Title: Bound to you
Pairings: DracoxHarry, SeamusxColin, AdrianxNeville, RemusxSeverus,

Fandom: HP
Notes: A potions master brews a potion that gives wizards a permanent womb and doses three bent wizards without their consent. He chooses each; a pureblood, a half-blood and a Muggle-born to test the potion. [No Voldy- Voldy died on October 31, 1981. He didn't reach the heights of terror in this universe.] Harry- reserve seeker for Puddlemere United, Draco- a clerk, Seamus- Auror in training, Colin- photographer Daily Prophet, Adrian- Healer, Neville- Mind Healer.


"It is finished." The Slytherinesque potions master sneered to his assistat and pawn. "Now to test it. To gauge it's effectiveness, I shall need a Muggle-born, a half-blood and a pureblood. All must be bent wizards...separate trials..."

A headline for the daily prophet caught his eye.

'Boy Who Lived offered place as Reserved Seeker by Puddlemere United'

Perfect. The Boy Who Lived was a half-blood. Hadn't he taken the Malfoy heir to the Yule ball? Malfoys were known to be sex addicts.

Now how to get the teen the potion...

After this he just needed a Pureblood and a Muggle-born…

Perhaps, the Potter heir would lead him to them. Didn't bent wizards stick together?

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