Author's Notes: This is the last chapter of this particular story, could there be a continuance in the form of a sequel? It's possible, but I will not make any promises as of right now. I intend to focus on "Unanticipated" for the time being, and I also have another story in the works which I haven't started posting yet, but will at some point ;) So enjoy, tell me what you think, both of the chapter and a story as a whole :) As always, major thanks to my beta, Mediatorsk!

Violet feels a bit weird for doing this considering everything. Pete didn't really like the idea when she first mentioned it, and this morning when he realized she was set on doing it anyway, he insisted on coming with. She told him no, which he didn't take too well, but in order to do what she needs to do, she has to go alone.

Balancing Lucas on her hip, she hands over her boarding card and ID, the man verifies the information and picture before handing it back to her. At the other side of security she glances at the screen to find the right gate number. Five minutes later she sees them. Stephen is reading the New York Times, Mary Anne seems to be reading, too, but her book is hidden behind the massive newspaper.

"Ait," Lucas calls out, pointing to the two familiar faces.

Mary Anne is the first to react to the familiar sound of her grandson's voice. Looking up she puts away her book and smiles at the sight of him.

Stephen finally noticing their presence as well puts away his paper, "Well, this is a surprise…"

Violet forces a smile, "We wanted to come see you off."

"Without the husband," Stephen notes.

"He had some research to catch up on," Violet lies. The truth is that Pete is too protective of her to settle his grudge with her parents the way she's about to settle hers. Today she's putting the past behind her by forgiving them. She knows it won't change anything between them, that her relationship with her parents will always be distant and strained. She's doing this for her son, because Lucas deserves to have his grandparents in his life, and the last two days have proved that her parents seem willing to really make an effort with him. So for Lucas' sake she's letting go of the hurt, the pain, focusing instead on making her child the happiest he can be.

She takes a seat next to her mother and watches as her parents hold and interact with their grandchild. Lucas reaches out and grabs some of his grandmother's hair, attempting to push it back so her ear is showing, frowning when the hair doesn't co-operate and falls back into place when he lets go. Violet can't help but smile as she realizes Lucas must have picked that up from watching Pete the many times he's tucked stray locks behind Violet's ear. She's surprised to see that Mary Anne doesn't react to it, despite Lucas' numerous hard tugs at her hair, when Violet was a child just touching her mother's hair would've earned her a lecture.

"So," Mary Anne surprises Violet by temporarily turning her attention to her, "Will the two of you come see us out East anytime soon?" Violet doesn't fail to notice her mother intentionally leaving Pete out of the equation, not that it surprises her that much. Her mother has never liked any of her male friends or suitors, and she likes it even less when people contradict her or put her in her place, which Pete has done more than once already.

"Oh, I don't know," Violet hesitates, not sure how far she's willing to go to keep her parents a part of her life, "We're very busy, and…" Not really interested in Violet's excuse, Mary Anne turns her attention back to the toddler in her lap. "But you're welcome to come visit again some other time," Violet quickly throws out.

She's surprised to see the corner of her mother's mouth tugging slightly upwards, almost like the beginning of a smile, though only almost. "Okay," Mary Anne nods, "Then we will."

The stewardess at the gate announces that the gate is now boarding, and Mary Anne hands the boy back to her. That's when Violet notices the book peeking out of her open purse.

"Ma…?" Violet arches her brows in surprise, nodding to her mother's purse.

"I'm still on the first chapter," Mary Anne shrugs dismissively, "It's quite an… interesting read…"

Violet knows from experience that 'interesting' is never a good thing when coming from her mother's lips; it's her gentle way of expressing dislike for something. But Violet isn't surprised, as she always anticipated a certain amount of negativity from her parents over their own portrayal in her book, despite it all being true.

Mary Anne doesn't comment further on the book, and when she and Stephen get up to catch their plane, they devote most of their time saying farewell to Lucas, nodding politely to their daughter as they turn and hand their boarding passes over to the stewardess.

Violet watches them disappear through the gate; then turns around and leaves the secured area with her son on her hip. Approaching the same till she visited earlier, she hands over her boarding card and ID, "I'd like to cancel my flight…"

Seeing her lack of luggage, the man nods in understanding, "Find what you were looking for?"

Violet shrugs, "I don't know, but I'm going home…" Home to her husband, her life and her future…