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Dean found himself with his back pressed firmly into the ground.

Thoughts of dirty, hot, rough sex flooded Castiel's mind, his eyes blown wide with lust, at all the possibilities.

The newly enlightened angel shook visibly as he lowered his mouth to Dean's exposed throat. He began to lick, bite and suck bruises into the hunter's skin branding him and claiming him all over again.

"That's more like it." Dean gasped through a particularly hard bite.

The angel looked to his hunter, his cerulean eyes practically glowing with power.

"Never….thought that…I could…just have you….with…no restraint." Castiel said panting as he continued his assault on Dean.

Dean pumped his hips up to grind their straining erections together.

"Well Cas, now you've got me." Dean smirked. "What are you planning on doing with me?"

Castiel's eye's roamed over Dean's body possessively. Dean couldn't help the moan that escaped his lips.

"You are overdressed Dean." Castiel said pushing up and off the hunter.

"Yeah, well thanks for pointing that out captain obvious." Dean said snidely.

"Stand. Up. Now." Cas demanded.

All Dean Winchester could do was comply.

He pushed Dean's coat and button down off his shoulders, wetly licking his way into Dean's mouth.

The sloppy searing kiss was broken only to remove Dean's t-shirt.

"Now who's overdressed huh?" Dean grunted slamming his lips back to his angel's, pushing all of his jackets and his shirt onto the ground, leaving Cas' torso bearing nothing but his tie.

Dean backed Castiel up into the cavern wall and roughly pressed every inch of his body into the angel's.

Cas moaned Dean's name as the jagged rock pushed into his back, cutting and scratching him, but the angel was too preoccupied with the way Dean was grinding into him to care.

The scent of Castiel's blood hit Dean's overly sensitive olfactory glands and Dean licked his lips with need. Not need to feed, but need to claim Cas as his own. His mate.

Dean flipped Cas around and began to lick the rivulets of blood that ran down his back.

The angel actually bucked into the wall he was so aroused from it.

"Do you like it when I feed from you Cas?" Dean asked huskily in to the angel's ear.

A grunt and a whimper was his only response.

He turned the angel back to face him. Castiel was covered in slick grime from the dust, blood and sweat. Dean ran his hand down Cas' shoulder creating streaks where his hands rubbed. And if that wasn't the hottest thing Dean Winchester had ever seen, he didn't know what was.

Dean ground his cock through his jeans into Castiel.

"I really need you to answer me Cas." Dean prodded licking a trail down his neck.

Castiel's eyes met the hunter's and he leaned in resting his sweat slicked forehead against Dean's and panted.

"Yes." It was a small word, but the emotion on Cas' face and the way he made the word sound, it was wrecked and ruined, and Dean got even harder of that was at all possible.

Castiel grabbed Dean by the back of the neck and kissed him hard, moaning and gasping into his mouth.

He moved the hunter so his back was now pressed into the wall. He began to kiss a burning wet trail of heat down Dean's chest.

When Castiel's tongue brushed one of Dean's nipples and his legs almost buckled from the sensation, Cas thought that it warranted further exploration.

He licked his tongue to the sensitive nub, once, twice, but when the angel bit down a little too hard and Dean screamed his name he all but came undone.

"I like it when you scream my name Dean." The angel said looking into the hunter's eyes. "I want to hear it over and over again. He continued, unbuckling Dean's jeans and pushing them down to his ankles revealing Dean's slate blue boxer briefs.

Castiel bit his way down Dean's stomach.

Kneeling down he ran his mouth of the fabric restraining Dean's eager cock.

Dean closed his eyes and dug his fingers into the rocks above his head causing his finger tips to bleed. If he didn't he figured the sight of Castiel's surprisingly apt mouth running amuck on his nether regions was going to cause him to come right then and there.

Castiel ran his nails deeply down Dean's side leaving welts, then digging his hands into Dean's waistband he pushed down the final barrier between him and his hunter's weeping member.

Castiel was panting heavily on Dean's cock making it twitch with every exhale.

Then the angel's eyes connected with Dean's and he licked him from root to tip, never taking his eyes blue eyes off of Dean's green ones.

When Cas ran his tongue into the slit, Dean's bloody hand gripped Castiel's head pushing his hot welcoming mouth as far down on his dick as possible.

And Castiel took every inch of the hunter's considerable length.

When Dean's hand tried to disengage itself from his angel's tangled hair. Cas moaned and with Dean's cock still in his throat, he shook his head no.

Dean grabbed Castiel's head and began to fuck his angel's willing mouth.

The moans Cas was making were going to push Dean over the edge. Not only was he begging him to fuck his mouth, but taking it all the way and sucking him off like a professional porn star wasn't helping the cause.

Dean began to shake and tried to pull out, but Castiel whimpered and grabbed Dean's hips to let him know exactly what he wanted.

Dean came hard and thrust into Cas' mouth even harder than before.

Castiel swallowed as Dean pulled him up into a searing kiss, tasting himself on the angel's tongue, lips and teeth.

Castiel began rutting up against Dean roughly.

"Tell me what you want Cas." Dean said his voice low with need.'

"I don't know how to express what I want Dean." He said before sucking the hunter's lower lip into his mouth.

