Title: Bound to you
Pairings: DracoxHarry, SeamusxColin, AdrianxNeville, RemusxSeverus,

Fandom: HP
Notes: A potions master brews a potion that gives wizards a permanent womb and doses three bent wizards without their consent. He chooses each; a pureblood, a half-blood and a Muggle-born to test the potion. [No Voldy- Voldy died on October 31, 1981. He didn't reach the heights of terror in this universe.] Harry- reserve seeker for Puddlemere United, Draco- a clerk, Seamus- Auror in training, Colin- photographer Daily Prophet, Adrian- Healer, Neville- Mind Healer.

Chapter 30

It had been a stressful few months for Seamus…

He was working on his investments when a familiar owl arrived. Seamus stiffened; it was Dean's…

Three and a half years of friendship and he had never forgotten Dean.

Seamus and Dean had been inseparatable until the Yule Ball.

Seamus had had a crush on his best friend, his only friend and had playfully asked him to come as his friend because he didn't want to ask a girl.

Dean shrugged figuring they could always dance with one of the Beauxbatons girls…

Everything was fine until Seamus and Dean had accidentally consumed a drink from Lee Jordan that knocked his inhibitions away.

He'd ended up coming onto Dean…

They danced rather sensually, snogging and then they'd had sex in his bed.

Dean wouldn't speak to him for weeks after…

Then well, Dean told him he didn't like guys. Seamus had admitted shyly that he was bent and fancied Dean but didn't want to wreak their friendship. Dean coughed and said he wasn't sure he could be friends with someone who fancied him. So they'd drifted apart. Gryffindor was a Madhouse that year and Seamus sort of became a hermit. He threw himself into his studies and didn't bother with friends. Dean made friends with some Ravenclaws- Ron was an arse and he thought Colin ended up sticking with his brother Dennis and Nemia.


That was one relationship he didn't want to deal on…

He hadn't tried a relationship since the Yule Ball mishap…

He had Colin now, he was happy. Why drag up the past?

Granger of all people was still surrogating Colin's pregnancy, which pissed Seamus off because Granger was the person who had almost killed Colin by dosing him with that foul potion.

For the longest time that night haunted Seamus, tortured him…

Until graduation, there was a part of him that wished that they could be friends and lovers. Something like Potter and Malfoy, but as Dean grew farther and farther it became clear that they were planets orbiting the same star but never growing any closer. When Dean walked away at Graduation without even shaking his hand, that was when Seamus decided he would just throw himself into work as an Auror and not worry about relationships- no friends or lovers. To think that it was not even a year later…

So much had changed; he was bonded, his family except for Colin and the babies were gone…

He had been invited to Potter's wedding; he was an uncle of Colin's nephew Dion, the grandson of his former professors' Lupin-Prince and Prince; brother-in-law to Draco Prince, formerly Malfoy and Harry Potter. He was friends with Neville Longbottom and Adrian Pucey, the healers who helped with their recovery…

Why would Dean contact him now? Dean made it clear that winter that they were nothing to each other.

Seamus picked up the letter throwing it up to light it on fire when the back of the envelope faced him.

I'm sorry…

Seamus dropped his wand and broke down…

Thea, one of his house elves appeared, "Tigren?"

"Go away!" Seamus growled.

"Yes tigren…"

Seamus hated himself for missing Dean…

He loved Colin; he didn't want to deal with another emotional event. Not so soon after almost losing what was left of his family.

The pregnancy potion almost cost him Colin and the babies.

That would have destroyed him…

He had wanted Colin…he wanted children…but not at the cost of one or the other.

Colin had never asked to make love to him, the way he made love to Colin. Yet he would have consented if asked, he would have agreed to carry a child if they wanted one. If not then he would have hired a surrogate or made Dion his heir.

Seamus was torn between reading the letter and ignoring it. He missed having a friend, Colin was precious and he loved him. They were friends and lovers, something he once wished with Dean.

There was a tentative knock on his study door.

Seamus glared at it, "I thought I said I wanted to be left alone."

The door opened, Granger was there with Colin.

"Don't you touch him!" Seamus said storming to his feet.

Colin grabbed the doorframe, "The elves were worried about you! I couldn't make it here on my own and I'm not allowed to Apparate even side-along. My magic is too weak right now to use my wand to get me here. I can't walk far alone so I made Hermione help me. Talk to me Shay." He hobbled forward.

Seamus winced, torn between telling Colin to go away and carrying him back to bed.

"Should I go?" Hermione asked shakily.

"You shouldn't have brought him." Seamus grumbled.

Colin grabbed a chair to lean against, "I'm not too weak that I can't listen. Is something wrong with a property? An account? Can I help?"

Seamus put his head in his hands, twisting his fingers in his hair and tugging, "I don't want to talk about it."

