A/N: Just a little drabble written because taking little kids shopping always leads to chaos.

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Grocery Shopping

Remus resists the urge to groan, again, though just barely. "Sirius," he warns, glaring at his lover, "will you stop doing that?"

Sirius' hand hovers inches over the cart, where he was just about to drop a bag of sweets into it. He snatches his hand away, hiding it behind his back, and tries his best to look innocent. "What," he asks, grey eyes wide and pink lips smiling almost bewitchingly, as if to distract Remus. "I'm not doing anything."

Remus' lips pull back in a sneer.

Harry, where he sits in the front seat of the cart, giggles, kicking his legs out. One of his little, sneaker clad feet connect with Remus' stomach, making him release a startled "ooaf" type of sound, more out of surprise than of pain. He loses his grip on the cart handle, for just a moment, causing the cart to move closer to the neatly arranged merchandise. Harry reaches out with one small, chubby arm, his tiny fingers straining, mouth puckered in concentration, and knocks off about a dozen colorful boxes of cereal with one swipe of his arm, releasing a high pitched giggle as the boxes hit the ground with a clatter. Two of them somehow manage to land in the cart, and out of the corner of his eye, Remus notices that they are both types that are loaded with sugar. No doubt that Sirius is pleased. This time, Remus does groan out loud, turning to glare at Sirius as he does so.

"You couldn't be bothered to stop him," he questions, tapping his foot impatiently against the hard concrete of the ground. He knows that he must look rather silly at the moment, with his arms crossed over his chest and his hips cocked just a bit. An image filters through his mind, lightning fast, of Lily, the way she used to look when she was irritated with James for pulling some senselessly cruel prank, with her hands on her hips and her eyes flashing. He feels a moment of both amusement and dismay as he realizes that he seems to have taken one of her signature stances along with the role of care taker to her son with her death. He shakes off the thoughts, mentally; thinking that now is not the time, and cocks one tawny eyebrow at his lover. "Such an example you set for him," Remus states, noticing that Sirius has snuck the bag of sweets into the cart while he hasn't been paying attention. Sirius is lucky that they are chocolate; Remus' favorites, in fact, or else he wouldn't hesitate to take them out and smack Sirius atop his thick head with them.

Sirius sticks his tongue out at Remus, prompting Harry to do the same (though, of course, when Harry sticks his tongue out, it involves a lot less tongue and a lot more spit and drool and giggling, the dimple in his right cheek sticking out rather cutely). Remus rolls his eyes. "You push the cart this time," he says, voice stern. "And remember," he says, reaching out to pinch Sirius right above his arse; Sirius yelps and Harry giggles again, clapping his hands and smiling toothily as he watches his dark haired god father be abused, "I'm watching you."

Sirius' glare tells him that there will be revenge later, but as Remus goes around the grocery store, ignoring him. He knows that now that Sirius has Harry to occupy him, neither of them will have much time to cause chaos.

Or…. at least…. Remus hopes this is the case.

He smiles, pressing a kiss to Harry's forehead, right atop his scar, soft and gentle, causing Harry to smiling up at him with childlike affection, before passing a subtle hand across Sirius' back, as he drops a bag of vegetables into the cart.

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