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Chapter Fifty: The Epilogue

The house had not changed in over two decades apart from the usual wear and tear of been left alone for so long. Compared to most abandoned houses this one was in a rather good shape as if someone had been looking after it for the owners but there was no sign of anyone passing through the land. The house was still locked up tightly from the outside world until now.

Rose stood at the bottom of a grand stair case staring up into the dim hallway with wonder and amazement all at the same time. She had heard the stories about this house from her family but she never dreamed that she would be here.

It had been five years since her father's death in that freak car accident and now the house had passed to her uncle since her mother no longer wanted it. Rose was on her way to boarding school but she couldn't resist stopping at this old house, breaking the lock and exploring. So many things had happened here, none of which could be explained and it intrigued her.

Slowly she stepped towards the stairs and climbed up to the first floor, her eyes darting around this way then that to take in as much as she could. She tripped on the final step, almost falling all the way down the stairs if it wasn't for a hand grabbing her wrist.

Her eyes and head snapped up to she who her rescuer was but there was nothing there. Rose frowned as she got to her feet. She dusted her school uniform down. This place sure was dusty, she thought.

The soft sound of a music box drifted from one of the near by rooms. With a slight pause Rose followed it, her curiosity peaked to no end. She opened one of the heavy oak doors a little way down the corridor and peered in. There was nobody there only a small wooden music box sat on a wooden table in the centre of the room.

The room was a library with hundreds of books on the shelves. This place seemed less dusty than the others, it was brighter than the other rooms too. Sunlight shone through two large windows which overlooked the gardens. While the small box chimed to an unknown tune, Rose walked to the windows and looked out on the garden. It was so beautiful here despite all the plants being overgrown and the rooms being dusty.

"I told you," Drew said to Paul, "There is a girl here."

"I see that," Paul said dryly.

"She's Vi's daughter," May said happily, "Look at her, she's exactly like Vi."

"I can see that too," Paul replied earning him a laugh from Leaf and Misty.

"She slipped on the stairs," Dawn commented.

"We don't need anymore proof that she's Vi's daughter, Dawn," Paul said to his partner, looking at her with a smirk on his face. She elbowed him in the ribs in retaliation.

"Look at her," Gary said, "They're still out there."

"Yeah," Edmund agreed, "Living life and going about their day like normal people."

"It's a joy to know," Misty said. Everyone agreed with various tones of 'yes' and 'yeah' apart from Paul who merely nodded. They stood watching Rose as she walked round the library. She looked at everything she could, touching trinkets that had been left on the sides and the spines of books.

"Wow," she said, "I never expected this place to be like this. It's so pretty."

"Can she see us?" Misty asked Paul. Paul shrugged. He floated up to a portrait that hung over the door. The glass on the frame was dusty but Paul didn't seem to care. With one finger he wrote a message in the dust then rattled the picture to get Rose's attention.

She span round, her eyes looking every place until they stopped on the portrait. She walked closer to the picture, her mouth slightly open, her eyes wide. As she read the message her mouth turned into a smile, a really happy smile.

"So you are real," she said, "Paul? Dawn? Leaf? Gary? You're all here aren't you? May, Misty, Edmund and the green haired one."

"Drew! The name is DREW!" Drew yelled loudly but Rose didn't hear him. She was too busy rummaging through her bag for her camera phone so she could snap a picture of the portrait with the message on it. The phone clicked as it captured the image. Rose smiled at the picture fondly.

For no reason at all she held the phone up again as if she was going to take another picture then she turned round, still looking at the screen. She almost jumped back when seven people appeared on the screen looking fairly confused at her actions but she had no cause to be scared. She smiled to herself.

She looked up from the camera as she dropped her phone back into her pocket. At first it didn't register but then her eyes widened.

"What she doing now?" Drew asked in a loud whisper. Rose bit her lip and looked round to see Paul floating to the floor with perfect poise. He looked up from the floor, staring straight into Rose's eyes.

"Hello," he said.

"Um… Hi," she replied nervously.

"She can see us," Drew gasped. Paul rolled his eyes as Rose giggled loudly. Misty and May looked at each other before they pushed Drew through the wall, causing Rose to giggle even more. While May and Misty exchanged smug smiles and the other three laughed heartily, Dawn floated down to join Paul by his side. He greeted her by slipping an arm round her waist.

"You're all real," Rose said, "You really are."

Paul nodded while Dawn smiled. Rose put a hand to her head.

"Oh my… This is incredible. Just wait until I tell mom that I've seen you," Rose exclaimed.

"Oh please don't," Dawn said hurriedly.

"What Dawn means is…" Paul paused to think, "Tell her about the message but don't tell her you can see us. She'll probably worry."

"Why?" Rose asked.

"She'll probably worry about you coming here far too often," Paul replied, "Don't do that to her."

"Fine," Rose said, crossing a finger across her heart, "I promise never to tell."

"Sorry, but what's your name?" Dawn asked.

"Rose. Rose Shinji," Rose replied, "I kept my mother's maiden name."

Paul and Dawn looked at each other with mild surprise on their faces. They glanced over to the other ghosts who were smiling too. Drew phased back through the wall, dusting off his jacket.

"How sweet," Dawn said to Paul, "A nice homage."

"Vi was always the sentimental one," Paul stated, "But a nice thought."

"Why is my name so important?" Rose asked, tilting her head to the side.

"It's nothing," Paul told her, "Now you should probably be on your way, Rose. You don't want to worry your mother by being late, do you?"

"I suppose not," Rose said with an eye roll far too similar to Paul's for comfort. Dawn giggled again as Rose turned to look at the others but they had disappeared. When Rose turned back to Paul and Dawn they had gone too.

In the distance she heard the horn of the car toot. The driver was getting agitated by waiting for her. With a last look around she rushed out of the room, down the stairs and into the large hallway where the front door was. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs, her hand resting on the banister. All the way up the wood, carved beautifully, were roses painted white. Rose smiled at them.

"Oh," she muttered, "Of course. The harmony of white roses. Mum told me about that."

She looked up the stairs one final time as the car horn blew out again.

"Good bye!" Rose yelled, "Take care!"

When Rose looked back out of the car window as the car sped down the drive back to the main road, she smiled happily. The old Shinji Manor may be abandoned but it wasn't empty nor would it ever be. It may be overgrown and dusty but that place was special, not the house itself but the residents inside it. As Rose turned around and settled in her seat, she continued to smile. Comforted in the knowledge that one day she would return to Shinji Manor. Maybe. Definitely. No matter how long it was.

Yes, one day she would return…

The End

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