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The silver haired hunk hopped on the front seat of the car while Kakuzu took the wheel and Hinata sat quietly on the back. "Hurry Kakuzu-san! To Akatsuki co!" Hinata yelled out after checking her white meat bun watch. 'she's going to our company?...' Kakuzu thought before flooring it startling Hinata and Hidan who almost almost fell off. The car ride was hectic Kakuzu was like a different person when he was in a car. They were zooming from lane to lane and the car screeched loudly when they stopped at the traffic light. He was very impatient because after 10 seconds of waiting Kakuzu yelled "GET MOVING PEOPLE! TIME IS MONEY!" barbarically while catching few by standers attention. Hinata and Hidan were desperately holding the seats that they were leaning on. " This is why I DRIVE Kakuzu!" Hidan cried out clearly pissed off yet terrified at the same time. Hinata quietly held her seat belt tightly 'your driving isn't exactly safe either Hidan-san…' Hinata thought before she was forced to lean back again by gravity caused by Kakuzu speeding due to his impatient mood.

When they got to the main building of the Akatsuki co. Hidan and Hinata groaned Hinata covering her mouth, she was really getting motion sickness lately. Hopefully she held it in. " well Kakuzu…it was one hell of a ride…" Hidan mumbled which meant he was also kind of sick from the ride as well which was most likely the reason he didn't swear. As they walked inside Hidan finally recovered to his normal self. "How the fuck did you get a license Kakuzu? I mean you scared the shit out of me! The dude who withstand Tobi for more than 24 hours…..no breaks…." Hidan yelled whispering the last part Kakuzu ignored his loud babbling. Meanwhile… Hinata was very curious, how did they know that she was applying at this company? Hinata stared at Kakuzu observing him.

'hm….how does he know?...can he read minds perhaps?..nah that's stupid..' ' he looks really handsome though…. His face structure is nice it goes well with his short wavy black hair. His eyes are also a rare mix of emerald green and scarlet red….wa-wa! Snap out of it Hinata! What the heck are you thinking now? Do not lose to your fan girl self Hinata!' Hinata thought spacing out as she walked, than is until she bumped on a pillar. She fell down at her lower back , rubbing her head searching for comfort.

"owww…." Hinata moaned painfully tears threatening to fall out of her lavender eyed sockets. Kakuzu helped her up while Hidan patted her back trying to comfort her, he might not look like it but he had a soft side for girls…while they're crying that is. That's why it'd always be a bother for him when he dumps a chick he doesn't like anymore ya know the clingy ones. On their way up they stopped at the company food court hosted by fast food business, to buy some donuts and strawberry milk for Hinata to calm her down Kakuzu got a latte while Hidan got hot chocolate.

When they got on the elevator a question crossed kakuzu's mind, he didn't know her name yet after all this time.

"oh yes miss I've been wondering for a while, but what is your name? you see we haven't exactly introduced yet" Kakuzu explained , hinata's ears perked up.

"ah! Yes im Lee Hinata im from Seoul but im originally Japanese" Hinata said before bowing. Kakuzu bowed back Hidan was unusually standing quietly listening to their conversation his left foot tapping repeatedly at the elevator floor. When the door opened a wave of people came in Hinata squirmed trying to follow outside the elevator Kakuzu and Hidan who effortlessly walked out since the group of people made way for the two.

"wait! Kakuzu-san! Hidan-san!" Hinata said reaching her hand out which meant she really needed help. Luckily Hidan pulled her hand and got her out safely. Hidan and Hinata panted trying to catch their breath.

" man….that was one tsunami of people right there.." Hinata said she held her pink and brown Burberry backpack. It almost got swept up by the people at the elevator . Hidan dragged Hinata on the way to catch up with Kakuzu who was already at the door. When they caught up they met with Obito , he was a messenger of some sort but he preferred assistant was what he said. He also warned Hinata to be careful inside. Hinata didn't really get that so she shrugged it off as a joke.

When they entered it was all formal. There were people everywhere dressed up in formal chit chatting about business and other things. Hinata glanced at Kakuzu then to Hidan, no wonder they were wearing formal or in hidan's case semi-formal clothes.

"n-no way….." Hinata said shrinking back Kakuzu noticed it so he gestured some of the staff ladies who dragged Hinata at some room. Kakuzu who sighed then walked to some people to discuss business and such. Hidan took a martini from a passing waiter who bowed to him .

' I wonder where the others are?' Hidan thought searching the party for the other shareholders, it was so bothersome to hold a party for these people flirty women just kept coming and coming. The worse thing was some of the rival company heirs were coming, the thought of them messing everything up was enough to piss him off.

Hinata was dragged away by two women to a room full of clothes, a changing room perhaps? They put her on a chair and started applying make up on her she wriggled a bit trying to resist the treatment.

" miss you have to do it Kakuzu-san request for you to be on your best for the party" the woman explained.

" I've only known the guy for less than 24 hours! And your telling me to just sit here and get my make-up done?" Hinata asked she was not very patient now she just wasn't used to someone putting make up on her.

"miss just sit down and keep still the more you cooperate the quicker it'll end we promise that you'll look fabulous after this!" the other lady said choosing some shoes and accessories. Hinata decided to put her trust in them hoping this wasn't some sort of scam.

After the makeover she looked pretty alright, she had her hair straightened like when she was little and she wore a cute light yellow fluffy U neck dress which ended above her knees. Her ears were decorated by diamond tear drop earrings matched with a necklace of the same design but with a little bit more added to it. She wore white flat shoes with little bows on them . she didn't quite understand why they were doing this, but she somehow liked it. The ladies led her back to the party which now had more people, some were dancing to the classical music the hired band played.

When she went in some people stared so she looked down hiding herself under her bangs, she was blushing furiously and almost fainted until a supporting hand met her shoulder. Hinata was startled at the contact but relaxed when she saw who it was, it was just Hidan. His Purple eyes eyed her which made the girl blush even more , Kakuzu also started walking to them he was also awed by Hinata but he chose to hide it .

"do you like it?" Kakuzu asked her she looked up and nodded slowly Hidan snickered. Which made Hinata flinch from embarrassment.

"but… why ? ? I-I mean we only met recently..' Hinata whispered cursing herself for stuttering. Kakuzu just smiled and stared at her, " because I want to return the favor, for nursing me last night with my potty mouth of a boss" Kakuzu explained winking at her, Hidan started to curse some words to Kakuzu who was ignoring him and still staring at Hinata.

"thank you very much, but what's this party for?" Hinata asked taking a glance around, Kakuzu did the same " oh this party is for the foreigners that came yesterday, we plan to sign a contract with them so we planned this party to welcome them and introduce them to our products" Kakuzu said catching hidan's face before it landed at his face.

"boss please act normal for once, your experience from when you were overseas is what we need at the moment" Kakuzu pleaded Hidan who kept attacking Kakuzu who sighed.

'they're….pretty weird…..' Hinata thought but then giggled at the sight, she had a good feeling about the two.

The party was going well the foreigners were happy and so were they, when the shareholders assembled, they grabbed the guest attention so they could give a short speech. That is until the two large doors at the large ballroom clicked open, the sound echoed at the dead quiet room. The audience's attention focused at the door from where they entered.

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