Hello you wonderful people who for some reason think what I'm writing is worth reading! Yet again I must offer up my most humble apologies, I've finished college and have yet to find some of that employment that's knocking around.

So this lately I saw the new X-Men: First Class film and frankly thought it was amazing and basically inspired me to shut down the pissing power point presentations and write something. I've also started making notes about Charles and Erik in the 60's, and it's looking good. By the way, if anyone who reads this has ever played Mass Effect 2 don't you think Jack and Magneto have a lot in common with the childhood imprisonment and scary as hell powers and all? Think about it.

Also just as a warning, the Jean and Scott chapters are going to be satires because frankly I watched the first movie last night and was reminded of just how shit they both really are AND these are now not in any particular order since I'm guessing in this AU they've all heard of these silly little lists. Anyway please review and rate and most of all enjoy!

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Hey Amanda!

Since you know all about Kurt's dirty blue fuzzy secret we thought we'd let you in on this whole list shindig that's going around the mansion. Have fun!

Love, Rogue and Kitty.

Start every sentence with "Kurt"

1. Gets really frustrated that people don't know the differences between Bavaria and Germany.

2. Brought over a keg of German beer from his last visit home which floored Logan after two pints.

3. Has a gold edition of the Sound of Music and cheers at the end…

4. … actually he also has a copy of Thoroughly Modern Millie

5. … and Victor/Victoria

6. … okay in general he's a bit of a Julie Andrews fan.

7. Scratches himself with his tails when he thinks no one's looking.

8. Had never really heard of reality TV until he came to America. Now the TiVo box is mostly Real Housewives of New Jersey and Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares.

9. Stole a pair of Rogue's leopard print jeans for a Steel Panther concert during his glam rock phase.

10. Had a slight addiction to buying stuff online with wishlists on Amazon, Think-Geek and several others. Let's just say we're sorted for birthdays, Christmases and Easters for the next decade.

11. Watched Alien Vs Predator three times before realising how much it sucked and has constant debates about it whenever Lance comes over.

12. Can break-dance…

13. … no seriously we've all seen it…

14. … mostly to the tune of "Move Bitch Get out the Way".

15. Refuses to drink American beer.

16. Loves any commercial that involves cows, monkeys and/or puppets.

17. Once met Ryan Reynolds at a Deli in New York.

18. Never buys vendor pretzels, insisting that the German ones are bigger cheaper and generally more awesome.

19. Wanted to breed pigs when he was little and still gets nostalgic whenever he watches Babe.

20. Has a plan to one day do a Man Vs Food-style tour of America with whoever agrees to go.

21. Has a habit of talking through movies; not in the frustrating you're-ruining-the-movie way but in a way that actually made Love, Actually bearable.

22. Can play only one melody on the piano. That melody just happens to be Mozart's Moonlight Sonata.

23. Gets nervous like a dog with fireworks.

24. Was in an all boys Catholic Choir when he was young and can render a verse of Abide With Me that will reduce you to tears.

25. Also he can Yodel…

26. … again, no lie, he's even done it in Lederhosen on the Bavarian Alps.

27. Makes a MEAN apple strudel.

28. Has a deep routed hatred for David Hasselhoff

29. … and Jean-Claude Van Damme

30. … and for some reason the Spice Girls.

31. Kicks ass at dance machines.

32. Hadn't seen Goodfellas until three weeks ago and now insists we start using razors to cut garlic whenever he's in the kitchen.

33. Saw Pinocchio out of context when he was little and is now terrified of Whales.

34. Nearly punched Scott when he kept pulling Kurt's tail during a Danger Room session.

35. Once let Kitty take a picture of his skin to show a shop assistant because she wanted a dress that colour.

36. Has on more than one occasion tangled up his tail on random objects while "getting jiggy" and needs help like a little lost lamb.

37. Loves Lily Allen. In fact he and Rogue are constantly swapping CD's from English singers who everyone else think suck.

38. Likes to braid hair.

39. Is very happy that you've accepted him for his mutation…

40. … in fact he said it's thanks to his teleporting that he's never once been late for a date with you.

41. Once fiddles with his image inducer so much that during the space of one day he turned pink…

42. … turned into a woman…

43. … and turned 15 feet tall…

44. … and finally turned into a 300 pound blob before he begged the Professor to fix it.

45. Bought a bottle of Old Spice because you said you liked it.

P.S Just to let you know you totally have the Big Sister Approval from Rogue.

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