"I thought you trusted me." Colin said sadly.

"I do…it's just…I can't. I thought that chapter was closed. I don't want to deal with it. It happened a long time ago." Seamus said quietly.

"Dean…I always wondered what happened. You two were inseparable weren't you?" Colin asked. "I remember that…I didn't really recognize you that night in the ward. All I could remember was that my family was dead."

"I was invisible to everyone…" Seamus grumbled, "I disappeared into my books and decided I was clearly better off alone. When I was little Fergus used to bully me, I told him I'd grow up and be an Auror and he laughed. When I was accepted into Auror training he actually congratulated me, he finally treated me with respect. It didn't matter that he was bigger and older than I was…"

"You never told Dean about getting into training?" Colin asked.

Seamus snorted, "Why? He walked away from me; he said he couldn't be my friend anymore. It was my fault…"

"What happened?" Hermione squeaked.

"Go away Granger!" Seamus snapped, "You've caused enough trouble."

Hermione flinched and closed the door.

Colin limped into the chair in front of Seamus' desk and sat gingerly, "You didn't have to do that."

"She almost killed you. Losing the three of you would have destroyed me. What would I have left? No family, no lover and no children…I would be an empty shell of a man." Seamus muttered.


Colin had made his way painfully to the study to try to find out what upset Seamus. His bonded had been his rock, encouraging him and loving him. They were married, they were expecting. Granted they had their disabilities because of the train explosion; his weak spine and limpy gait, Seamus' burned hands and shattered arm. Yet Seamus had always been so sunny, so strong that he made him feel that way as well. His strong handsome Shay was broken…he was afraid. How did he help? How could he fix this? He never asked about Dean before, perhaps he should have.

A letter had fallen upside down on the desk, on the back of it was written 'I'm sorry…'

Was everything they struggled to build together over? Would he loose Seamus?

Colin's heart hammered in his chest, "Are you going to read it?"

Seamus' shoulders shook, "I don't know…"

"Do you want to see him?"


"You obviously still care for him if just a letter can hurt you…" Colin said softly.

"What? No…I have you. I love you. He doesn't matter. Why should I let him hurt me again? Why should I let him throw me away again?" Seamus sniffed.

"You said that we couldn't hide…that we had to share our memories and to say goodbye to our families." Colin winced.

"That's different."

"Really? They left you and their loss crippled you the same way he did." Colin whispered. "He's broken you again…shouldn't you see why he wrote?"

"Why should it matter? It can't change anything."

"It already did." Colin said sadly, "It changed us." He limped to the floo and grabbed powder, "Goodbye." He entered the floo, threw the power and called out, "Longbottom Hall."


Seamus looked up at the words, 'Longbottom Hall'…

Colin was gone…

His heart had been ripped out again. He screamed and beat his desk.

Why? WHY? What did he do to deserve this? Every time he thought he found happiness it was taken from him. Seamus left the letter on the desk unopened and stumbled to his old room. He beat his pillow and cried until he was asleep.


Neville was in the front parlour with Aunt Andromeda, his godmother and Adrian's mother Charlene who were arguing over baby catalogues and bonding plans when Rika Apparated into the room.

Neville blinked at her, "What's wrong?"

"It's Master Colin…he's in the Receiving Room."

Neville jumped to his feet wobbling slightly, he was quite far along now well sixish months and he felt huge. He padded down the hall to the Receiving Room.

Colin was on his knees sobbing.

Neville waddled faster, kneeling uncomfortably, "Colin? What's wrong? Why are you here? Why ever would you try to floo in your condition?"

Aunt Annie was right behind him, "This is Mr. Creevey?"

Colin winced, "No…yes…I don't know!"

Neville stroked his hair, holding him, "What's wrong?"

"Seamus…he's broken. I don't think he wants me anymore."

Neville frowned, "He loves you…he was terrified of losing you when we discovered you were pregnant. We almost lost you…"

"Dean…he still loves Dean…"

Neville vaguely remembered the tall good-looking black boy who had been in Harry's year. Seamus and Dean had once been friends, he was sure of it. Something happened around the Yule Ball and then they hardly spoke. Seamus had been stony about Dean, perhaps he should have pushed harder. "You can't believe that…"

"A letter came…he doesn't want me. He didn't even try to stop me…" Colin sobbed harder, "He let me go…"

"What about the babies?" Neville asked quietly.

"I don't know if he still wants them. One letter that he won't read ruined everything. I thought we were finally okay, happy even. I was getting stronger…I'm so lost. I don't know what to do…" Colin cried harder.

"Tears don't solve anything." Andromeda barked.

