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Years ago:

"hiashi no! don't !' an old pale woman with dark lavender eyes said trying to reach the man who held a baby on his hands.

"no shirashi- baa chan , we cannot have a daughter!" the man hiashi yelled out, the elder woman shirashi looked at him with eyes that pitied the newborn child.

"If you don't want the child! You don't have to get rid of it like that!" shirashi explained " give her to me…. I'll take her with me to seoul!" shirashi said with fury in her rough voice, the man hiashi was about to say something else but was interrupted by a woman opening the traditional Japanese door.

"she's going to be alright!" the woman said, hiashi turned to shirashi.

"leave at once! I'll give you enough money to buy a home and some savings to get you started until you find a job!" hiashi roared loudly.

Shirashi had no choice, and left with the newborn child. Hiashi abandoned his child without even giving a passing glance at the child which quietly wept afraid to cry out loud .

17 years later:

The ringing of a alarm clock was heared all over the room, a young woman with pale skin and clear lavender eyes stretched her arms and stopped the ringing. She got up looked at the mirror at her make up stand and tied her hair into a bun.

She washed her perfect pale skin and brushed her teeth, humming a cheerful tune. Then brushed her straight bangs and curly layers, and put on her black leather jacket, black white stripped tank top, black and white chekered skirt, red belt and long boots.

As she walked downstairs, she took down a picture frame on top of a shelf and kissed it lightly and smiled.

" grandma shirashi, im off to japan now hinata lee is going to japan now! " hinata said hugging the picture, then she grabbed her suitcases and got in a taxi.

"off to the airport ajusshi!" hinata said the driver nodded ( Korean : ajusshi = elder man)

A phone rang playing 'Heroes Come Back' for the ringtone, waiting for a person to pick it up. A young man with blonde locks wearing a white business coat, black shirt under it saying ' Art is a Bang!' on it and a striped fedora hat, picked up a headset connected to the phone .

"yo?" the blonde man greeted. A loud childish voice answered.

"deidara-sempai! When are you getting here?" the man on the other line asked, deidara grunted taking the earphones off for a moment then put it back on.

"stop talking so loud you retard!" deidara growled at the other man in the line. The other man sighed disappointed from the insult, but then talked again coming back to his happy mode as if he was a robot with no feelings.

"but sempai! Tobi was asked by pein-sama to ask you about your return, since he said you were taking your sweet time taking care off the matters there on seoul, so he thought you might be doing more than just taking care of things on seoul " tobi explained to deidara.

"alright alright I'll probably be there at around 12 ish..hmm.." deidara said glancing at the time on his car.

"tobi?….are you listening?" deidara yelled through the phone almost loud enough to break the poor thing..

" ah! Sorry semp-" tobi was cut off by deidara who hanged up.

" I always hang up first….hmm.." he exclaimed with a smirk on his lips.

Seoul Airport:

Hinata stepped out of the taxi unloading her stuff and putting it on a cart. She pushed it through the airport searching for the way to her plane.

The sunrise was coming up but the air was still cold, so hinata put on a white hand knitted scarf and continued to search for the way there.

After 25 minutes she still couldn't find the right way, so she had to talk to someone. She knew four different types of languages, Korean, Japanese ,Chinese and English.

"umm excuse me?" hinata asked a lady with a formal uniform ' damn those skirts are short...' , which meant that she worked here.

"yes miss?' the woman asked politely, hinata smiled.

"can you please show me where this is…." hinata asked.

The blonde sat on the V.I.P seat in the plane reading some magazines while waiting for the plane to take off. Some of the women who sat next on the next side stared and giggled, the stewardess did the same while some men glared from jealousy. The blonde signaled a stewardess to come over to where he was.

"get me a cup of coffee with milk and sugar" , deidara said with a flirty voice, trying to tease the stewardess.

He was still pretty mad at pein for not getting him a single seat V.I.P room, but he has to share it with another person. The thought of it made deidara frown, then he turned on the tv to watch.

"Here you are miss" the nice lady said to hinata blushed from embarrassment.

"t-thank you….." hinata said while bowing down simultaneously the stewardess wished her a safe trip.

Hinata finally found her plane, as well as her seat!, her friend nina got her a V.I.P seat! She was so nice!. Hinata cheerfully sat down and made herself comfy. She suddenly felt a stare , so she looked to her left and saw a blonde man who stared at her curiously with a smirk on his face.

' do I have something on my face?' hinata thought blushing and blinking innocently . He was very tall, he had long silky looking hair and a nice face structure. The man started to walk to her and reached to her.

"turn the music down ne? hmmm…" he said on a teasing voice, as he turned the music down. Hinata blushed 5 shades of red as the blonde smirked and got back to his seat.

"good morning passengers, thank you for taking this flight. We'll be arriving to Tokyo in a few hours, please put your seatbelts on the plane will be taking off now.." a feminine voice said through the speakers. Hinata frowned nervously, it was her first time to ride a plane after all.

Hours passed, every 20 minutes of it hinata moved on different positions feeling uncomfortable to lie on the passenger seat….( i will not give details about the plane ride, my memories there weren't very fun. but if youreally want it i'll give you a small description. hinata was freaking out in the plane because she spilled her juice on a stewardess's skirt making her look like she peed and let's say the rest of the stewardess weren't the happy nice women they were when hinata first got there, she was being hated while the stewardess's all crowded around the blonde man who have not done anything except annoy her for the last hours of the trip except mock and tease her.)

After the unpleasant ride, hinata was given a hot towel to clean her face. Then she felt her stomache rumble uncontrollably ' oh crap….I gotta puke!', she quickly grabbed a paper bag for a certain situation turned around and went and let it all out. A shiver ran down deidara's spine after hearing her do her business ' ugh…..' . As he got his bags down from the top.