"Try Cas. For me? I wanna hear you say it." Dean all but begged.

"I want myself inside you Dean." Cas moaned as Dean bit his neck.

"You want to fuck me Cas?" Dean asked into the crook of the angel's neck.

"Yes Dean." Cas admitted.

"Say it Cas. Say you wanna fuck me." Dean demanded.

"Yes Dean…I want to…Fuck you." Castiel said trying out the word.

The way Cas "fuck" made Dean's dick give an interested twitch.

Without another word, Dean unbuttoned and unzipped Cas' slacks.

Dean reached his hand in to the pin stripe boxers the angel was wearing and pulled out Castiel's hard dick.

Dean began lazily pumping with one hand while pushing his slacks and boxers down with the other. Cas stepped out of them, kicking off his shoes and quickly toeing off his socks. Dean did the same with the garments still around his ankles.

"Dean shouldn't I remove my tie?" Castiel asked thrusting in to Dean's hand.

"No fucking way Cas! That tie, you don't even know how many ideas I've had about that tie."

"Show me."

Dean grabs the angels tie and begins to walk, and like a dog on a leash Castiel follows him to the center of the cave.

Dean takes off the tie loosening it and removing it from Cas' neck and putting it over his own head.

Castiel tilted his head confused.

"Cas this one time I am gonna let you get a sneak peek at my thoughts." Dean says looking into his eyes.

"Very well Dean." Cas said his eyes clouding over. Dean laid sloppy kisses on his angel's shoulders while Castiel discovered one of the hunter's greatest fantasies.

Both of them were slick now, covered in grime, blood and sweat. Smeared like paste between Dean and Cas.

When the angel snapped back there was wildness in Castiel's eyes Dean had never seen before.

Cas said nothing to Dean as he flipped him around so his back was to the angel's chest. He ran his hands down Dean's spine and back up again, reaching his shoulders and pushing him to his knees.

Putting three fingers in front of Dean's mouth he uttered deeply "Suck them Dean."

All he could do was obey.

After thoroughly wetting them Castiel grabbed his tie that was around the hunter's neck, and pushed on his shoulders until he was on all fours.

Castiel could see where his hands made a clean trail through the grime collected on their bodies. Strangely where his hands had roamed were in the shape of angel wings.

Castiel entered a finger into Dean. The hunter hissed at the intrusion. He knew he was hurting Dean and while Cas wanted it to be dirty and rough, he didn't want to hurt Dean. He realized his fingers were too dry to begin with.

Castiel leaned down even further and spread Dean's legs and began to lick him open.

When Dean felt his angel's tongue enter him he screamed Cas' name again and again.

The angel was all but fucking him with his tongue now.

Dean was pushing back eagerly into the angel's face, grinding down on Cas' talented tongue.

The hunter mewled in disappointment as Cas' tongue left his body, but the angel quickly replaced it with his fingers.

Cas tightened his grip on the tie and pulled Dean back onto his fingers. He made Dean ride his fingers until he was sure he was ready for him.

He pulled out and positioned his cock at the hunter's entrance. He thrust in quickly making sure to dull the pain enough that Dean wouldn't hurt for it…Too much.

He pulled back and thrust in again, and grabbing the tie he began to move in earnest. When Castiel hit that small bundle of nerves with his dick Dean screamed incoherently over and over.

"Fuck yes! Fuck! CAS!" Dean screamed so that it echoed in the cavern.

"Oh Dean you're so hot."

Dean's vision was starting to fade as the tie clamped down on his air supply.

When Castiel pulled out again, Dean quickly he turned and got to his knees, facing the angel he kissed him wetly.

"I wanna finish this riding you Cas." Dean explained pushing him back to lie down.

Dean rose over Castiel and lowered himself onto Castiel's cock.

"Fuck Cas! FUCK!" Dean said as he began to move quickly.'

"Dean" Cas gasped slamming the hunter back down again and again, while pumping up each time.

Dean leaned over and kissed Cas as the angel fucked into him as hard as he could.

Cas came hard with Dean's name dripping from his lips and when Dean followed he sank his teeth into deep into Castiel's shoulder.

Dean lay in the angel's arms and tried to catch his breath.

"Thank you Cas." Dean said smirking and with a smirk of his own, Cas retorted

"Believe me Dean, the pleasure is all mine."

Please tell this isn't a onetime thing." Dean asked looking up at the angel from his shoulder.

"No Dean. It may not happen quite like this, but it is most assuredly not the last." Cas replied with a smug smile.

"The antidote is ready Dean, Sam is praying to me." Cas sighed regrettably.

"Can't we just stay here longer?" Dean whined, actually fucking whined. "We can just pretend that angel radio doesn't work 30 miles underground.

"As tempting as that is Dean, we really should get you back to your human state." Castiel said flatly.

"Spoil sport." Dean retorted.

Castiel's only answer was a slight raise of an eyebrow.

"Yeah, yeah okay." Dean said looking down to see he was clean and fully clothed.

"Well if that's not handy I dunno what is." Dean chided smirking.

"I have many more "handy" things I wish to share with you Dean."

"I can't wait." Dean said honestly and with a flutter of wings they were gone.

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