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Chapter 1: Halloween Night

Albus Dumbledore sat back in his large chair in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. A small smile played across his lips as he watched his students' happy faces. There was so little to be happy about in these dark times. Voldemort was back and slowly gathering strength in the darkness. Many of these students believed what the Ministry told the British Wizarding World, that all was safe and normal. That the story Dumbledore presented with Harry Potter was false, that he and Harry were mad, attention seeking gits looking for fame.

Thus these students thought everything was just fine and it was just another Halloween feast. Dumbledore sighed as his eye caught a flash of pink. Dolores Umbridge, the DADA professor who was forced upon the school to monitor Dumbledore and Hogwarts. Albus tried to keep up kind appearances with Umbridge for the sake of his students. He knew the Ministry was wrong, Fudge was so warped with keeping order and calm, that he did not foresee the destruction that was to come, so he ordered the return of the Order of the Phoenix, his loyal friends and allies that did believe Harry's story. Ready to fight the encroaching darkness.

Albus looked toward the boy who occupied his thoughts daily. Harry was smiling and laughing, for now. The boy had many weights on his shoulders. At the age of fifteen Harry Potter had faced more challenges than any grown wizard. At the age of one he defeated one of the darkest wizards of all time at the expense of loosing his parents. He had faced Voldemort and his followers again and again, fighting against them and winning. Just last year Voldemort returned and killed a fellow student in front of Harry's eyes. Albus sighed, he wished the boy did not have to worry about such things, he was still a child!

Tonight also held a deep sadness for the boy as well. Tonight was the night that his parents, Lily and James Potter, sacrificed their lives to ensure that their only son would live. James, a star Quidditch player, a brilliant student, with a sad habit of playing pranks on other students and getting into trouble. Dumbledore smiled, in the end it was his jokes and fun spirit that made everyone laugh. Lily, talented, bright, and ready to defend anyone in trouble, no matter the House they were in. Though, she did have a vice of a fiery temper, but was one of the kindest students Dumbledore knew in his long career as a teacher. They were both remarkable in their magical talents.

On this night James defended his family wand in hand to save his family but could not buy his wife and son enough time to escape the house. It was Lily who had a choice to step aside or defend her son. Lily refused to see her son killed and was able to choose death with a clear heart. That love gave her son a shield and a protection that was deep in his blood. Yet that protection was now in Voldemort's veins after the events of last summer.

Lily and James were lying dead in the grave at Godric's Hollow, a place sadly Harry had never visited, it would do the boy good but his safety was now the thing that was on Dumbledore's mind. As the students laughed and ate with only a few knowing the darkness that loomed outside the walls of Hogwarts.

After the feast Dumbledore bade the students to return to the their dorms and get a good nights sleep. He kept his eyes on Harry as he was surrounded by his friends and left the Great Hall, with a smile on his face. People looked at Harry funny and darted around him to look at him. Harry noticed and the smile fell from his face, Mr. Weasley, started to say something to them, but was stopped by Miss Granger. Dumbledore smiled softly, at least Harry had such loyal friends to defend him in such a time. Dumbledore said goodnight to the rest of his staff as he went off to his office to rest.

With the students now gone to their separate dorms, the halls were quiet. The ghosts were wandering the hallways as they did every night. But these days he gave them orders to keep on the look out, the school could be attacked, and no one would know before it was too late. He reached the all too familiar statute that guarded his office. He whispered the password as the guardian sprang aside to let him in. The calm of the office was very relaxing after a long day.

It was gleaming with all his odd silver trinkets and piled with stacks of books and papers. Every tiny space on the office walls was covered with portraits of former Headmasters and Headmistresses all sleeping inside their frames. Dumbledore smiled as Dins Porter rolled out of sight in his frame, deep in sleep. With a sigh he leaned back in his high back chair as his phoenix, Fawkes, came over to land on his near by perch. He began to pet the phoenix as he let out a soft note. Dumbledore sighed, there was so much on his mind but on this night the Potters were on his mind.

James…Lily…Harry…That poor boy lost so much and received nothing in return. Harry had so little and a part of l\it was Dumbledore's own fault. He placed Harry in the care of his only relatives to protect him from a greater evil and exposed the poor boy to years of abuse at the hands of his aunt and uncle, yet here Harry had friends and loved ones including his godfather and Remus Lupin. Harry was a kind, loving soul whom Lily and James would be proud of. Yet there were many who thought Harry was a fame seeking person. Such as Severus Snape, he believed Harry was a carbon copy of his father and had nothing of his mother in him other than his eyes. Severus was protecting the boy in memory of his mother, yet that poor man never could see Lily in the boy.

Dumbledore stood up to consult his Pensieve to empty his head of all these crazy thoughts and grief of the past and present. But as he stepped away from his desk something began to let out a loud, shrill sound. The former Headmasters and Headmistresses sat up in their frames, jumping awake from deep sleep. Many rubbed their eyes and began to complain loudly to Dumbledore.

"What on earth Dumbledore?"

"What is that, Dumbledore?"

"Merlin! What—"

Dumbledore knew what it was, an Atmosphere Scope, a scope that he placed in the Potters house in Godric's Hollow…fifteen years ago. He remembered it clearly…the house used to belong to Dumbledore's mother, he had the house kept up but never used it until Lily and James were threatened. He had put the Scope there, to tell him if anything happened to the house or its occupants. On the night of the 31st of October 1981, the Scope was set off, what he found was horrifying, two people were dead, two adults.

Lily and James were dead yet…yet…there was someone alive in the house, a small person, a baby, Harry. Dumbledore sent Hagrid to retrieve the infant and to bring him to his aunt and uncle's house. The blood protection Lily had given her son was strong in her sister's house and that is where Harry remained for eleven years and during the summers after school.

Dumbledore's blood ran cold, he kept the still working Scope in the house after it was made into a memorial for Lily and James. It would tell him if anyone tried to enter or destroy the house that destroyed and saved so many lives. Yet what made his blood run cold is that the readings the Scope gave him was…

There were two people in the house…alive.

Dumbledore reached for his traveling cloak as he turned off the Scope with a flick of his wand. Someone was in that house, he prayed it was not Death Eaters. Surely they would try and destroy the house now that Voldemort was back in power. He would not let that happen, that house was a symbol to so many and…and maybe one day Harry would like to come here, to see for himself where everything began and ended for him. As Dumbledore reached the ends of the Hogwarts grounds he Apparated toward Godric's Hollow, fearing what he would find.