Neville winced, "Aunt Annie…"

"It's true. You left your bonded because of a letter? One he didn't read, from someone he hasn't spoken to in years? How utterly unGryffindor of you both! You survived a terrible experience, an accident that nearly killed you and found love. Now because of this, you're giving up?" Andromeda snipped, "I know Hufflepuffs more stubborn. Ted courted me when he knew I was already betrothed but unhappily so. He showed me that I had more options, that I could make a different choice and be true to myself. You have a bonded who loves you and two babies who fought to live, are you just going to throw them away because of a letter?"

Neville sighed, while she had good points her methods were dreadful. She wasn't a mind healer... "Colin what do you want?"

"I want everything to go back the way it was…I want my family back. I want Dad and Dennis. I want to make this go away…"

"You're giving up? What about Seamus?" Neville frowned.

"He doesn't want me…" then he fainted.

"I think he's overwrought between the separation from his children, the stress of his pregnancy and everything." Neville sighed. "I'll have Rika put him to bed. I should check on Seamus…he's my friend. If he's as broken as Colin says he needs me."

"He needs something to hurt someone whose suffered as much as Colin." Andromeda sniffed.

"Aunt Annie please, they are my patients. I'll do my best to help them." Neville snapped his fingers.

Rika appeared, "Yes Master Neville?"

"Put Colin to bed and keep an eye on him. I'm going to be at Marcheness if Adrian asks." He rose and bowed to his godmother and Adrian's mother, "I'm sorry to cut the planning short but duty calls."

Charlene frowned, "I thought you were on leave?"

Neville shook his head, "Aunt Annie knows that even if a healer is on vacation sometimes, a patient still needs a healer. No one knows their case like I do. I'll handle it…"

"You're pregnant." Charlene groused.

"The world doesn't go on hold because of that." Neville said sadly as he stepped into the floo. "Marcheness."


They were dancing…

A mess of hormonal teenagers, bumping and grinding.

Seamus was most definitely bent thank you, not that he had told his Muggleborn best friend. Being partially Muggle-raised Seamus knew that Muggles most definitely didn't usually tolerate bent persons well.

To make things more awkward, Seamus had a crush on his best friend but had managed to conceal it.

Given that it was a ball and all the hormones going around Seamus wasn't surprised to feel Dean grinding against him. The sensation of his crush's cock on his arse was so erotic and made him more excited so he ground back.

Dean grabbed his hand dragging him towards the punch bowl.

They both had a glass before returning to dance…

It was after eleven when Dean dragged him up to their room.

They tripped into the room and Dean sprawled on top of him, their lips impacting.

Seamus moaned, arching into the taller boy.

"So hard…" Dean growled.

Seamus whispered, "You can have me..."

Dean dragged him to his bed, pushing him down.

Seamus cast sex charms to prepare himself…

Dean ripped their clothes off, roughly kissing him as he sank into his body.

Seamus clung to Dean; he could hardly believe that they were having sex…

After one orgasm they passed out…

Dean shook him roughly. "Wake up! It's morning. What the hell did we do last night?"

Seamus opened his eyes, smiling, "We went to the Ball together as friends…we were both horny so we had sex."

Dean recoiled violently, "I'm not gay. Why the hell would I do that?"

Seamus winced, "Must have been something in the punch then. I'm fine thanks for asking."

"I fucked you?" Dean frowned.

"I don't care. It doesn't bother me." Seamus shrugged.

"Are you gay?" Dean demanded.

Seamus sighed, "What if I am?"

"I'm not sure I can be friends with someone who is…" Dean mumbled.

Seamus winced moving, as far away from his friend as possible, "I was afraid you'd say that I know Muggles aren't comfortable with bent persons. That's why I kept it to myself…" he gave himself to his best friend, his crush and he was going to be cast aside?

"Does that mean you like me?"

Seamus groaned, "Does it really matter? You already said we can't be friends because I'm bent." Three and a half years of friendship was being thrown away because he was bent? Seamus couldn't even have begun to have imagined how much that hurt…

"Then you do…" Dean got up, "I'm going to shower. Please don't be in my bed when I get back."

Seamus painfully stumbled to his own bed and buried himself under the duvet to cry.


Neville flooed to Marcheness to find the library, parlours and study empty…

Sitting on Seamus' desk was an envelope with a scrawl of 'I'm sorry.'

An elf appeared, "How might Ghea be helping Lord Longbottom?"

"Where is your master?" Neville frowned.

Ghea wrung her hands, "In bed?"

Neville scowled, "He's in bed?"


Neville snatched the letter summoning Rika.

"Yes master?" his elf frowned.

"I want you to find the writer of this letter and bring them to Longbottom hall immediately." He turned to Seamus' elf, "Come find me when he wakes up. I want to talk to him."

The O'Shanesey elf nodded. "Yes Lord Longbottom."

Rika had disappeared and with Seamus asleep, Neville trudged back to floo home.

It didn't take Rika long to return to with Dean.

Neville glared at him, "Good morning."

