A/N: Hey peoples! I haven't been on this site in an UBER long time! (I can't believe I just said 'uber' :P) I was reading some of the BTTF fanfics because right now I'm obsessed with the series and I decided to make this! I have another idea that I'll be starting soon, but it won't be a oneshot like this. Enjoy! :)

Marty McFly has been back from his time travelling adventures for a week and he has been having dreams about it. He keeps thinking about how he met his parents and how his own mother kissed him. He decided that he needs to tell his parents about his adventures so maybe he doesn't dream about it all the time.

"Mom, Dad, I need to tell you something." He sits down on the couch and makes a hand motion for his parents to join him.

"Is everything okay, Marty?" Lorraine asked, worried.

Okay, I can do this, he thought to himself. It can't be that hard to say, right?

"Yeah, I just need to tell you about something that happened." Marty paused. "A week ago, I snuck out at 1 in the morning to meet Doc Brown at the mall."

"Why would you do that?" George asked.

"He said he wanted me to get something on camera…I found out that night that he had invented a time machine, and when these Libyan people came and shot him, I jumped in that time machine and accidentally went back in time to 1955." Marty waited to see their reactions.

"1955? That's impossible, there's no such thing as a time machine." Lorraine thought he was just pulling their legs.

"It's true! Remember when that guy got hit by grandpa's car? The one that you fell in love with, not the other ones." He knew that his grandpa had a history of hitting people with his car.

"Oh yeah, he set me up with your father. What was his name again?" She thought about it for a second, and all three of them said, "Marty." Lorraine gasped in shock. "That was you?"

"Yes. Doc was showing me how the time machine worked and he put in random dates and that day happened to be the last one he entered, so when I jumped in and went 88 miles per hour to try to get away from the people shooting at me, it sent me back to 1955." He stopped to let the news sink in to his parents.

"Originally, Dad was supposed to get hit by the car and you were supposed to fall for him, but when I pushed him out of the way, you fell for me instead. So I had to fix it and that's why I kept pushing him towards you. And then when I fixed things I came back to the present and that's why I acted weird when you guys came back from golf together. Before, you guys barely talked and you were out of shape and Dad was bullied by Biff, who was his boss. But now you guys actually get a long and you are thin and Biff isn't your boss. When I went out to the truck, Jennifer came and then Doc came back from his trip to the future and brought us to the future to fix something that happened with our son." He stopped to take a breath. "When we came back to the present, we realized something was really wrong and you were married to Biff and Dad was dead. We had to go back to 1955 again and fix it. Then Doc was struck by lightning in the car and it took him to 1885, and I had to go there, too."

"Is that all?" George said sarcastically.

"Yes, it is. I'm sorry that I did all of that, I didn't realize I would get in that big of a mess." Marty asked them what they were thinking.

"I can't believe there's such thing as a time machine! That's amazing!" George exclaimed. "Maybe there will be one in my next novel!"

"Mom, do you have anything to say?" Marty looked at her.



"You're grounded."