Walk down this mysterious shady looking hallway, and turn left, then I'll be able to talk to this person I never actually talked to. Yeah, these directions are simple enough to follow. It's a shame that suddenly I feel really sleepy.

Wait, this is strange. Why is sleep suddenly becoming like a watch daggling in front of my face? I wasn't sleepy before. Why am I so terribly sleepy now?

Goodness, there are plenty of spots in this hallway that I could just curl up in. I could just curl up on this concrete floor, and take a little power nap. And when I get up I can go talk to the cook.

Why do I have to talk to the cook anyway? I don't really want to. Why is the duchess making me? I rather just sleep. I don't think I ever talked to this cook person before.

Yeah, I have never talked to this cook person. This person was just in the background of my last visit. I don't even know what gender this cook person is, and not knowing the gender of a person really says that you don't know them at all. The only thing this cook male/female did that was memorable was that they were putting far to much pepper in that stew.

What was even in that stew? Was the cook even making a stew? It could have been some pepper using bathwater. Does that even exist? If it did, I bet the maid would use it to wash Dinah.

Ugh, that's not really important right now. All these random thoughts of the cook are keeping me from sleep. All I want to do is sleep.

My eyelids feel heavy. Was I this sleepy before? I don't remember being this sleepy before I came here. I really don't remember being this sleepy.

Goodness, lack of sleep is making me repeat myself. Maybe I should just curl up into a little ball, and get a few minutes in before I met the cook. My eyelids are getting heavier.

I could just...

"Little girl person!" a voice says making my eyes reopen. "Where are you? This is the shortest hallway in Wonderland! You should be here by now. You are going to be cutting up beets for me!"

Was that the cook? That probably was. I never heard the cook speak before. The voice sounds heavy, like a really addicted smoker. This heavy smoker voice doesn't tell me anything about the gender of the holder of it.

"Girl person!" the voice calls. "Come and get here! Now! This edible masterpiece isn't going to create itself!"

Maybe I should respond back. I don't really want to. I don't even want to finish walking down this silly hallway. I think I stopped walking.

Wow, I must be really tired. I didn't even realize that I had stopped moving.

"Girl Person!" the voice yells. "I know that you're in my hallway! I have eyes in places you've never even heard of!"

That sounds really disturbing. Now I really don't want to finish walking down this hallway. I'm just going to stop sit down now, and if the cook person really needs my help, then she/he can just go get me.

"Darling! My hallway isn't a place of rest! It's a place of transportation! There is no sleeping in movement!"

Dig me a ditch, cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it. I'm sleeping in your hallway. I'm so tired. And when you're a sleepy little girl, like me, you can sleep anywhere you want. You just magically end up in your bed later. I'm already lying on your ground, and I really don't want to get up off it.

"Sweet little girl person!" The smoker voice sounds worried. "You are going to regret sleeping in my hallway! Doing this is going to-"

I don't hear the last part. Sleep consumes me.


I'm back from the dead. Not really, it's just that I was gone for a whole month.

Anyway, I think Alice would get really grumpy without sleep.

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