Dean frowned, "Hello Longbottom. What did you need? If you wanted my services you should have contacted me less abruptly."

"Services?" Neville snapped, "I want to know what happened between you and my patient in school."

Dean blinked, "Patient? I know you went into mind healing after school but what does that have to do with me?"

"I'm talking about Seamus." Neville said crossing his arms.

The tall Muggleborn flinched, "Oh…I heard he was injured. Someone mentioned it. I heard about the trial, how he almost lost his bonded. Pavarti lectured me about my reaction when I found out that he ended up marrying a bloke. She almost broke our engagement, she didn't want to be with someone who was a homophobic jerk."

"Who would?" Neville said dryly. "Seamus worked so hard to put the accident behind him, he was thrown out of Auror training erroneously and his entire family was killed last summer. Then Dumbledore almost managed to kill Colin, Granger the turncoat is surrogating Seamus' children. He's had to deal with a lot of pain in the last nine months or so but none of it devastated him as much a letter from you. So tell me just what you did to him."

Dean slumped in a chair, "We drank something during the Yule Ball that resulted in us having sex. I didn't take it well the next morning, Seamus thought he loved me and well I just didn't want to be friends with someone who was gay."

"Being gay isn't a bad thing you narrow-minded prick." Neville scowled.

Dean groaned, "I know that now, I was fourteen and stupid okay? My father left when I was a baby, so I had serious abandonment issues as well as an obsessive need to be perfect."

"That sounds an awful lot like excuses." Neville snorted.

Dean swallowed, "I suppose it does, it doesn't change anything. I only wanted to apologise for how I handled it. I wanted to give him my congratulations about having kids and finding love. I felt guilty," Dean swallowed, "I suppose it does, it doesn't change anything. I only wanted to apologise for how I handled it. I wanted to give him my congratulations about having kids and finding love. I felt guilt about not being there for him after he got hurt."

"Guilt? You said you threw him away like trash." Neville said sharply.

"I said I was wrong." Dean insisted, "I'm sure I'm allowed to feel guilty about a mistake. He was my friend, I ended up using him and casting him off."

"What is your excuse for why you would have had sex with him if you're not bent?" Neville prodded.

"I might be bi, I don't know. I tried to forget. I thought it was wrong to like guys, knowing Seamus liked me frightened me so I pushed him away so I didn't have to deal with it. Seamus is gay and Padma too so I have to deal with it. Padma found out about my not being friends with Seamus and guessed the cause so she acted platonic around me. Too observant by half that one." Dean muttered.

"Your letter out of the blue set Seamus' recovery back and it hurt Colin. I don't know how I'm going to help them through this. Seamus refused to talk about you, he was quite insistent about that. I did offer to post a letter to you for him; I suspect yours brought up his old hurt. I don't think he dealt with it anymore then he did when Colin's health deteriorated due to his pregnancy. He pushed his own feelings of abandonment aside mostly and focused on his worry or school." Neville mused.

"Is there anything I can do? I didn't mean to upset him or cause trouble." Dean said crumpling his trousers in his hand.

"You can leave us alone." Colin cried out having appeared out of nowhere.

Dean flinched, "If that's what you both want."

"Colin lashing out at Dean when he didn't mean to cause any harm isn't right." Neville chided. "Neither is spying."

"How am I supposed to know anything if Shay won't tell me? He's shut me out? I thought we trusted each other…"

"Did you ever ask about what happened with Dean?" Neville frowned.

Colin shook his head, "That was from before. We barely dealt with the loss of our families, which was painful enough. Then Dean had to open up that and he destroyed Shay. Shay doesn't want me anymore."

"Of course Seamus wants you." Neville began.

"He only married me because of the twins." Colin said quietly. "I didn't even know that I could have a child, we never discussed kids. The next thing I know I'm pregnant, then slowly all the gain I had made was being undone. I'm nearly healthy again about now this, I've lost everything…I've lost my family again…"

Dean cringed, "Maybe I should leave…"

Neville rose awkwardly, "That might be wise."

Adrian popped in via floo, "Neville? Are you alright? Andromeda mentioned Colin was here and he was distraught." He scowled at Dean, "Who are you?"

"The one responsible…" Dean said nervously, "I'd better go."

"I'll want to talk to you later." Neville warned.

Dean nodded.

Colin's legs buckled.

Adrian caught him, "You'll be okay. Neville and I will make sure of it."

"I just want it to go away." Colin sobbed, "I want Shay back. He didn't even tell me not to go. He didn't come after me…"

Adrian pulled a dreamless sleep from his pocket, "Take this.

Colin did without complaint and fell asleep at once..

Adrian looked at Neville, "I'll put him down in a guest room. I'm sure Rila prepared one."

Neville closed his eyes, would nothing go right for Seamus and Colin?

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