Sold into Ruin

~Chapter 3: The Unfortunate Fall~

River gasped as the Doctor was strapped into that God-awful chair. What it did, River had no clue, but she knew it couldn't be good.

"Please," River begged. "Just let him go! What could you possibly want with him?"

Niko laughed a cold and empty laugh. "Want? With him? Nothing at all. I want you. You want him. Therefore, I need to get rid of said him, and Voila. You have nothing to want other than moi. Oui, mademoiselle?"

River bit her tongue. She had gotten the Doctor in this new predicament. Did this man sound French? She shrugged off the random information her brain was picking up on and focused on the Doctor. He was coming to again, another painful-looking knot forming on his head.

"Riv...River? Are you alright? If you touch her, I swear-"

Niko laughed harshly. "What can you do? You're strapped to a chair, in case you haven't noticed." The Doctor looked down, noticing his predicament for the first time. He looked back to River with wide eyes filled with fear.

"River..." the door behind them was wide opened, allowing a glimmer of hope to enter the Time Lord's mind. "River, run! Run now! You can drive the Tardis- Geez, you can fly her better than I ever could! Please, River...Please save yourself-"

River shook her head, a sad smile appearing on her face. "I will never leave you Doctor, remember that."

The Doctor's brow furrowed in confusion, but a sudden wave of electricity coursed through his body, a blood-curdling scream escaping his throat. The torture seemed to go on for hours, until the Doctor's screams died down, and his head hung limply to his chest.

A tear slid down River's cheek. "Please...please, stop...Just stop...I'll..."

Niko waited to hear the words. "You'll what?"

River sighed, staring at her Doctor, waves of electricity openly flowing through his limp body. "I'll do whatever you want. Just, please. Let him go!"

Niko laughed and escorted her towards the door. River looked back in horror as he left the Doctor chained to the chair, electricity still beating his body. "No, wait- You said you'd let him go!"

Niko smirked evilly. "No I didn't." As they exited the cell, Niko nodded to his two brothers Steven and Garrett. They went inside and River swore she heard the sound of electricity cutting off.

River tried to see into the cell again, but the door had been shut. "Please! What are you doing to him? Don't hurt him, or I swear I'll-"

Niko shushed her, a calm look in his eyes. "Don't worry, I'm not going to kill him- although if the torture kills him, I wouldn't say I didn't warn you."

River gaped at him in horror as they continued off to who knows where. She clutched her eyes closed to fight back her betraying tears- she refused to cry until she could see her Doctor again, safe and sound.

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