At Hinata's new home:

"Phew! Finally here at my new home!" immediately jumping at her new neon green was a small house, but she was ok with it seeing as she's going to be the only one living there.

She started to unpack her things they were all very organized , she was cheerfully unpacking her clothes until she came across a wooden box. She slowly opened it. The same tune hinata was humming played, as a small wooden figures moved. It was a smalled wooden girl and an elder woman planting vegetables happily . But the sweet tune stopped. As did the dolls, they returned to the original position from the beginning. A tear flowed down hinata's pale clear skin as she sobbed softly remembering old memories. ' I miss her…..' hinata thought rubbing the tear off with the edge of her jacket.

After unpacking, she was tired. But after all of that, she only thought about going outside to taste Japanese food. ' how she would've enjoyed this….' hinata thought of the woman again as she put on her scarf and jacket ready to go.

She walked around the busy streets to familiarize herself with it and try to find a opening for a job somewhere. She went to a ramen shop, where she was able to taste great food. The city was very welcoming, she didn't feel left out… she somehow felt like she belonged there…. She shook off the thoughts of it thinking that it would be ridiculous.

Somewhere on Tokyo:

Deidara entered the large building, waving at some people as he go to the counter. " why hello Miss. Yamanaka-chan…hmmm" deidara said with a flirty tone while winking at the other blonde woman , ino giggled at this. " you know you can call me by my first name…" ino said with a smile on her face . " so…. Can you inform Mrs. Tanaka that I need my car asap to get to the meeting! Pein-kun will kill me if I don't get there in time…" deidara said cheking his watch nervously. Ino pressed a button on the telephone and softly said, "Mrs. Tanaka-san, Deidara-kun is back! He request for his sport car to be brought out immediately!". Ino grinned at deidara and gave him a 'mission accomplished' sign . Deidara threw a small box at her, winked again...and then left outside to go to his meeting. Ino barely managed to stop the box from hitting her face, then opened it to find the Latest and most popular perfume in korea which won't be sold in japan until 3 months! …. Ino giggled again punching the air from happiness, as a result people stared at her awkwardly..

Deidara entered another building which was probably 2 times larger than the other one. He went in the elevator to get up to the top floor, which was floor 30.… " damn this slow piece of junk!" deidara complained kicking the side. The other people went to the corner where they weren't in range with the raging blonde.

Finally the doors opened after horrible 2 horrible minutes of waiting in the metal box of boredom. A man with goggles greeted him with a smile in front of a door.

" hey deidara, pein is so pissed….. Cause Konan broked up with Him because she had to leave to america to work there! And man you need a hell of a good excuse to get out of this one!" the man said chuckling while holding his stomach. Deidara twitched from annoyance and had a big frown from the unpleasant information that he just heard.

"well… here goes nothing.." deidara said while muttering some swears at obito who was still laughing.

As he entered , he shivered from the very depressing aura in the room. He sat on his personal chair and thus the meeting started. A woman turned the powerpoint function on, then their leader Pein of akatsuki co. turned on a laser pen and pointed at a building which said hyuuga co.

"as you can see….. Hyuuga corporation…. Our company's rival is making a big move…it seems they've started an alliance of companies with uzumaki co. , inuzuka co. nara co. and Subaku co. " pein explained having some silent moments in between.

The main shareholders of the akatsuki co. Uchiha Itachi the president of building one, Akasuna no Sasori the president of building two, Deidara the president of the third building, Hidan the president of the fourth building. The rest who were inside the building were the vice presidents, Uchiha Tobi , kakuzu, Hoshigaki Kisame were also there to discuss it, they were also getting arranged to go with one of the presidents to work with them.

"our ally Uchiha co. is a big help, but if we want to increase sales… we'll have to go and make our products popular worldwide" pein said pointing at a picture of the world. Then it zoomed in on a county.

"we'll be sending some of our products to foreign countries like Canada, U.S, England, and the UK" . the rest of the meeting went on without interruptions , so it was able to end quickly and successfully. Lastly… pein added another information.

" also….interview a few more employees for the company, hire professionals and some people who you believe is suited for the job, and one more thing….. A million yen will be taken out of deidara's company money to pay for his other activities on his buisiness trip.." pein explained quickly and then left with a slam on the doors.

Hinata strolled on the streets trying to find a job, while taking some pictures around. But every street there was a company sign of 'akatsuki co.' everywhere! And when she shopped for groceries for her new fridge, 50 % of the products in the store was also produced by akatsuki co.! even the the wacky charms cereal had a symbol of the akatsuki co.

Hinata was very tired now, she had no luck of finding a help wanted or hiring sign. Maybe they don't do that type of thing in japan? She rested on the side of the rail beside a café , "I! WANT! A! JOOOOOBBBBBB!" hinata yelled out of frustration making people go silent and stare at her, she blushed.

"Want a job?" a sound suddenly asked, hinata realized that it came from the tv.

"you can find one at akatsuki co.! we offer a good wage and are caring to our co workers! We also provide health insurance to our employees!" the man in the tv said.

' no what seriously? But do I wonder if i get to choose my own shifts?' hinata thought and then looked back up to the tv.

"now.. I know what your thinking! Your thinking on your mind if you can pick your own shifts right? Well you can!" The man said again then the ad continued with the man giving out the a number for applying. Hinata sweat dropped and had a terrified expression on her face.

' damn… that was creepy…It was like he was watching me.. but it was very convenient!' hinata thought as a her knees wobbled, not only from the nonstop walking on the streets. But also from the unpleasant sensation she felt from the ad, but did she have any choice? It felt like she was destined to work there. So she called the number… little did she know that it would be a new beginning of a new experience and a new life…..

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