuee died right in front of him. I guess that's why he left."

"Are there any ghosts?" Reggie and Ask asked. Vi squeaked as her father nodded. Delia shook her head, not believing this at all.

"That's so cool!" Ash yelled.

"Dad said that there are five ghosts in the house," Harold went on to explain, "There's a steward, a gypsy girl, a dog and a maid."

"Wow," Reggie stated, "That's quite a collection."

"That's not all," Harold went on, "Dad also said that my great uncle was a ghost."

"Huh?" Reggie and Ash asked, confused.

"You mean a relative ghost is in this house?" Reggie asked. Harold nodded.

"Pretty cool, eh?" Harold replied.

"No it's not!" Vi yelled, latching onto Delia, "It's horrible. Tell them Delia. It's horrible!"

"It's just a story," Delia replied, "There's no such things as ghosts."

"Yes, dear," Harold said while rolling his eyes. Reggie and Ash chuckled as Harold was hit over the head by Delia.

"Now let's have a look inside," Reggie said to Ash. Ash nodded and the teens walked towards their new home.

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