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He brought me inside the bar hotel and the smell of smoke and alcohol hit me like a ton of bricks. Two tons! He walked slowly until he stopped near the desk of the hotel. I looked around the lobby while trying not to breath in the smoke. I've never smoked or wanted to, and I wouldn't start with second hand smoking. You could see the hotel's bar in the back, thinly veiled by smoke, and the depressed people sitting at the stools.

The people who were just happy to be drinking were stumbling around the lobby drunk out of reason. Some people were passed out on the ground, some looking more bruised than others. Brick had leaned down to my height, since he was a good 5 inches taller, to whisper to me.

"Don't look anybody in the eye and stay close to me." He whispered. I nodded numbly. I've never been in a place like this! Or even been in a town with this atmosphere. I never had to be, being given the best stuff. At first I had kept my head down, following the fleeting footsteps of my guide, er well, my guide if I can convince him. Then I slowly lifted my head to see more of the hotel I walked into. I saw a waitress from the hotel's bar in a skimpy uniform carrying beverages that probably will get those drunk men, drunk.

I was in the middle of my walking around, slowing my footsteps, when I locked eyes with a man with scruffy black hair and a beard. When he saw me, he smiled a toothy smile. Well, not so much toothy, he had many missing teeth and more gold teeth than real ones. He had this real dangerously horny look in his eye, and I quickly diverted my attention to look for Brick. I failed to spot him with a quick look around and looked back to the creeper.

He had started to make his way over to me, and I began to panic. Did he leave me? I started walking foward and pretended to know where I was going when he put his arm in my way.

"Hey, baby, where you going? I saw ya lookin' at me." He said, his breath laced with alcohol. I tried not to breath in the pugnent smell.

"That was a mistake, I only looked at you for a moment!" I tried to explain. "I'm actually here with somebody..." I said, starting to look around for a savior. everyone minded thier business and left me to deal. He took a handful of my red hair and started to caress it when I was distracted.

"Aw, c'mon, I can make you feel real happy tonight. You being a red-head, I bet you're a great banger!" He said, starting to look down at my chest. I was absolutly appalled. I've never been spoken to like that, ever! And what does being a red head have to do with the way I... you know! I snatched my hair back.

"Well, excuse me!" I said. I had raised my foot, intending to step on his foot, and run away like a scared little girl. But he was closer than I thought and when I lifted my foot viciously, I had kneed him in the place every man did not want to be kneed.

"YOW!" He yelled out, bending over. Now people were looking. I gasped, and covered my mouth. "You- you! Son of a b-"

"I'm sorry!" I yelled out cutting him off. "I didn't mean, I just wanted to-" I was pulled back and rammed against the wall, rather hard. I gasped for my breath to come back to me. Another creep? I thought, opening my eyes. It was Brick, and his brown eyes were ablaze with anger. The same glare that was directed to that silly french man. Oh, no.

"What did I say?" He whispered harshly. He was looking around, and the guy I just kneed looked over with anger, misery, and curiousity.

"I-I, you walk so fast!" I lamely put up.

"To get you out of the lobby! Look like you're about to kiss me." He whispered, no longer looking around; He had both arms on either side of me. I was so confused! I looked up at his angry dark brown eyes, almost red. His red hair slightly wet and sprawled on his forehead. His lips were in a thin line, to match the anger in his eyes.

"You don't look llike you want to kiss me." I pouted, so confused.

"I don't." He answered.

"Then what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to kiss you."


"It's for them." He sighed. "They're the audiance. All those men at the bar, they're just like that man. They would slit your throat as fast as they would look at you. But not before doing whatever they're colorful minds imagine doing with you." He had bended closer to me, practically whispering on my lips. I felt a warm sensation run through my body, leaving goose bumps on my skin. "Stand on your toes a bit." He commanded. I did as I was told and that caused my breasts to press against his chest.

"They just need to know you're taken." He whispered one last thing before bending down completely and kissed me. My body exploded into a sac of senses, as I felt myself vibrate with the same sensation of goosebumps. His lips were soft and gentle with mine. If he did the unthinkable, of sliding his tounge into my mouth, I don't know what I would've done, but I'm not sure if I would have minded.

Then he lifted away from me, my senses still tingling. He had started to move again, but I was still trying to regain my composure. But I knew he'd be mad again if I didn't keep up with him, so I stumbled after him.

This whole thing is stupid, I don't even know why she needed to look around this dump. I wouldn't have even brought her here if I had the money to bring her somewhere decent. I had gotton to the front desk, and asked for the cheepest room, and bought the two keys. I turned to give the other key to her and was ready to go to my room, when I couldn't find her.

I cursed under my breath and headed back to the lobby to find her and stick her inside room. I had just entered the lobby when I heard a man howl with pain. I looked over and hoped it didn't have to do with her, but then again, why wouldn't it? She was standing there gaping like an idiot while the man infront of her did a dance of pain, holding his private parts and muttering small curses underneath his breath and at her. I made big strides over to her as she was apologizing and explained the whole 9 to her, then kissed her.

I had to, I wasn't being perverted to the girl.

Anyways, now we were on our way to the rooms that I had bought and I stopped and turned around to her, infront of my room. She crashed into my chest, then backed up, blushing furiously. I stuffed the keys in her hand.

"Go to your room." I said. She looked down at her room keys, then looked to her right, where the door was, then back at me confused.

"What?" I asked.

"Thats my room." She said showing me her key. My face fell.

"No, I specificsally asked for... the cheepest room!" I realized my mistake. I asked for one room. "Wait! I'll be back, wait here, hide your face." I said, taking the back of her hood, and pulling it over her face. I jogged back to the front, and waited sorta impatiently as the two people infront of me got their room keys.

"I need another room." I said, giving the girl at the counter one of the keys. She started typing at the computer.

"I'm sorry, those two got the last avaliable rooms." she said.

"Well, can't you just..." I sighed. "Fine." I said, going back to the room.

"Let's go inside" I said, unlocking the door.

"Together?" She squeaked out, obviously nervous. I wasn't any happier.

"Yea, no more rooms." I mummbled, and entered the room, and turned on the light.

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