45 Things you didn't know about Rogue (AKA Anna-Marie)

Dear Remy,

Since you've been complaining about not knowing anything about our young Rogue, me and a certain nameless furry German mutant have compiled a list for you of little and unknown facts about Rogue. Enjoy!

Start every sentence with "Rogue…"

1. Will swear to the high heavens that her first concert was Metallica…

2. …however it was really the Spice Girls…

3. …and she even wore a Union Flag shirt because Ginger was her favourite.

4. Once had to defend herself against an alligator in Mississippi by throwing Coke

bottles off its' head until it turned away, this is her favourite story to tell after a few too many beers.

5. Read Gone with the Wind when she was seven and still to this day will say "Great balls of fire" instead of swearing when she gets mad.

6. Claims to know the full recipe for KFC.

7. Also claims that the main reason she would never get with you is that she couldn't bare the thought of dating a Swamp Rat.

8. Has a secret thing for Mike Chang from Glee...

9. …And Billy Ray Cyrus (before and after that mullet)…

10. …and Eric Northman from True Blood

11. …and a girl-crush on Emma Stone.

12. Is very sick of explaining to the men of the X-Mansion that a girl-crush isn't gay just admiring.

13. Loves British television, her favourites including Being Human, Doctor Who and Misfits generally because they all involve monsters/superheroes/aliens.

14. Has always loved anything involving puppets since she was a little girl, except Avenue Q

15. …the reason for this has yet to be discovered but the general guess is that there's a puppet sex scene.

16. Wishes you would please stop feeling her up when they're in combat as the images in his head when she absorbs him are less then decent.

17. However has admitted that you have one fine ass under that old trench.

18. As well as her current obsession with British TV has picked up a thing for British music…

19. …this in turn had lead to her Florence and the Machine CD being confiscated since it had been on repeat for at least a week…

20. …the same went for The Beatles, Duffy and David Bowie

21. … this chain of events has lead to myself (Kitty) to take over the shared stereo with Justin Beiber to teach her a lesson (Logan's orders).

22. Claims to adore serious literature and hates typical romance, however has a Mills & Boon under her bed.

23. Once got drunk and chucked up in Jean's bathroom, running past a very compromised Jean and Scott before passing out.

24. Is impossible to watch any Disney movie with, especially The Little Mermaid, except The Lion King because (in her words) she isn't a monster.

25. Can tell the difference between Coke and Diet Coke.

26. Has dressed up as Columbia from Rocky Horror for the past three Halloweens and can actually do the tap dance.

27. Gets very upset for the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz at the loss of her sister…

28. … and none of us were aware of this until she cried throughout Wicked when we went to see it on Broadway.

29. Bought a hamburger phone for our room the day after she saw Juno.

30. Created a Mutant drinking game and put it on Facebook…

31. … to date it has over 700'319 likes.

32. Once during a fight with the Brotherhood shouted THIS IS SPARTA before kicking Lance down into a mud pit.

33. Has a surprisingly large number of nail varnishes considering she always wears gloves.

34. Did a lot of research into her family tree and discovered she had ancestors who had been pirates…

35. … and from this drank a lot of rum until one unfortunate evening (see number 23).

36. Loves indie comedies and thrillers with an actual plot in case you are ever going to get the balls to ask her out.

37. Has a No Talk Before Coffee rule which has only been broken once by Scott who ended up with a mysteriously broken visor next time we were all called out to fight.

38. Has never cried at Titanic, Moulin Rogue or The Notebook but will fall to pieces when The Doctor and Rose are trapped in different dimensions at the end of season two.

39. Likes to draw silly comics in her spare time; a few titles being So You Can't Kiss without a Coma? Two-Tone Hair is the way Forward and My Grandma; What a Big Blue Tail You Have.

40. Makes delicious paella even thought she's never been to Spain in her life.

41. Gets very very angry when people don't know how to use there, their and they're, same applies for were, we're, where and wear.

42. Can do a very realistic Stewie Griffin impression despite hating Family Guy.

43. Has always wanted to wear Magneto's cape even though he's the bad guy.

44. Cannot fathom how the people of the DC Universe can't tell the difference between Superman and Clark Kent despite the glasses and the spandex, even the woman he's screwing.

45. Will probably kill us for writing this.